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Monkey Island 2.5: Escape from 'The Carnival Of Dammed'
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Guybrush and Elaine have been captured and are being held in the hold of Largo's ship, and Guybrush is doing his normal trick of fiddling with locks or whatever he can find to help him escape.

"Guybrush, darling how did you escape from 'The Carnival of the DAMNED'," Elaine asks.
Guybrush replies "It is a long story dear, I'm busy trying to escape."
"Leave the lock alone, just tell me the story and I will get us out of here, before we get to Monkey Island," Replies Elaine.
Guybrush started his story with "ok, well I had spent about 2 weeks at the Carnival when..."

Monkey Island 2.5: Escape from 'The Carnival Of Dammed'

I would like to thank LucasArts for making the Monkey Island games and anyone who has written a Monkey Island Fan story or game, Inspiring me to write this story.
Part 1: The Vision

I was writing in my journal.
"If only I could return to my normal size, I could then easily over power the guards and escape. Although I would need a weapon. I know, I could con that stupid doofus of a dog into returning to my normal size..."

"I take it that this is another one of your plans, that you didn't real plan properly and didn't really work," Elaine asks.
"What the heck do you mean by that," replies Guybrush
"Ok, what about the time you tried to rescue me from LeChuck, or what about the time you found a ring which turned me to gold and what about..." Elaine answers
"Ok,Ok quit it, shall I continue with the story," says Guybrush .

So I decided to talk to the doofus, so I left the little shack I had built and headed for the guess my weight stand. "Hey doofus," I said. Doofus replied "are you talking to me?" "Well dur, how much will it cost for you to return me to normal size and supply me with a weapon," I asked. "Half a tin of dog food and a bone." he replied. I said "Ok."

Ok, I was in luck I had recently taken a liking to dog food so I could go and get some later from my shack. But as for the bone the only place I knew you could get bones from was the guards (one of leChuck's skeletal Horde) and if I was to get with in 10 foot of one of them, I would get my head blown off.

"So what did you do?" asks Elaine.
Guybrush replies "I'm getting to that."

So I headed over to the circus tent and asked to borrow their cannon, got into it and was blasted out of it, thorugh the tent roof and right smack into a guard. I grabbed a bone and just as one of them was about to shoot I said "Look a three headed monkey. " The skeleton turned around, I ran off and he turned back round and shot. The bullet missed me by about and inch.

I went back to my shack ate half a tin of dog food and took the rest with me to see the big doofus. "Here you go," I said and doofus took the dog food and bone and replied "sucker," just as he knocked me out with a metal rod.

Then I had this weird dream where I had this vision. I was in this room where I could see nothing apart from a white bright light. Then suddenly Obi Wan Kenobi (played by Alec Guinness) appeared and he said "Luke, Luke." And I replied "sorry I think you got the wrong story, I'm Guybrush Threepwood." "Oh, ok cya," Obi replied and he disappeared. Then my cousin BushBush appeared, "hello," he said. I replied "so what do you want." "I here to tell you how to escape, first of all when you wake up from this dream you will be back to your normal size and you should use the voodoo doll in your pocket to get rid of Largo. In your other pocket there is a knife use this to cut the ropes and then go out of the tunnel thats situated to the right of the room you are in," he said.

Guybrush and Elaine were still in the hold and were getting ever closer to Monkey Island, because Guybursh's story was taking a little longer than expected so they decided that the story would be finshed later. Elaine was trying to open the hatch with an axe but it was made of reinforced metal so it wouldn't open. Then suddenly Guybrush had an idea and spoke it aloud "Why don't we break the bow of the ship with that axe and escape through the hole in the side and get washed up on an island. If you don't make it, I'll give you mouth to mouth." "Ok," replied Elaine. A few hacks of the axe later, they are sucked through the hole into the sea where they both sank. Guybrush holds his breath and pulls Elaine to the surface.

They Arrive on an Island, start a fire and Guybrush continues the story. "Where was I?" he asks. Elaine replies "something about a vision." "Oh ya," Guybrush replies. "well I woke up and was all tied up and hanging of a wall...."

Part 2: The Escape

Largo was standing in front of me and he said "Hello Threepwood." I reached into my pocket and found a pin and doll, with the one hand I managed to poke the doll with the pin and Largo ran off screaming. I had forgotton how much fun that was. I reached into the other pocket and found the knife and in no time had cut myself free. I went out of the door and turned right, the only thing that could be considered a tunnel was an airvent. I headed down the vent which went steeply down, I kept going down till I came across a tattoo and piercing parlour, so I got my ear pierced. The vent ended and it came out under the sea, I held my breath and swam to the surface which took about 10 minutes.

When I reached the surface I was about a mile from Monkey Island, I started to swim away, a few hours later I discovered that I had been swimming around in circles and was back where I had started. Then suddenly there was a big explosion and from nowhere there was a bumper car floating next to me, I got into to it. I was so tired after all my swimming so I fell asleep.

I slept for about a day and a night and woke to find myself floating in the middle of ocean and decided to write in my Journal.
"Dear Journal
I am floating in the middle of ocean, not knowing where I am with no food."
I floated aimlessly around the ocean for a few days then arrived at Plunder Island.

"Well you know the rest," said Guybrush. "Hi Guys," says Herman Toothrot. Then Guybrush says "Hi Herman, Oh crap I think know where we are. Herman is this Monkey Island." He replies "Well Dur." "What are we going to do" asks Elaine. "Escape," replies Guybrush. "I don't think so," says LeChuck. Guybrush and Elaine are surrounded by LeChuck and his skeletal Horde. "Well Cya" says Herman. "I don't think so, helping fugitives is a crime," replies LeChuck. All three of them are knocked out, then taking to LeChuck's secret hideout.

Guybrush woke up tied to a wall next to Herman and LeChuck who had Elaine cuffed to him was standing in front of them. "So your awake, ok you 2 are going back to the carnival of the damned," LeChuck tells them. Guybrush replies "What about Elaine." LeChuck says "She will be my joyful bride" then every thing goes black for Guybrush.

Part 3: The Door
When the Darkness disappears Guybrush and Herman are both kids. "So what do we do now," asks Herman. Guybrush replies "we escape." "But how," Herman asks. "We con that doofus of a dog into letting us out with a bone and a tin of dog food then he hits us over the head..." replies Guybrush.

Elaine is being forced into trying wedding dresses on and LeChuck is writing a letter to book the church on Melee Island for the wedding. "Elaine are you looking forward to the Wedding" LeChuck asks And Elaine replies "No." LeChuck is not really listening and replies "I'm glad you're happy"
Elaine tries on another dress.

Back with Guybrush, who is still talking "then we escape down a tunnel." Herman replies "Why don't we just use the door?" Guybrush asks "What door?" "This door," replies herman and just as he says it a door appears.

"OK darling (yuck) Lechuck, I'm going to try the best dress on, so you close your eyes and I'll tell you when to open them. LeChuck and his Skelatal Horde close thier eyes and Elaine sneaks off and whispers "suckers" and escapes.

"Where the heck did that come from and how did you know about that," Guybrush asks. "Well I discovered it the last time I was here" replies Herman. Then they went through the door and found them selves on the shore, returned to their normal size. "Well cya" says Herman. Guybrush replies "Ok Bye." Then runs off towards LeChuck's hideout.

When he arrives he gives the silver monkey a banana who then pulls the secret lever and then Guybrush runs through the secret door. He bumps into Elaine and they both say "what the heck are you doing here" and they both reply "rescuing you" then they both run of to the shore.

At the shore they stop running and start to kiss passionately and then there is a big explosion and a bumper car lands in the sea next to them. They get into to it, it is a bit of squash. Then they float of into the horizon.

"Elaine can I open my eyes" says LeChuck "She's gone and so has Soupgood and they've taken a bumper car again." replies a skeleton. "After that Bumper car" orders LeChuck.

Part 4: Guybrush kicks Butt. (Well it is not known who kicked LeChuck's butt as Elaine and The Voodoo Priestess have their own version's of this story too.)

Guybrush and Elaine are still squashed into a floating bumper car drifting into the horizon and the romance of this scene has disappeared and Elaine is shouting at Guybrush. Then Elaine start's calling for help "help, I'm stuck in a bumper car with a poor excuse for a Pirate." Then out of nowhere help arrives, its LeChuck's ship. Murray says, "there they are Boss." "I'm sorry to do this Elaine, but you shouldn't have tried to escape," replies LeChuck.
The bumper car is blasted with a cannon and Guybrush and Elaine are fished out of the water with a net. Guybrush is knocked out.

Guybrush wakes up a few hours later in the hold. Guybrush gets up and goes to open the hatch and to his surprise the hatch opens (down to LeChuck’s normal stupidity.) Guybrush sneaks onto the deck and sees Elaine tied to the mast and the Voodoo lady tied up in the Crow's nest. Guybrush stealthily climbs up the mast into the Crow's nest and unties the Voodoo lady and tells her "stay here, till you hear a cannon blast then dive into the water." Then
Guybrush climbs back down the mast, sneaks up on a guard and breaks its neck and nicks its sword. Then Guybrush uses the sword to untie Elaine and tells her "stay here and pretend the rope is still tight then when the cannon is blasted dive into the water." Then Guybrush moves stealthily towards a cannon, which has stupidly been left loaded. Guybrush aims the cannon towards LeChuck, before anyone realises what’s happening the cannon is fired. LeChuck is blasted into millions of pieces and Elaine and the Voodoo Lady dive into the water. Before Guybrush jumps into the water he manages to get a lifeboat into the water.

All three of them get into the lifeboat and row of into the horizon and Elaine says "your not that bad of a pirate after all."

The End.

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