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The Book of Bigger Whoop
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Part two: The 3 chests

"Captain's log, stardate...uh..." Guybrush wrote in his journal. " (sigh) april 13th!!!" sighed Flook. "April 13th.2, we have spent nearly 3 days on Creepy island, Murray seems to be worried about something, I wish he'd tell me what's wrong..." " GUYBR...!!" shouted Timmy (Tim). "I..uh..mean, Mr Guybrush sir." Timmy said politly. "Would you please help us get up this mountain." "In a minute I'm almost done writing in my journal." said Guybrush. "We have just reached Curvly mountain in our search for the map."

Guybrush carried on writing. "But the face is to smooth and Curly to climb up so I'll have to think of a way to get up there." "Spiffy, tie Murray to that vine over there."ordered Guybrush." Later the crew had made a crude grappling hook out of Murray and a vine. "Uh...Guybrush, I don't like...weeeeeeeee."
Murray weeed and the top of his voice as Flook lobbed Murray to the top of "Mt.Curvly" and his teeth clung to a rock, up there Murray could see a small "X" beside him. "I've found the map mortals!!!" Murray shouted.

An hour later, the crew had climbed the mountain and were digging for the map. CLANG!!! "Sir I've found something!!!"shouted Grunk. "Pass it up here!!"
shouted Guybrush. Grunk had hit a small bronze chest, Guybrush looked in the chest and there was a map with instructions. "According to this there are 3 chests." read Guybrush. "There is a Bronze chest, a silver chest and a Gold chest, we just found the first one now we have to find the Silver chest if we are to find our treasure." "What island is it on sir?" asked Flook."Golanga island." replied Guybrush. "I don't think we thould Captain." said Spiffy cowerdly. "I mean we could get really hurt, or curthed or even..."
"Spiffy..." said Murray. "Yeth, Murray thir?"replied Spiffy. "!"
"AAAARRRRGGHHH!!!!" screamed Spiffy. " Mwahahahaha, finally someone cowers at the mighty power of Murray!!!!" Murray screamed in triumph. "Murray, leave him alone, he's bigger and stronger than you." said Guybrush. "Your right
Guybrush." said Murray. "Let's get back to the ship."

A few hours later the crew had reached the ship, but they realised the ship was gone. And they also realised one of the man-eating trees finishing off the mast of the "Sea Cucumber". "Now where we gonna get a ship and get to
Golanga?" said Flook. "Did someone say ship?" said a voice from behind. "No not him..." said Guybrush in gutt wrenching horrer. "Howdy neighbour." said the voice. "STAN!?!?" shouted Guybrush. "I thought you were selling Timeshare on Jumbalia island?" "I was my friend I was going straight to the top!!!" Stan explained. "Then what made you quit and move to Creepy?" "Well you see I
lost my best customer cause some moron told him that he knew my customer was cheating on his wife so I moved here and re-opened "Stan's previously owned vessels!" explained Stan "Now, Mr. Feed, can you help our customers while I
feed our Ship eating tree." Said Stan. "What!?!?!?!" said Guybrush confused.

Then the supposed Mr Feed came from below the counter. "Wally?" shouted Guybrush in amaze. "Hello Mr Brush." said Wally. "Last time I saw you, you were a prisoner in one of the dioramas on the rollarcoaster of death, what made want to work for Stan?" Guybrush asked. "Well Mr.Brush after you left me on Monkey island, I saw Stan near me trying to sell skin lotions to some of
Lechuck's skeleton pirates." explaned Wally. "I bought a gold plated pained scented knife off him to cut through the ropes, but I didn't have enough money to buy it so, I had to work off the debt, and I'm still working with
him so I had to come with him to Creepy island and here I am." "Well Wally we need a ship but we don't have time to work off the debt." said Guybrush.
"What island are you going to?" asked Wally. "Golanga." said Murray.
"Golan..excuse me a minute." at that moment Wally ran off to get Stan.
"What'th tho thpethial about Golanga island?" asked Spiffy. "Golanga island that's the sales capital of the Tri-island area I forgot where that island was!" Stan shouted. "Threepwood, we'll give you a ship but only if you take us to Golanga with you." Offered Stan. "Agreed." Agreed Guybrush.

Later the crew was sailing to Golanga island onboard "The Crying Banana"
which was a banana shape with a black front and back and a yellow middle with tears painted on the side of the ship.

Bellow deck Murray and Guybrush were talking. "Murray you have to tell me what you have against Timmy he seems so nice but you don't seem to like him."
Asked Guybrush. "Well Guybrush..." Murray said nervously. At that moment Timmy entered the room. "Hi everybody, I just finished some choc chip cookies there up there if you want some."said Timmy with a heart full of joy. "Okay,
I'm coming up."said Guybrush. "Save some for me I just need to talk with our great pal Murray." Timmy said with a warm happy shine. Then Timmy turned back into his skeleton form and putting his red skull bandana on to cover his bald patch. "I hope your not going around spreading rumours about me are you?" said Timmy in an evil darkness. "No, no, no I don't tell thats..thats naughty." said Murray frightfully. "Goood, because I can still remember some of the voodoo spells Lechuck taught us." At that moment Timmy returned back into his human form and put away his bandana. "Coming!" "tee-hee-hee." Timmy
said as he ran up on deck.

Murray sat there alone in the dark...

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