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Murray's search for his body
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Part 2: Biggest Whoop

Part: 1: The Inferno

Murray was so happy with his arm being re-attached that he jumped in the air and went BWAHAHAHAHAHA! but, he forgot he was on the side of a mountain and he started shooting down the mountain banging his head as he fell. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" he shouted, and eventually he hit into Guybrush. "What's that white thing coming down the mountain?" asked Guybrush "Could it be that skull we're lookin' for?" asked Haggis "Murray?, It's MURRAY! and he's heading right for us!, RUN!". Murray hit into Guybrush, Guybrush fell over and knocked Cutthroat Bill down, Cutthroat Bill knocked Edward van Helgan down, and he hit into Haggis. They all started rolling down the mountain. Meanwhile, Wally was still up in the mountain. "Oh look, there's my shoes, and there's another pair of shoes, and look there's a plank of wood" he said. Wally looked around him and there was loads of wood, plastic, shoes, and other stuff. "I know, I'll start a fire" he said. So Wally gathered it all up into a big pile, 15 foot high, he also had a box of matches in his pocket. He looked around again to see if there was any more stuff to burn. "Is that...... could it be......" he said. It was a can of petrol, a full can. He poured it over the stuff and said "This is gonna be great!". Then he lit it. It went up in flames and all the trees caught fire. "Whoops" he said. "The whole mountain's gonna go up!" with that he decided it was either, jump, or die, so he jumped down and started rolling down the mountain. Meanwhile, Guybrush and his crew and Murray were already down from the mountain. "Look!" said Guybrush "The whole mountain's gonna go up!" "Wrong, the whole island's gonna go up" said Cuttroat Bill "We've got to evacuate the island" said Edward van Helgan "Hmmm Wally's still up there" said Murray to himself "Quick! to the ship" said Guybrush. So Guybrush, his crew and Murray ran to the ship, when they got there it was gone, Stan took it back because it was only rented for 2 weeks. "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW?!" Shouted Edward van Helgan. "Don't worry said Guybrush let's just summarise the situation, our ship's gone, we've no way of getting of the island, Wally's still up in the mountain" Just as he said that, Wally came rolling down "Let me say that again, our ship's gone, we've no way of getting of the island, there's a fire up in the mountain that's gonna burn the whole island down, and Wally has just rolled down and knocked me over" "How are we goin' to get off this island?" asked Haggis "Well, maybe if...... no, maybe......... no........ I know what if we sneak into a ship when everyone's leaving." said Guybrush "Great idea, the only problem is when are they going to leave?" said Edward Van Helgan. "I don't think they actually know there's a fire on the island cap'n" said Cuttroat Bill. "Then how are we going to get off the island?" said Guybrush. "Well cap'n, we could steal a ship and sail away" said Cuthroat Bill. While Guybrush and his crew were arguing about how to get off the island the fire was spreading rapidly and in a few minutes it was so big the town started to burn down. "Everyone's leaving the island" said Wally. "Right let's just sneak on to a ship that's leaving" said Guybrush. The whole crew agreed. So they ran quickly to the harbour and looked around for a ship. "What about that one?" said Edward Van Helgan. "Okay let's go!" said Guybrush. So they all started running towards the ship. "Hey what about me?" said Murray "I've got no legs, someone carry me" So Guybrush carried him into the ship with him. When they where in the ship's hold they were wondering what ship they were on.

Part: 2: Dagger Island

"Where are we?" said Murray "A ship" said Wally "I know we're on a ship that's obvious, but what ship?" said Murray."Oooooohhhhh look over there"said Murray. The whole crew look at where he was pointing (he's got an arm now remember)."What is it?" Said Guybrush."It's some sort of white thing" Said Cuttroat Bill."Obviously it's a white thing, i'm not blind but what sort of white thing?" Said Guybrush."Is it?......could it be? it's my other arm!" Said Murray. Haggis went over and picked it up. "It's not your arm laddie, it's just a bunch of old rags" He said."No, under them!"Said Murray."Oh, that's also a bunch of old rags"Said Haggis."Oh crap" Said Murray."Well I wonder what ship this is anyway" Said Edward Van Helgan."Yeah, me too" Said Guybrush."Well let's go up on deck and look around" Said Guybrush."But before that I've got a question, how did we end up on Grog Island? and why did we go there in the first place?"Said Haggis. "It's a long story but, ok a hole was found on the bottom of our ship and we needed tar to repair it so Wally had some tar but he would only give us it if we gave him the golden grog mug but he wanted a lot of money for the map to the golden grog mug so we got Mr.T to give us some money to buy the map, and we came back here to buy Wally's map, but the map and the tar isn't important now since our ship was taken back by Stan" Said Guybrush. "Now I remember" Said Haggis."So can we see who's ship this is now?" Said Edward Van Helgan. "Yeah, let's go up on deck!" Said Murray. "Ok, let's go" Said Guybrush. So Guybrush and his crew went up on deck, to see what ship they were on. "Stop, or I'll make ye all walk the plonk and be eaten by shorks!" Said a pirate who looked like he was the captain. "Shorks?, Plonk? are you insane?" Said Murray. "Don't mind him, he's a loonitic, he's always threatening people, and he's always saying stuff like I'll Koil ya all ya foils, when what he means to say is I'll Kill ya all ya fools" Said the first mate. " Is he the captain?" Said Guybrush."Yep" Said the first mate. "Why don't you have someone else as your captain, since he's an absolute crazy man?" Said Murray. "This is an incredibly long story so anyone who needs to go to the toilet go now because I'm not letting you go in the middle of my story, well, it all started on Dagger Island, it's called that because the discoverer of the island liked daggers and he called the island Dagger island, he also liked killing people with daggers but let's get back to why Joe's our captain" Said the first mate. "Joe?" Said Cutthroat Bill. The first mate started his story again "That's the captain's name, but let's get back to the story, we were in a storm and I was the captain, the storm nearly capesized the ship, I though we were all going to die, but I didn't let the rest of the crew know that, then I saw Dagger Island, I quickly turned the ship into the island because we were going to die unless I crashed the ship into the island, so I crashed the ship into the island and we got off the ship and onto the island, I went around to the starboard side and there was no damage at all and I said "I thought it would be much worse than that" then I looked at the port side, or at least where it was, if you know what I mean, the whole side was torn out, so we went into the biggest town on the island, Sword Town, it's a big Island you know and all the towns are named after things that can stab people, so we found a guy who would repair our ship for 2000 pieces o' eight, so while he was out repairing our ship we had some grog at the tavern, which is called the Bloody Tavern I think it's owned by the same people as the Bloody lip, while we where there, Joe came up to us and said he knows the way to the greatest treasure ever!" said Phil"Big Whoop!" Said Guybrush interrupting Phil "No, even bigger, the treasure of Biggest Whoop" Said the first mate "I never heard of that" Said Guybrush "Then you probably don't know about Bigger Whoop either" Said the first mate "Nope" Said Guybrush "Well Big Whoop is a big load of treasure, Bigger Whoop is bigger, but Biggest Whoop is the biggest treasure ever!, and Big Whoop and Bigger Whoop are big piles and piles of treasure, but Biggest Whoop is just one big............ erm, something, we're not sure if it's a diamond or something like a magical ball or something but it's valuable and big, back to my story and no more interruptions, but Joe would only tell us the way to it if we made him the captain, so now he's the captain and we're going to an island called Ghost Island, it's called that because the ghost of the guy who found Dagger Island is said to haunt the island and kill anyone who comes to the island with daggers, or so that loonitic Joe says" Said the first mate. "What's your name anyway?" Said Cuttroat Bill "I'm not going to tell you my real name because you are all going to laugh so just call me...... let me think......hmmmm what's a good name...... I know here's my real name, try not to laugh, Phil Tea" Said the first mate "What's so funny about that?" Said Guybrush and his crew "Do you not get it? Phil tea, you know Phil tea it's like the word F-I-L-T-H-Y Filthy"Said Phil "I get it now"Said Guybrush and they all started laughing uncontrollably. "There's rocks ahead" Said a voice from somewhere in the ship. "I'll drive" Said Phil "Who's that?" Said Murray "That's the lookout, his name's Herman Toothrot" Said Phil "Herman Toothrot, that's even funnier than Phil Tea" Said Murray, then he started laughing but everyone was just looking at him because, well it wasn't really that funny. "Herman Toothrot?" Said Guybrush "How did he get here?" "You know Herman?" Said Phil "Yup, I met him on Monkey Island, then I saw him again when I was on Dinky Island" Said Guybrush "There was something I was going to tell everyone, but I think i've forgotten it, let me think............... oh yeah that's it, this guy on Dagger Island said he found some bones it was nearly a complete skeleton, apart from the skull, one arm and the collar bone, but you probably don't really care, I just thought i'd tell you" Said Phil "I care, I care a lot, how far is Dagger Island?" Said Murray "About 200 Miles away, but we won't be stopping there on our way to Ghost Island, or at least we don't plan to" Said Phil "Do you think we could get the rest of my bones sometime, preferably sometime soon" Said Murray "Maybe sometime, after all this novel is called Murray's search for his body" Said Haggis "Novel?" Everyone asked "I don't know why I said that" Said Haggis "Wasn't there rocks ahead?" Said Edward Van Helgan "Oh yeah, I was supposed to drive, I wonder who's driving now" Said Phil "Joe's taken the wheel off me again!" Shouted Herman Toothrot "Oh no not again!" Said Phil "What's so bad about Joe taking the wheel?" Said Murray "The last time Joe drove this ship we tried to take it off him and he went crazy and he ended up crashing into an island and we were stuck there for 3 months" Said Phil "That can't be good" Said Edward Van Helgan "I'll try to get the wheel off him Herman, you just watch and when I say so get the net and put it over him and take him away until he calms down" Said Phil. When Phil tried to get the wheel off Joe, he went crazy and started turning the wheel everywhere, but Joe gave it to him eventually, but it was time for everyone to go asleep then, so everyone went to sleep, but in the middle of the night there was a noise. " Hhhmmmm what's that noise" Said Phil. So Phil went up on the deck to see what it was, it was Joe, he had got up in the middle of the night and taken the wheel, and somehow the ship was near Dagger Island already, Phil tried to take the wheel off Joe and Joe went crazy again and steered towards Dagger Island. "You're going to crash the ship you fool!" Said Phil "No i'm not, I'm going to steer into that holiday resort" Said Joe. Phil couldn't take the wheel off Joe in time and the ship crashed into Dagger Island and it smashed up like a snowball hitting against a wall, Joe and Phil were knocked unconscious. When everyone woke up they were on a beach. "Where are we and what happened?" Said Guybrush "It appears that a monster smashed our ship in the middle of the night and we all washed up on this island" said Herman Toothrot "Yes, sure that's what happened now I'll call the men in white coats and they'll be happy to take you away to the nut hou…….. I mean happy house yes that'll do not the nut house, the happy house he he he he " said Phil "What happened was, that nut house escapee Joe took control of the ship and crashed the ship into Dagger Island" said Phil "You never said that Joe was a nut house escapee!" Said Cutthroat Bill "You never told us what the name of the ship was either" Said Wally "Really? I thought I did, but anyway it was The Pacific Sunset" said Phil "Well how are we going to get to Ghost Island now? and I've kind of got another question, can we please get my bones from that guy now?"said Murray "Well we might aswell look for that guy now since our ship is completely smashed up and we've got nothing else to do and you never know we might even get a new ship while we're looking" Said Phil. So they all went to look for the guy who had the bones, but Herman Toothrot, Joe and the rest of The Pacific Sunset's crew stayed behind. "Wait a minute, why are we looking for my bones if Phil didn't even tell us where the guy was" said Murray "Oh yeah, I knew I forgot to tell you all something, he was in the Bloody Tavern beside Joe" said Phil "Well let's go to the Bloody Tavern, where is it?" said Edward van Helgan "Luckily Sword Town is just about 20 minutes away, then once we get into Sword Town it should only take about 1 minute to get to the Bloody Tavern" Said Phil. So Guybrush and everyone else went to Sword Town, when they got there it was almost completely deserted except for 2 people on the road and about 10 people looking at them. "What's going on here?, how come there's hardly anyone outside?" said Wally "There's goin' to be a swordfight, those 2 guys on the road should be drawing their sword's now any minute" said an old guy who was looking at them "Who are you?" said Wally "The name's John Hussfutianiantrenorrean, yes that'll do" said the old guy " Really?!" said Wally "No not really, my real name is George Sword, well not exactly, my real name is George Tweekingsonpoliatannyortilorphius but since my name is George Tweekingsonpoliatannyortilorphius and well that's not the shortest of names my friends just call me George Sword, why? because I love Sword fights" said the old guy " Wh…" said Wally but he could only start what he was going to say before the Sword fight began, they started fighting and in only a minute one of the guys who were fighting knocked the sword out of the other guy's hand, but the guy who had his sword knocked out of his hand cleverly distracted the other guy by saying "hey look it's a comet" and he quickly picked up his sword, they fought for half an hour until one of the guys was knocked over and surrendered. "Why were they fighting?" said Guybrush " I dunno" said George "We're looking for a guy who found some bones, nearly a complete skeleton, you wouldn't know where he is would you?" said Murray "I'm him" said George "They're my bones give them back or be destroyed BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" said Murray "No, but you can have them for just 50 pieces O' eight" said George "50 pieces O' eight! I don't have any money, erm.. Phil, will you please buy my bones?" said Murray "Ok Murray" said Phil and he bought Murray's bones "But there's one more thing I've got to tell you, I sold both of the legs to a pirate who while remain nameless who said he was going to Ghost Island" said George as he went into the Bloody Tavern. "Well nothing left to do now but go back to the ship" said Haggis "Yipee!" shouted Murray "Why are you going yipee, you don't have your legs back?" said Edward van Helgan "Because I've got my bones now, well except for my legs, but we're going to Ghost Island anyway so soon I'm going to have my bones back!" said Murray and they all went back to the ship. When they got there all of the crew were gathering together anything that survived the crash. "All of the crew of the Pacific Sunset including me have decided to stay here on Dagger Island, because we just think it's too dangerous being a pirate, we're all going to follow our dream of being cannon salesman, and Joe doesn't want to be a captain anymore, he says it's not much fun being a captain if your not even allowed to steer your own ship, and Joe made a map to Ghost Island so all of you can find Biggest Whoop some day" said Herman Toothrot "Really? You're all staying here? I'm gonna miss all of you" said Phil "Guybrush, there's something we've been meaning to tell you for a while, since we're talking about people staying here, we want to go back to being barbers, so we're going to be staying here on Dagger Island" said Haggis "Who is?" said Guybrush "Me, Edward van Helgan, Cutthroat Bill and Wally's becoming a barber too, so we'll finally have a barber shop quartet and not just 3 of us calling ourselves a quartet" said Haggis "So that means it's just Me, Phil and Murray from now on, well, bye Wally, Edward, Haggis and bye Cutthroat Bill" said Guybrush. So then they all said goodbye and Guybrush, Murray and Phil went off to look for a ship.

Part:3 : Getting a ship

"Well, where are we going to get a ship now?" said Murray "Maybe we could go to the Bloody Tavern, and ask someone if there's a ship salesman nearby, or we could at least get a grog there" said Guybrush "Yeah let's go to the Bloody Tavern, I haven't had a grog in about 4 months, let's go!" said Phil "Where is the Bloody Tavern again?" said Guybrush "It's about 5 minutes away even if we walk slow, it's just around that corner, and then we just keep on walking until we see it" said Phil "5 minutes, aawww I don't want to wait that long I can't keep carrying Murray around everywhere, my legs hurt and my arms hurt, will you hold Murray?" said Guybrush "Ok but only until we get to the Bloody Tavern" said Phil, and Guybrush gave Phil Murray. "AAAAAAHHHHHH!, OUCH!" said Murray, Guybrush dropped Murray while he was giving him to Phil. "Whoops, sorry Murray" said Guybrush "I have a feeling you were being sarcastic when you said sorry there , I'm on to you!, I know your plan, you want to kill me don't you, well it won't work, I'm a demonic skull, I'm already dead, but technically now I'm not just a demonic skull, since I've got arms, a rib cage, and more bones too, so in theory I'm actually a….. " said Murray, and he kept on talking a load of rubbish, and using big words like: theoretically and technically. "I think Murray's gone crazy" said Guybrush to Phil, while Murray was still talking a load of rubbish. When they finally made it to the Bloody Tavern, Murray was still talking. "Murray must hold the world record for the longest time talking a load of big words" said Phil "Yeah, let's call up the Guinness book of records people and tell them about Murray's great achievement in the field of talking lots" said Guybrush. So then they went into the Bloody Tavern and sat down beside the counter and started talking to the barman. "Is there anywhere that you know of, that we can get a ship from?" said Phil "Yup Ricardio Délmontió, sells new and used ships" said the barman "Where is Ricardio Délmontió?" said Guybrush "I'll only tell you if you buy a grog" said the barman "Ok, how much is it?" said Guybrush "3 pieces O' eight" said the barman "Here, take it" said Guybrush "Ricardio Délmontió is sitting over there, towards the back of the tavern" said the barman. So then they went to the back of the bar to meet Ricardio Délmontió, when they got there, he was playing poker. "Well, well what have we here?" said Ricardio "I'm Phil and this is Murray and Guybrush" said Phil "That was a rhetorical question, by the way" said Ricardio "Oh, well anyway, we want a ship, and the barman tells us that you sell ships" said Phil "I do, what kind of ship do you want?, I've got big used ships, big new ships, small used ships and small new ships" said Ricardio "How much would your cheapest, big new ship be?" said Phil "That all depends, how much you got?" said Ricardio "I've got 100 pieces O' eight and a toy soldier and some chewing gum" said Guybrush "I've got nothing, well except for a half eaten piece of pie" said Murray "I've got 50000 pieces O' eight that I got from robbing other pirates" said Phil "So that's 500100 pieces O' eight then, come outside with me" said Ricardio. So then Guybrush, Murray and Phil, followed Ricardio Délmontió for about an hour…………….. until finally they got to Ricardio's secret ship place. "Welcome to Ricardio's ship extravaganza, I know the name's kinda crappy but I just couldn't think of any other name" said Ricardio "Follow me" he added "Awwww we better not be following you for as long as we were before" said Guybrush. So they followed Ricardio to a ship. "This one's called the Caribbean Tide, it's a new ship which you can have for 500 pieces O' eight, but there's also some extras that you might want to consider: 6 cannons on each side are 10000, 5 years guarantee is 6000 and titanium hull armour is 10000 and finally internet access is 200" said Ricardio "Internet? You can get the internet now? I thought it hadn't been invented yet" said Murray "Well it has been invented, so do you want to buy this fine ship?" said Ricardio "Yeah ok, but why is it only 500 pieces O' eight?" said Guybrush "Well, they say it's haunted, but I haven't found any ghosts on it yet, and what extras do you want, if you want any?" said Ricardio "We'll take all the extras, and I better pay for it Guybrush since you've only got 100 pieces O' eight " said Phil "So your grand total comes to 26700 pieces O' eight" said Ricardio "Here's the money" said Phil as he gave Ricardio the money. Then Guybrush, Murray, and Phil got on board their new ship, and got ready to set sail for Ghost Island. "Bye Ricardio, thanks for selling us the new ship at such a low price even if they do say it's haunted" said Phil "Yeah, thanks Ricardio" said Murray and Guybrush "Bye Murray, Guybrush and Phil, I hope you find Biggest Whoop some day" said Ricardio. Then Guybrush, Murray and Phil set sail for Ghost Island.

Part 4: The Voyage

"Give me that map Joe gave you Guybrush" said Phil "Here you go" said Guybrush as he gave him the map "Let's see, here's Dagger Island, and here's Ghost Island, and we're at Dagger Island, so that means, we're about 200 miles away" said Phil as he pointed at the map "How long do you think it should take us to get to Ghost Island?" said Guybrush "Well, I don't know" said Phil "Hey what's that?" said Murray "It looks like another ship" said Guybrush "Do you think they're pirates who are chasing us to steal everything we've got and enslave us and bring us to a planet called Piratron in order to build a ray gun to destroy the Earth?!" said Murray "I think so, well all except for the bit about enslaving us and bringing us to a planet called Piraton to build a ray gun" said Phil. Then the other ship started going faster and faster chased Guybrush, Murray and Phil for at least an hour until they were side by side. "We'll make you a deal, stop and let us board yer ship, or we'll open fire!" said a voice from the other ship "Oh no, they're going to take us to Piratron to enslave us!" said Murray "Didn't you just make that up?" said Guybrush "Oh yeah, I did just make that up, phew, I thought we were goners" said Murray. "I'll give ye 'til the count of 20 to stop, then we open fire, and just so you know we're serious, you now have only 'til the count of ten" said the same voice from the other ship. "Wait a minute they only have 4 cannons on that other ship, and besides we have titanium hull armour, they can't hurt us" said Phil "Ok we're opening fire, prepare to die!" said the voice from the other ship. So the other ship opened fire and was firing at Phil's ship for well over an hour until the other ship ran out of cannon balls. "BWAHAHAHAHA! You cannot defeat us and our demonic ghost ship BWAHAHAHAHA! Well, actually it's not a ghost ship, it's just a ship" said Murray to the other ship "Now we'll make YOU a deal, you give us all your treasure and valuables or WE'LL open fire, but first what is your name?" said Phil "My name is Kygrush Meepwood, now just board our ship please, he he he" said the voice "Kygrush Meepwood? That sounds like my name, Guybrush Threepwood" said Guybrush. You might be wondering why Kygrush Meepwood wants Phil, Guybrush and Murray to board their ship, well this is why: Phil's ship had titanium hull armour, and there's no way Kygrush Meepwood could win at a ship battle, but if Guybrush, Phil and Murray came onto Kygrush's ship, his crew could easily win at a sword fight, take Guybrush, Phil and Murray prisoner and steal all their money, so that's why Kygrush wants them to come onto his ship, but now back to the story. "Do you think we're fools? If we go onto your ship you'll just take us hostage and take us to Piratron!" said Murray "Are you insane Murray? The reason why he wants us to go on to his ship, is because he wants to take us hostage, steal our ship, and turn it into a ghost ship, so that they can rule the seas with it!" said Guybrush "AM I THE ONLY SANE PERSON HERE?!!!!!!!!!! The reason why he wants us to go on to his ship is because if we go on to his ship he'll take us hostage, probably tie us up, and then while we're still tied up, he'll go onto our ship with his crew and take all our treasure!" said Phil. "Does anyone have any idea of how we're going to get his treasure?" said Guybrush. And Guybrush and Phil and Murray started talking and arguing about how they were going to get Kygrush's treasure, but while they were arguing, Kygrush realised that they had found out about his plan to get Guybrush, Phil and Murray's treasure and money, so whilst they were still arguing, Kygrush and his crew decided to sneak away from Phil's ship and get as far away as possible from them. "I know what if we do this: we get one of his crew members to come over to our ship and give us their treasure!, no that won't work, he might have a gun" said Murray "I know we can get two of his crew members on our ship, one of them will load their treasure onto our ship and one of them will be held hostage by us, until all the treasure is loaded onto our ship!" said Phil "That's a great idea!, only one problem" said Guybrush "What's that?, it sound good to me" said Murray "Their ship is gone, they must have left while we were arguing" said Guybrush "No it's not, it's right there, no wait a minute it's over there, no it's not, your right, they're gone!" said Phil "Well we better get back to going to Ghost Island, finding Biggest Whoop, and finding my legs" said Murray. "Yeah we better get going to Ghost Island fast or we'll never get to Ghost Island" said Phil "For some reason I think this is going to take ages for us to get to Ghost Island" said Guybrush "Me too, by the way we did remember to buy food and supplies and stuff like that for our journey to Ghost Island didn't we?" said Phil "I didn't buy anything, I thought Murray did" said Guybrush "Me? You thought I could buy food and supplies for a big voyage to an island, keeping in mind that I've got no legs?, I wish I could, but sadly I've got no legs" said Murray "Oh yeah, I never really remembered you have no legs" said Guybrush "Then we've got to get some supplies, there's only one Island we'll be passing by on our way to Ghost Island, and we should be able to see the Island coming into view in about 5 hours" said Phil "What's it called?" said Guybrush "It's called Broken Bottle Island, it was discovered by the same person who discovered Dagger Island, I think Broken Bottle Island's a stupid name but I suppose the discoverer did like knives and other stabbing objects, but I still think it's a stupid name, also the town we're going to be getting our supplies from is called nwot ekipS" said Phil "nwot ekipS? That doesn't make sense, nwot isn't a word and ekipS isn't either" said Guybrush "Wait a minute, oh sorry the map was upside down, it's called Spike Town" said Phil "I'm bored, what am going to do for 5 hours?" said Guybrush "Well it just so happens that when we were about to leave Dagger Island, Ricardio Délmontió asked me did I want a telly on board for 150 Pieces O' eight, but I said no, but then he said he'd give it to me for 100 pieces O' eight, so then I got it" said Phil "A telly! Cool, where is it?" said Murray "It's in the cargo hold" said Phil "Let's go!" said Guybrush "There's only one problem" said Phil "What's that?" said Guybrush "There's no electricity" said Phil "NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Murray and Guybrush shouted. "But there is one way for the telly to work" said Phil "How?! You've got to tell me!" said Murray "There's an exercise bike hooked up to it, if one of you goes on the exercise bike, it'll make electricity because of a little thing Ricardio put on it, but that means that both of you can't watch the telly at the same time" said Phil "Ok Murray, you cycle on the bike for an hour then I'll cycle for an hour, Murray" said Guybrush "Ok Guybrush I'll just cycle for an hour even though I DON'T HAVE ANY LEGS!" said Murray "Oh yeah, but we'll think of something" said Guybrush, then Guybrush and Murray went down to the hold to watch telly. So after that nothing really happened for a while…………….. Until, they got to Ghost Island. "Hey Guybrush, Murray, I see something ahead of us" said Phil. So Guybrush and Murray ran up on deck, as quickly as they could to see what was going on. "What's going on, this better be good, I was watching something good on the telly" said Murray "Look I think it's Ghost Island!" said Phil "What's that around the island?" said Guybrush "I think it's a load of mist" said Phil "Or maybe, it's evil ghosts that are protecting the island and Biggest Whoop" said Murray. "Well let's get closer to the island so that we can see it better, you two can just get back to watching telly" said Phil "Is it just me or were we supposed to get supplies on Broken Bottle Island?" said Guybrush "Oh yeah, I forgot about that, but it turns out I just forgot that I already had supplies before we even left Dagger Island" said Phil. So then Guybrush and Murray got back to watching telly, while Phil was getting the ship nearer to Ghost Island.

Part:5 Ghost Island

"Guybrush, Murray we're here!" said Phil "Where?" said Murray "Ghost Island" said Phil. Guybrush and Murray ran up to the deck. "Are we through the mist yet?" said Guybrush "Do you think we could actually see the Island if there was still mist?" said Phil "No" said Guybrush "Then we're obviously through the mist then aren't we?" said Phil. "Let's go onto the Island" said Murray "Ok let's go!" said Phil. Then they all came on to the Island. "Well where are we supposed to look for the treasure?" said Guybrush "Let's see, it says where on this map, ok we're on the east side of the island so it's says there should be an X nearby, so let's start looking" said Phil. "I found it" said Murray "Wait a minute I found another one" said Guybrush "It says here that to find the right X we've got to solve this puzzle that's written on the map: There should be a number beside the 2 Xs and it's a Roman numeral, the right one is the one which is 9 in roman numerals" said Phil "I found the numbers" said Murray "Good, now tell me the numbers" said Phil "One is VIII and the other is X" said Murray "Are you sure that you don't mean IX instead of X?" said Phil "No, it's definitely X and not IX, so which one is 9?" said Murray "VIII is 8 and X is 10" said Phil "How can that be?" said Guybrush. "If we pick the wrong one it says on the map that the hole caves in and we fall in and onto spikes" said Phil. So they started to try and figure out the puzzle, they were thinking for well over an hour when finally Guybrush had an idea. "I know, since VIII is 8 and X is 10, maybe that means that the treasure is in between the two Xs" said Guybrush "Yeah that must be it" said Murray "Treasure? Oh yeah I didn't mention that under the X isn't the treasure, under the X lies the instructions to find the treasure" said Phil "So if we dig here we'll hopefully find the directions to Biggest Whoop?" said Guybrush "Yup hopefully" said Phil. So they started digging and digging and finally they found something. "I think I found something" said Guybrush "Is it the directions?" said Murray "It's a chest" said Guybrush "Then open it" said Phil. And Guybrush opened it. "It's the directions, Woohoo!" said Phil "We can find Biggest Whoop!" said Guybrush "Woohoo!" said Murray. "I don't want to spoil the moment, but I think I've got something Important to say" said Guybrush "What?" said Phil and Murray together "Isn't that Lechuck's ghost ship coming toward us?" said Guybrush "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It's Lechuck!" said Phil "You sound like you've had your share of bad times with Lechuck" said Guybrush "I sure have, he was the pirate I sold Murray's legs to when I was on that Island and I'd rather not discuss what happened" said Phil. "Maybe that means I can get my legs back" said Murray "But why did Lechuck want my legs?" Murray added. "He didn't say" said Phil. "Look they're coming onto the island and they're running towards us" said Guybrush. Guybrush, Murray and Phil tried to run from Lechuck's skeletal pirates, but in the end Guybrush, Murray and Phil were captured, knocked out and put in prison on Lechuck's ghost ship. "Where are we?" said Phil after regaining consciousness "I think we're in some place where Lechuck keeps his prisoners" said Murray "It's a lot better here in Lechuck's prison type thing where he keeps his prisoners than when I was captured, me and Wally were hanging over an acid pit that was lowering gradually, but that wasn't on a ghost ship, so maybe things are just better here" said Guybrush "How can we escape?" said Phil "Hhhhmmmm……. Let me think, there's no doors or windows here, except the door over there that's guarded by skeletal pirates" said Guybrush. Then they all began to think of how they could get out of the prison…….. and then they thought some more…….. and more……….. until, about 2 days later Guybrush had an idea. "I know, what if Murray, since he's a skeleton pirate, or well, used to be, maybe he could talk to the guard or something" said Guybrush "Yeah that's a great idea!" said Phil "Then when the guard's distracted we can hit him on the back of the head with a lead pipe, knocking him unconscious and run" said Guybrush "I don't want to talk to him, I probably don't even know him anyway, and besides we don't have a lead pipe" said Murray. "Well, then look at him, and see if you recognise him" said Phil "No, I'm scared of him" said Murray "Remember when we met George Sword ? Tell me who bought your bones from him" said Phil "You did" said Murray "Then go talk to that guard and then we'll call it even" said Phil "Ok, but what will I say?" said Murray "Just ask him something like, how did you become a skeleton pirate? Or something like that" said Guybrush. Then Murray went up to the guard and started talking to him. "Hi Mr. Guard person, I was wondering how did you become a skeleton pirate?" said Murray to the guard "Well it's quite an interesting story actually……." Said the guard as he began to tell Murray his story, but before he could say any more he was hit on the back of the head, by Guybrush and Phil. "Let's run!!!!!" said Guybrush "I can't I've got no legs! Someone carry me!" said Murray. So Guybrush carried him, and they all ran up to where Lechuck was, hitting guards along the way, and then stealing their swords, until, they were at the door to Lechuck's cabin. "Let's break the door down!" said Guybrush. And they broke the door down and entered Lechuck's cabin. "GIMME MY LEGS BACK!" said Murray. "Huh? Who are you? , and who are those people with you? Wait a minute, THREEPWOOD!" said Lechuck. "Yes Lechuck it's me, I fought off all of your minions by myself and now I have come for you!" said Guybrush "You did not! We fought them off too you know, so stop pretending to be a hero!" said Murray and Phil together. "Anyway, give Murray back his arms, so we can leave, or alternatively you can die!" said Guybrush. "This bird's gonna fly!" said Lechuck as he jumped out a window and swam away. "Ok I didn't expect that to happen, and it's so unlike Lechuck too" said Guybrush "Who cares? Let's just go" said Phil. Then they ran from the ship and pushed it a bit from the shore so it would drift away, and it did. "Now let's find Biggest Whoop, so where do we start looking?" said Guybrush "Let's see, it says on the map that you keep going up the mountain, until you see a cave, then it says that deep within the cave is Biggest Whoop" said Phil "What mountain?" said Guybrush "The one over there, but there is one more thing I've got to tell you" said Phil "What?" said Murray "The ghost of the guy who found Dagger Island supposedly guards the treasure and kills people who try to take it, and he kills them with pointy and sharp things" said Phil. "You told us that before, Phil" said Guybrush "Yeah, there's no such thing as ghosts" said Murray "But there's such things as skeletal pirates isn't there?" said Phil. "Yeah I suppose there could be such things as ghosts" said Murray "So anyway let's go!" said Phil "You forgot to carry me!" said Murray "But we got your legs" said Guybrush "You didn't actually put them on yet" said Murray "Oh yeah, well anyway I better attach them" said Phil, then he attached Murray's legs. "WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Murray. "Now I am invincible!" said Murray. Then they all ran up the mountain until they came to the cave. "This must be it, let's get Biggest Whoop!" said Phil "It's pretty dark inside isn't it?" said Guybrush "Yes, and your point is?" said Phil "Hhhhmmm I dunno, we won't be able to see!" said Guybrush "Well I'll go back to the ship and get a lantern, you two don't move" said Phil. Then he ran back to the ship to get the lantern. "Maybe we could just take a peek inside" said Guybrush "Yeah it couldn't hurt just to take a little peek, we'll just stay in for a few seconds " said Murray. And then they were just starting to go into the cave when Phil came back. "Hey I told you not to move" said Phil "We weren't going into the cave, yeah we were just er… doing that thing, what were we doing again Murray?" said Guybrush "We were just looking for something Guybrush dropped, yes that'll do" said Murray "Anyway let's just go into the cave" said Phil.

Part:6: Biggest Whoop

They started to enter the cave and they went pretty far into the cave until………. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" shouted Guybrush, Murray and Phil, the floor had caved in, and they fell and hit the floor below. "Ouch, that hurt" said Guybrush "Where are we?" said Murray "It says something about this on the map, I think Biggest Whoop is that way" said Phil pointing to a wall. "That's a wall, how could Biggest Whoop be that way" said Guybrush "Maybe there's a secret switch or something" said Murray "Maybe there is a secret switch, you probably have to push in a certain brick or something" said Phil "Maybe let's see" said Guybrush as leaned against the wall. "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! What's happening!?!?!?!?!" said Guybrush as the wall turned around along with Guybrush so that he was behind the wall. "Guybrush can you hear me?" said Phil "Yeah" said Guybrush "We're coming in after you" said Murray. Then they both leaned against the wall and the same thing happened, they went behind the wall. "Look, there's some writing on the wall" said Guybrush "It says: Beware all those who read this! Biggest Whoop is just down the hallway, but the Ghost of Yarging "The Dagger" Mcfargington (the guy who discovered Dagger Island) guards Biggest Whoop, you have been warned!" said Phil "Maybe the ghost of the guy who found Dagger Island does actually guard Biggest Whoop" said Guybrush "Yeah, but I wonder if it's true that he throws sharp and pointy stabbing objects at people" said Murray "Well, we'll see once we get to Biggest Whoop" said Phil. So Guybrush, Phil and Murray started going down the hallway to Biggest Whoop, but when they got to Biggest Whoop, they had a big surprise coming. "We're almost at Biggest Whoop now, just a little further" said Phil. "Ok we're here, now" said Phil. They were in a small square room, with a little pillar in the centre, and there was a box on top of the pillar. "Look at the box over there on the pillar" said Murray "That must be Biggest Whoop, I always thought it might be a bit bigger but, it's size doesn't matter" said Phil "Let's take it" said Guybrush. "I DON'T THINK YOUR GOING TO BE TAKING THAT!" said a voice "Who's there?" said Guybrush "It's me Yarging "The Dagger" Mcfargington or at least I'm the ghost of Yarging "The Dagger" Mcfargington" said the voice "AAAAAHHHHHH! The stories were true!" said Phil "Yes there were true! And now I'm going to throw…." Said the voice "Pointy things at us!" said Guybrush interrupting "No, I'm not going to throw pointy things at you, I'm going to throw my voice at you" said the voice "Your voice?" said Murray "Yeah I'm going to do some ventriloquism" said the voice. "That's not right, it says on the map that the ghost of Yarging "The Dagger" Mcfargington was supposed to throw sharp and pointy things at anyone who wanted to take Biggest Whoop" said Phil "That's because I'm not the ghost of Yarging "The Dagger" Mcfargington" said the voice. "Then who are you, where are you?" said Phil "I'm not the ghost because I'm……… LECHUCK!" said the voice as he came into Guybrush, Murray and Phil's view. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Lechuck!" said Guybrush "But how did you come back to Ghost Island, if we set your ship adrift?" said Murray "Well wouldn't you like to know, it's a long story but I'll tell you, we were drifting for a long time until…" said Lechuck until he was interrupted by Guybrush. "But you jumped out of the window and said this bird's gonna fly, so how were you on the ship?" said Guybrush "Well, when I saw that the ship was adrift I decided to swim back to the ship, then……" said Lechuck as he told his story, and neither Guybrush, Murray or Phil were even listening, then when Lechuck had his back turned, Guybrush spotted an opened door with a ramp leading down on to the beach. "That seems a little too convenient, to be true, but hey I might aswell use it to my advantage" said Guybrush to himself, right before pushing Lechuck down the ramp and onto the beach. "Bye Lechuck" said Guybrush as he locked the door. "Ok now, let's get Biggest Whoop and get outta here" said Guybrush. "I THINK NOT!" said the real ghost Yarging "The Dagger" Mcfargington as he walked in to the room through a narrow hallway, then when he had just about entered the room, Guybrush hit him on the back of the head. "GET BIGGEST WHOOP AND RUN!!!!!" said Guybrush. Then they started running out of the room until they got to the place where the floor caved in. "How do we get up there?" said Phil "I'm coming to get you!" said the ghost, then he started throwing knives at Guybrush "DIE! Especially you, that one who hit me on the back of the head" said the ghost and he started throwing knives at Guybrush, but Guybrush dodged them every time, and eventually the knives made a kind of ladder on the wall. "Hey look, we can climb up on the knives" said Phil "Go Guybrush! Climb up on the knives!" said Phil "I'm trying to dodge the knives" said Guybrush. "Hey look at that thing on the wall!" said Murray to the ghost, while pointing to the wall. "What? Where? I can't see anything" said the ghost "GO! GUYBRUSH!" said Phil. Then Guybrush climbed up the knives, followed by Murray and then Phil. "What? I still can't see anything" the ghost was still saying as he was looking at the wall. So then Guybrush, Murray and Phil ran out of the cave and down the mountain to the beach. "WOOHOO! We've got Biggest Whoop" said Guybrush "Let's open it!" said Murray "Not until we're on the ship" said Phil as they walked up to the ship and got on board. "Now can we open the box?" said Guybrush. "Yeah ok , let's open it!" said Phil. So Phil slowly opened the box and discovered what was inside. "It's a big whoopee cushion!" said Phil "The box says Biggest Whoop" said Murray "Wait a minute there's some dust on it" said Guybrush as he blew the box "It says Biggest Whoopee Cushion" said Phil as he took the whoopee cushion out of the box. "Wait a minute there's something else in the box" said Murray "It's some kind of glass ball" said Guybrush "This must really be Biggest Whoop" said Phil. "There's a piece of paper in here too" said Murray. "Yeah, it says: Instructions for Biggest Whoop, look into crystal ball and say the time when you want something predicted and then state the place which you want to see the future and look into ball, well it sounds simple to me" said Guybrush ."Give me it for a second, let me see, 20 seconds, on this ship" said Phil and it showed him what happened, and Phil started laughing to himself, and counting to 20 in his mind. Then 20 seconds later Guybrush fell overboard. "AAAAHHHH!" said Guybrush as he fell into the sea and Phil started laughing. "You knew this was happening, why didn't you tell me!?" said Guybrush as he climbed back aboard with the help of a ladder Murray passed down to him. "I didn't tell you because, erm… you shouldn't try to change the future, yes that'll do" said Phil. "We've finally found Biggest Whoop, anyway what do you think we should use this ball for?" said Phil "Predicting stuff like fires and then making sure they don't start, that sort of thing" said Guybrush "Yeah, probably" said Phil "I want to rule the world now because I've got my new body, but first I've got to make a plan for world domination" said Murray. "Yes stopping fires, that'll do, if only they knew that they could make money from this thing by betting on horse races, I'm gonna be rich" said Guybrush to himself, while smiling. "The fools, neither Murray nor Guybrush have even realised the possibilities of making money from this, by betting" said Phil to himself, while smiling also "I'm gonna be rich from this ball, the fools haven't even realised we could predict horse races with this thing" said Murray to himself. And they all were smiling, each thinking that they were the only one who realised the money you could make from the ball. "You know what I've always wondered?" said Guybrush "What?" said Murray and Phil "If a tree falls in the forest and nobody's around to hear it, what colour is it?, or at least I think that's what Herman Toothrot said and I've been wondering ever since" said Guybrush.

The End

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