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The Book of Bigger Whoop
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Part one: The remeeting

Years ago when LeChuck had just became a vicious pirate he collected his best solders Murray,Timmy and Bob to bury his most greatest treasure The book of Bigger Whoop which contains thousands of Voodoo spells but in the terrible storm that killed Lechuck his memory was wiped clean of the book the sacred. So far in the MI adventures Guybrush and Elane have dumped all the remains of Lechuck in the Antartic.After that they went on vacation to Cattle island but while there Guybrush heard about a map to a treasure greater than Big Whoop on Creepy island. So guess what he did he ditched his wife on the island gathered a crew Spiffy-the sailor,Grunk-the navigator and Flook-the cook.

Mean while Murray was hard at work at Planet Threepwood. "Come see the amazing merchandise of Planet Threepwood. "he said misserably. Then the manager of PThreepwood came out. "Murray were running outa business so were gonna give your collar bone and arm back. While he nailed Murray's parts back on. Murray shouted in rage. "You had my arm!!!?". Meanwhile on Admiral Casaba's boat..."WHAT!!!!"shouted Casaba. "I lost my job with Mandrill enterprises, well might as well roll out the really big cannon....BOOM!!!!!
Casaba blew a huge hole in Jumbalia island, throwing Murray into the ocean, luckily he had an arm so he could swim but a while later he swam into a huge ship the Sea cucumber to be exact, a huge wave came and knocked him into the crow's nest.

Below the crow's nest Guybrush stood over the sea. "Spiffy". said Guybrush. "Yeth thir." said Speech impediment Spiffy. "How close are we to Creepy island?" asked Guybrush. "Probably another five mileth topth. "replied Spiffy. While up on the crows nest the floor started cracking and Murray was about to fall through. "I hate my after life. "said Murray. CRASH!!!!!

As Murray fell through the crows nest and the mast into the cargo hold his nails came loose and his arm and collar bone fell off. "Spiffy I'm gonna check what that bang was." Said Guybrush. So Guybrush headed down to the cargo hold he opened the door. "Murray?" said Guybrush surprisingly. "Hello Guy...I..uh mean I shall banish you to a vicious evil pit of fire and death where you shall burn for all eternity in the pits of hell Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!...and..." "It's been done Murray. "said Guybrush. "What are you doin here any way?" We know this part so lets skip it...

Later on deck Guybrush, Murray, Flook, Spiffy and Grunk were up on deck. "Hey who's dat guy out dere? "said Great Geographer Grunk. Out on the sea there was a ship wreak with one man on it. "Spiffy take us over there." commanded Guybrush. A while after they came to the young man the man said his name was Tim mc.bin, after he was brought on board he told the crew where he came from and what he was doing.
He said he came from the Antartic and was heading to Creepy island to find the map to Bigger whoop. "Well if you want to join us you welcome to." Offered Guybrush. "Fine I'll join you to Creepy island. "Agreed Tim.

The next morning the crew were 3 miles way from Creepy island, they could just see the shore of Creepy island.

While on the bottom deck Murray and Tim talked. "So Tim your trying to find the map to Bigger whoop...who'llshavethemonkey?!! "Lechump!!!" shouted Tim "I knew it I knew I'd catch you out with one of Lechuck's codes Timmy. "said Murray. "Okay Murray ya got me." Timmy said as he transformed into one of Le chuck's pirates " I wanna resurrect LeChuck using the book and you won't stop me. "At that moment Timmy grabbed Murray by the neck (if he had one) and lobbed Murray into the Ocean, but luckily he hit a wave and started drifting towards Creepy island beach.
"Captain Threepwood!!!! "shouted Grunk. "Yes, Grunk." shouted Guybrush. "Laaaaaaaannd hoooooooo!!" Guybrush and crew stared in wonderment as they reached the mysterious Creepy island. "Well, here we are...Creepy island. "said Guybrush proudly. As they prepared to dock, Murray washed up on the shore all he could see was Curvley mountain, which is where he buried the map all those years ago. "Murray!!!" shouted Guybrush as he spotted Murray on the beach. "Why aren't you on board?" "Well..." said Murray. Murray looked at Timmy and saw an evil glow in his eyes. "No reason at all I just fell off deck that's all...heh." Murray said nervously Timmy's eyes returned to normal.

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