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Monkey Island 2.5: Escape from 'The Carnival Of Dammed'
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This is basically the story of MI 2.5 Escape From the Carnival Of the Dammed, but with a twist it is told by Elaine who lies about what happened.

Monkey Island 2.5: Through The eyes of Elaine

Well Guybrush and me had been captured during one of Guybrush's useless adventures and well he was doing his normal trick of fiddling with anything he can find to help him escape. When he got bored, he started to insist that
he should tell me about the time he escaped from the carnival of the dammed.
I said "OK, but make it quick." But he took forever and I fell a sleep and was only woken up when he prompted me to ask him a question. Although I was very interested being half a sleep I heard something about a vision and then I couldn't take anymore and suddenly said "Guybrush Darling can't we finish this later as we are getting terrible close to Monkey Island." He replied "Ok."

I found axe, which Largo had stupidly left lying around, as the hatch only opened from the other side, I used the axe against it but nothing happened.
Then Guybrush had a very stupid Idea "Why don't we break the bow of the ship with that axe and escape through the hole in the side and get washed up on an island. If you don't make it, I'll give you mouth to mouth." As it was
the only Idea we had I replied "ok". So a few hacks of the axe later we were sucked out of the hole in the ship and we both sunk. I don't remember much after that till I woke on the shore and Guybrush was trying to light a fire and was failing. I took the 2 sticks he was using and in seconds had the fire a light.

He then insisted in continuing his story, about hour later he said "and you know the rest." Then some guy called Herman came along; I didn't really listen to their conversation until Guybrush said, "Oh crap I think know
where we are. Herman is this Monkey Island." and Herman replies "Well Dur."
Then I say "this is all you fault Guybrush what are we going to do now" and Guybrush replied "Escape." Then the booming voice of Lechuck said, "I don't think so." LeChuck and his skeletal Horde surrounded me, Guybrush and
Herman. Herman said "Well Cya." LeChuck replied "I don't think so, helping fugitives is a crime," Then we were knocked out.

I was cuffed to LeChuck in front of a sleeping Guybrush tied to a wall next to Herman; When Guybrush woke up LeChuck said, "So your awake, ok you 2 are going back to the carnival of the damned." Guybrush replied "What about
Elaine." LeChuck said "She will be my joyful bride" then Guybrush was knocked out.

I was forced by LeChuck and his Skeletal Horde to try wedding dresses on while LeChuck wrote a letter to the Melee Of Church to book the wedding. I then had a great idea and said "OK darling (yuck) Lechuck, I'm going to try
the best dress on, so you close your eyes and I'll tell you when to open them." They all did and I sneaked out and whispered, "suckers" and escaped.

I ran down to the shore, stood there for a minute while deciding what to do, when suddenly there was a big explosion and out of nowhere a bumper car came and landed next to me. I was about to leave Guybrush behind, when he
appeared from nowhere next to me. He tried to kiss me but I knocked him to the ground. We got into the bumper car and Guybrush said "Did I ever tell you about the time I went in in search for "Big Poop"..."

He ramble on for half an hour, I couldn't take no more and I suddenly said ""help, I'm stuck in a bumper car with a poor excuse for a Pirate." Then out of nowhere helped arrived; it was LeChuck's ship. A skeleton said, "there
they are Boss." Then we were blasted out of our bumper car into the water.

I woke up tied to a mast; I managed to slacken the ropes. I moved stealthily towards a cannon, which had been left loaded, I aimed the cannon at LeChuck.
Before anyone new what was happening LeChuck was blasted in to millions pieces. I dived into the water.

A lifeboat had fallen into the water during the explosion, I got in and some women dropped in from great Height. Then Guybrush swam towards the lifeboat and got in. We then floated off into a horizon.

The End

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