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The Secret of Monkey Mountain
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Chapter 1: I want to be a Pirate!

“Wake up Guydork!” Came an all too familiar voice from the hallway. “Or we’ll leave without ya!”
“How many times have I told you!” Yelled Guybrush from under his bed-sheets, “My name is Guybrush! So don’t call me Guydork!”
“Or what?” Said Chucky as he entered the room.
“Or I’ll… I’ll do something not very nice!”
“Oh I’m quivering in me boots. Guydork!”
“Now, Now boys. Don’t fight.” Came another voice. “We’re leaving today.”
“Yes mum.” Replied Chucky and Guybrush.
“Good. Now get dressed and then come and get your breakfast.”
“OK mum.” Said Guybrush as his mother left the room.

A few hours later, Guybrush and his family were at the airport, booking the tickets to the Caribbean.
“Mum!” Whined Chucky, ”Why do we have to go on a holiday to the Caribbean? I’d much rather go to somewhere exciting. Like Australia!”
“But Chucky dear, pirates used to live in the Caribbean!” Replied his mother.
“Pirates! really? Wow! Is that true dad?” Said Chucky excitedly.
“That’s right son. And when we arrive there, we’re going to a theme park based around pirates!”
“Cool! I wish I was a pirate!”
“I don’t want to be a pirate.” Said Guybrush “I’d like to be a flooring inspector.”
“OK kids, we’ve got our tickets.” Said Guybrush’s father, “Now let’s take a seat and wait for the plane to arrive.”

It was only a couple of minutes later when the plane arrived. Guybrush and Chucky were excited, because they had never flown in a plane before. They sat in the twenty-third row.

After a tutorial on fastening their seatbelts, the plane left the ground. Guybrush was amazed! Clouds were less then an arms-length away. Chucky took absolutely no attention to the surroundings. He just played his gameboy and listened to his Walkman.

Hour after hour, Guybrush just sat there. Looking in fascination out the window. Slowly, his eyes seemed to become heavier. Eventually, all he did was close his eyes and he fell asleep.

“Greetings Guybrush!” Said a mysterious voice, “Are you ready?”
“Ready for what” Asked Guybrush, “Who are you?”
“Are you ready to journey to… Monkey Island!”
“Where?” Asked Guybrush again, “What’s your name”
“I am a healer, a teacher and a miracle worker. I am the one gifted of manipulating the forces of nature. I am a voodoo priestess! And my name is…”

“Wake up son. It’s time for lunch.” said the familiar voice of Guybrush’s father.
“Wait!” Cried Guybrush, still half-asleep. “Tell me your name!”
“It’s OK son. Only a bad dream”
“But it seemed so real”
“Some dreams are like that son. But it’s over now, so let’s get our lunch.”
“OK dad.” Replied Guybrush.

Guybrush received a small packet of chicken for his lunch and Chucky received a huge packet of slaw for his.
“Curse these airplane meals!” Cried Chucky, “They never give ya enough slaw!”
“Now, now Chucky. That’s no way to speak.”
“Sorry mum.” whined Chucky.

Halfway through his meal, Guybrush discovered something in his chicken. A small key! He examined it closely. It was a golden color, and at the very end, a monkey was engraved on it. “What’s this?” said Guybrush to his mother.
“I don’t know… It looks important.” She replied.
“Cool!” Said Guybrush.

For the rest of the day, Guybrush spent all his attention on the key. What was it for? How did it get in the chicken? What is Monkey Island, and who was that Voodoo Priestess? Guybrush couldn’t work it out.

After a small dinner of mashed potato, Guybrush fell into a deep sleep

“Hello again, Guybrush.” said the mysterious voice of the Voodoo Priestess.
“It’s you again!” said Guybrush, who was beginning to get a little scared.
“Are you ready to fulfill your destiny?”
“What must I do?”
“You must rid our world from evil, before evil destroys us!”
“But how can I?” said a confused Guybrush. “I’m only nine years old!”
“That key you have!” said the Voodoo Priestess “It will unlock the portal to Monkey Island.”
“Yeah, that reminds me. What ‘is’ Monkey Island?” asked Guybrush.
“The Monkey Island universe is a realm parallel to yours. They are linked by a portal located somewhere in the Caribbean, and only you can open the portal.”
“But what about my family? I can’t leave them!”
“Time in your world stops when you enter the Monkey Island universe, and will only continue when you exit.”
“Well that helps a lot.” Said Guybrush, “But where will I find the portal?”
“I… I do not know”, replied the Voodoo Priestess, “But I have foreseen that you will find it at…”

“Where here dear!” Said Guybrush’s mother, “We need to get off the plane now.”
Guybrush looked around. It was morning. “OK Mum.” said Guybrush as he rose from his seat.

While he was leaving, he began to think about the strange dreams he was having. He didn’t know if they were all just strange dreams, or there really was a Voodoo Priestess. However he was sure he’d find out soon.

After they had left the plane, they hired a car and drove to their motel.

Once they arrived, they decided to work out where to go tomorrow. “Why don’t we look around and see what kind of shop they have here?” Suggested Guybrush’s mother.
“Maybe we can go to the beach and check out the surf?” Said Guybrush’s dad.
“Dad!” whined Chucky, “Didn’t you say there was a theme park here?”
“True!” replied his father, “Guybrush, how about you decide.”
“OK. I think…” said Guybrush slowly. “I think we should go to the theme park.”
“Great!” cried Chucky.
“OK.” said Guybrush’s mother, “We’ll go to the theme park tomorrow.”

The rest of the day was pretty boring. They spent most of the time unpacking and arranging everything. There was a pool there, which Guybrush and Chucky spent quite a few hours in, but the best thing about the Caribbean was probably that the air was so fresh and the sky was so clear, unlike their home back in the city.

Guybrush had a surprisingly dreamless night, and before he knew it, it was morning. He was excited about going to the theme park, so he was quickly dressed and ready to go.

After the rest of the family was ready, they hopped in the car and headed off.

They were driving for hours in what seemed to be nothing but forest. But then eventually a sign saying, “Welcome to ‘Big Woop’ amusement park” appeared. They drove a little further when they saw all the rides. There were huge roller coasters, fancy sideshows, and a shop called ‘STAN’S Previously Owned Souvenirs”.

After quickly finding a place to park, they bought their tickets and began looking around.

“How about we take the cable car and see what rides they have here”, suggested Guybrush’s mother.
“Mom!” whined Chucky, “I want to go on the roller coaster!”
“I wouldn’t mind checking out the sideshows,” said Guybrush.
“I know!” said Guybrush’s father, “We can all split up and go to where we want, and after an hour we can all meet back here for lunch.”
“OK.” replied Guybrush’s mother.

Guybrush and Chucky decided to ride the roller coaster, while their parents went to ride the cable car. On their way, they say something neither of them had ever seen. A giant monkey head! It was huge! About twelve feet tall! It was a purple color and its mouth was open.
“Wow!” said Guybrush excitedly. “That is the biggest monkey head I’ve ever seen!”
“Let’s check it out!” yelled Chucky.

After a closer inspection, they realized it was the entrance to a ride. Next to the head, there was a sign saying, “Welcome to the Monkey Mountain. Please enter.”

“Let’s go in!” said Chucky excitedly.
“Are you sure it’s safe?” said Guybrush, “There’s no-one else around!”
“Well there’s only one way to find out!” said Chucky as he walked into the mouth of the monkey head.
Guybrush quickly tried to catch up with Chucky, which didn’t take long, because the passageway inside the mouth was blocked with a large door with a sign on it saying “Out Of Order!”
“Oh Well!” said Chucky unhappily. “We might as well go back.”
Guybrush looked carefully at the door. He noticed that in the exact center of the door, there was a tiny keyhole. It was just then when Guybrush remembered the key he found. He took it out of his pocket and placed it in the keyhole, and to his surprise, it unlocked.

“Wow!” said Chucky, “where did you get that?”
“I found it on the plane!” replied Guybrush.

Chucky opened the door and quickly walked through it. He took a few steps, then all of a sudden he screamed! Guybrush raced over to see what had happened. He stepped next to Chucky, looked down, and froze. There was a huge crevice straight in front of him.

For the next few minutes, they just stood there, too afraid to move. Suddenly, something came over Chucky. He began hearing a strange voice. It said, “Push him! Push Guybrush off the edge!”
“No!” cried out Chucky, “He’s my brother!”
“What’s wrong Chucky?” asked Guybrush.
“Um… Nothing” replied Chucky.

“I told you to push him!” said the strange voice again. “Push him now!”
“No!” cried Chucky, even louder than the last time.
“Well if you don’t…” said the voice, “I will!”
Chucky felt himself move behind Guybrush. However he did not intend to. It was as if some uncontrollable thing was forcefully moving him.

“Stop!” yelled Chucky.
“Are you OK?” asked Guybrush.
“I don’t know!” cried Chucky.

Chucky felt his arms being forced up. He tried his best to stop, but he couldn’t. He pushed Guybrush down the crevice, then fell down himself.

Guybrush screamed as he fell. It seemed that his whole life was flashing before his eyes. Then suddenly, his world went blank.

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