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The Book of Bigger Whoop
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Part three: Spoof island

"What am I gonna do?" Murray thought as he...uh..."sat" on one of the Crying-Banana cargo crates. "I have no way of stopping Timmy, but I have to try to." "Hey, Murray!!!" Guybrush shouted down. "Were reaching land!!!" "And? "replied Murray. "I can't walk up can I?" "Don't worry Murray. "said Timmy. "I'll help you up." CRASH!!! Timmy flinged Murray onto deck and into the mast. "I thinking I are breaking my skull." Murray said dazed. "Well, according to the map sir." Said Grunk "This is "Spoof island." "We will set up camp and stay the night there." Commanded Guybrush. "Yeth thir." said Spiffy as he turned the wheel and headed for Spoof island."

So that night the camp was set up in a cave on Spoof. "How far will we have to go to get to Golanga tomorrow Grunk?" "Well, sir we will have to pass this island and "Blood island famous for it's large Cannibal population" to get to Golanga. "Grunk explained "All the islands around here are famous for something." "I thought that Blood island was famous for it's Casinos and Hotels, I'll have to check out what happened"said Guybrush curiously.

"Okay, so if that islands famous for Cannibals whats this one famous for?" asked Guybrush. "Movie and book spoofs. "Grunk replied. At that moment Yoda appeared out of thin air and said. "Right he is." And disappeared. "I can see what this chapters gonna be wasted on." said Guybrush.

That morning the crew had just awoke..."Hey where'th Thtan?" said Spiffy? "Yeah where IS Stan?" asked Murray. "He's probably selling something somewhere." Said Guybrush. "Look we can find him by following his bootprints. "suggested Wally.

Soon the crew came to a huge wooden gate with the words "Jurassic park" "Guetht thpeaker King-Kong" Spiffy read. They opened the gate and there they saw a huge Jungle with very loud screeching and roaring sounds coming from it.

A few hours later the crew came to a large fence with a strange dinosaur behind it. "Oh hello, good day, good morning, greetings, welcome to Jurassic, dinosaur park, parkland, estate, grounds"said the strange dinosaur. "Uh...hi, who are you?" Guybrush asked. "Oh I'm a Thesaurus! "explained the Thesaurus." A genuine, authentic, veritable, walking, talking emporium of words, a living breathing compendium of..." Guybrush interrupted "I get the picture." "Listen do you know where we could find our friend he wears a cowboy hat and boots? "asked Guybrush. "Okay, Okey-dokey, fine, verywell, jolly good..." "Ah hell to it lets just go." Murray suggested. "Yeah. "Guybrush agreed. "Come back!!!" The Thesaurus shouted "I'm so lonely."

Another 5 minutes past and the crew finally found Stan. "Stan what are you doing!?!" Guybrush shouted. "I was selling a few things to my new friend.


AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! "Let's get outta here!!!!!" shrieked Grunk. The Crew ran for their life's while Guybrush ran dragging Stan behind him. "Get to the ship!" Flook shouted. "Hey there's a car-like thing over here!!!! The Crew jumped in the car-like-thing and drove off. Guybrush jumped for his life to get on the Car. "Get my hand Guybruth." Spiffy shouted.

But it was to late Guybrush missed Spiffy's hand and fell over, mabey one of the reasons he missed was because Stan pushed Guybrush out the way and climbed on the car. Luckily the T-rex started chasing the car. "Com'n put the pedal to the metal. "Murray shouted.

The Rex smashed through all the trees in it's way just about to reach the car.

Then the Rex reached and grabbed Timmy by the head and waved him around biting allot of his fake skin off. Spiffy looked and saw Timmy's skeleton head. Then Timmy pulled out another mask and stretched it into place.

Meanwhile while the T-rex chased the crew, Guybrush woke up in a swamp with a pair eyes in front of him. He tried to move but he noticed was chained to a tree. "Where am I?" Guybrush asked. "My home you are in." Replied a voice. Then the swamp lit up and in front of Guybrush stood Yoda. "Wow, no Voodoo lady." Guybrush said. "No on vacation she is." replied Yoda. "Here to train you I am." "Train me to do what?" "Use the fort." "The force?" "No the fort." At that moment Yoda pointed to a huge fort on the other side of the swamp. "To rescue your friends, the fort you must use." said Yoda. "Now let us begin first you must find out how to reach the fort..."Yoda began.

Then back at the car chase..."Were runnin' outta gas." said Murray. Then the car stopped in an instant. "Uh oh." Said Spiffy.

"Things are never easy are they?" Said Murray.

"Nope" Said Timmy "Hey why's it chasing us anyway?" Everyone turned and looked at Stan "Okay I traded it some mouthwash for it's egg."said Stan. "Hand it over Stan."said Flook. Stan handed the Egg over to the Rex. ROOAARR!!!! "I don't think that's gonna stop him eating us." said Murray.

So the crew started running again and so did the Rex licking it's lips...if it had any.

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