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The Secret of Monkey Mountain
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Chapter 2: On board the ‘Sea Monkey’!

“Well, well… What do we have here?” asked a strange old voice, “You don’t look like no monkey!”
Guybrush stood up and looked at his surroundings. He was standing on a beach in the shade of a banana tree. A few meters in front of him stood a strange man, around sixty years of age. He began thinking of what had just happened. Surly he couldn’t have survived the fall! Was he… Dead? Was this… Heaven?
Guybrush walked up to the man and slowly built up the courage to talk to him. He opened his mouth a slowly said, “Are you… Are you God?”
The man, who was now very confused, looked at Guybrush. After about a minute, the man suddenly burst out with laughter. “Ah ha, ha, ha! Listen to this guy! Ah ha, ha, ha! Am I god! Ah, ha, ha, ha! I wonder what’s wrong with this loony! Ah, ha, ha!”
“Who are you talking to?” asked Guybrush.
“Why I’m talking to the voices! You can hear the voices can’t you?” said the old man.
“Um… No.” Replied Guybrush.
“Well of course you can’t!” said the man loudly, “I’m the only one who can hear them! Because I’m… Special!”
Guybrush was beginning to think there was something seriously wrong with this man. “What’s your name?” asked Guybrush.
“I’m Herman Toothrot!” replied the old man, “What’s yours?”
“My names Guybrush. Guybrush Threepwood!”
“Ah, ha, ha, ha!” laughed Herman Toothrot, “That’s the most stupidest name I’ve ever heard! Ah, ha, ha! Listen to this guy! Ah, ha, ha, ha! Guybrush Threepwood!”
“Well I think Herman Toothrot’s a pretty stupid name too,” said Guybrush.
“Shut up you!” yelled Herman.

Suddenly, Guybrush realized. If this old man wasn’t God, than this place definitely wasn’t heaven. So where was he?
“Excuse me!” said Guybrush.
“Yeah boy?” asked Herman.
“I was just wondering… Where am I?”
“Why, you’re on Monkey Island.” Replied Herman.

Just then it all came back to Guybrush. His home, his family, the dreams, and the Voodoo Priestess.
“Do you know a ‘Voodoo Priestess’?” asked Guybush.
“Ah, ha, ha!” laughed Herman again, “Listen to this guy! Ah, ha, ha! Voodoo Priestess… Actually that name kind of does sound familiar… As if it were in a dream… No can’t remember! Guess I’ve never heard of her. Anyway, shouldn’t you be getting home soon sonny?”
“I can’t!” said Guybrush, who was beginning to feel tears in his eyes. “I’m lost!”
“Oh I see… Well I guess you can stay with me for a while, ‘till I find a way to get you off this stinking island!”

Herman took Guybrush to his home up on a nearby mountain.

For the next few months, Guybrush lived with Herman Toothrot. They lived on bananas and fresh water from a dam that Herman had built. Guybrush eventually got used to Herman frequently talking to himself and sometimes barely noticed it.

Guybrush tried numerous times to explain to Herman how he thought he came to Monkey Island, but of course, he didn’t believe him.

Occasionally, Herman told Guybrush stories on how he ended up on Monkey Island. He told him that he and his friend set sail to find the ‘Secret of Monkey Island’. He told Guybrush how they discovered a spell that would magically guide their ship to Monkey Island. He told him how a huge boulder, which was flung at him by fierce cannibals viciously murdered his friend, and because Herman was unable to sail the ship by himself, he ended up stranded on Monkey Island.

Guybrush had also discovered that Herman was training a group of chimps to sail his ship to another island and call a rescue party to save him. He had been training these chimps for over five years and was going to set them off in only a few more days.
“Why don’t you sail with them?” asked Guybrush.
“Ah, ha, ha! Listen to this Guy! Me? Sailing on the sea with a boat full of chimps? I don’t think so!” exclaimed Herman, “But I think you should.”
“What? But I like it here!” cried Guybrush.
“A dangerous island inhabited by cannibals is certainly not a place for such a sweet boy like you.” said Herman. “You’re going to sail with the chimps and that’s that!”

Quickly, the days past, and before he knew it, it was time for Guybrush to leave the island. Guybrush was sad, yet Herman knew it was for the best. Herman and Guybrush stood on the beach, hand in hand, facing the ship. “I call it the ‘Sea Monkey’!” said Herman, “What do you think?”
“It’s perfect!” Said Guybrush, trying not to cry.
Herman ordered all the chimps to board the long boat, and Guybrush slowly entered after them.
“Goodbye Herman!” yelled Guybrush as the chimps rowed towards the ship, “I’ll never forget you!”
“Listen to this guy! That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me!” said Herman, “I… I think there’s something in my eye.”

Finally, the long boat reached the ship. A teary-eyed Guybrush climbed up onto the ship. When all the chimps were aboard, they lifted up the anchor.
Slowly, the ship began to move. Guybrush climbed up the crow’s nest to wave goodbye, but when he finally reached to top, Herman was nowhere to be seen. He climbed back down and went to his room to get some long needed sleep.

Months past, and the kitchen full of bananas slowly grew slim. Guybrush became very lonely, and the chimps weren’t really into talking about the latest computer games. He began thinking about home. He thought about how much he loved his mother, his father, and even his annoying brother Chucky. Where was Chucky anyway? Why had he pushed him?
Guybrush lay on in his bed and began to cry.

Meanwhile, a great storm was brewing outside. “Eek Aak Ook!” screeched a monkey from the crow’s nest.
“Aak Eek Chee!” Cried three other monkeys as they raced towards the mainsail.
The storm was becoming stronger and the wind was blowing a gale. “Ook Ook Aak!” screamed the monkey at the wheel as it tried to keep the ship on course.
Suddenly, a huge gush of wind tore off all the sails, leaving the ship helpless in the vicious sea. Huge waves were tossing the ship around like a marble, and it was taking in water fast. The largest of the chimps, quickly scrambled down to Guybush’s room. It ran over to Guybrush, (who was now in his bed, trembling in fear) and grabbed his hand. He led him outside and over to the wheel. “Ook Aak Chee!” squealed the monkey.
“I think he wants me to keep the wheel steady.” Thought Guybrush. So he quickly grabbed it and used all his might to keep it steady.
It was working! And Guybrush could see the end of the storm. But suddenly, a giant gush of wind, stronger than all the rest, lifted Guybush right off his feet and dumped him into the freezing cold ocean. Guybrush had never been a good swimmer, and was soon gasping for air. In his last gasp, he managed to grab onto a piece of wood that had fallen from the mask. He used all his strength to hold on and managed to get a few more breaths, before a huge wave crashed on top of him. Water sprayed everywhere, yet still he managed to hold on. He began floating towards the clear sky, and finally, the storm had passed.

A day passed, and weary as he was, Guybrush still had the will power to hold on. At the very edge of the horizon, Guybrush could just make out a tiny speck. It was an island! Guybrush tried his best to paddle in the direction of the island.

As the hours past, slowly but surely, the island became nearer, and hope began to grow inside Guybrush. He was on the edge of consciousness, yet he was positive that he could make it.

Finally, he reached the shore. He stood up, took a few paces, then collapsed.

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