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Monkey Island 5 - Operation Guybrush.
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Chapter 4: Bwhahahahahaha! Murray returns! (Oh, and in local news, Guybrush reaches a point of no return)

Once outside her mansion, Elaine hastily makes her way to the Voodoo Lady's domain. She darts inside the ternational House of Mojo, a mysterious, intricately themed store dealing with all manner of magical needs, with a heady, aromatic scent tinged with a lingering spice heavy in the close air of the chamber. She wanders slowly yet purposefully around the room, visually scouring the room for anything that could prove useful in her quest. Her eyes are suddenly drawn to a rather unusual looking skull perched on top of a shelf. There is something, something animated about it. It appears to be willing Elaine to come closer, which she does, when "Boo!" yells Murray, cackling delightedly as Elaine, having never seen Murray before, gasps, obviously shocked. "Who, or what, are you?!" Elaine enquires in a slightly amused tone, for talking skulls are something of a novelty even in the Carribean. "I am the almighty Murray, fearsome and demonic skull, master of darkness. Say, do I know you? You look awfully familiar for some reason." Elaine fixes him with a cold stare, daring him to unlock the vague memory of her. "Ooh, yes, I remember you now. You're Governor Marley."

Murray sounds a little anxious, but he mainly appears to be savouring the situation. "That's Governor Marley
Threepwood" Elaine cuts in, suddenly feeling indignant.
"Oh, just ignore that cadaverous cranium, he's fussing around like that merely for attention" a melodious, soft, Caribbean accented voice calls. Elaine, feeling slightly confused, calls out "Voodoo Lady? Is that you?" "
Yes Elaine, it's me. Come over here my child, and allow me to enlighten you. " Elaine makes her way to the tiny back room of the shop to seek counsel from the voodoo lady for the first time in her life. " Ah, yes, Elaine. I was about to embark on a long, perilous voyage to meet your husband, but I was struck with a diabolical vision, and I then knew that your needs were far greater than his, and I also sensed that he would be unable to reach me." " Do you know what's happened to Guybrush? Please help me, I'll do anything to find him" "I had a terrible, disturbing vision of Guybrush being dragged helplessly from his ship, then suffering unspeakable tortures in Lechuck's clutches. He, Lechuck, that is, is now only a ghost, but I sense that he has a sinister use for your husband, something truly evil involving the darker side of voodoo, which I strive not to be involved with.

Elaine, Guybrush is in grave danger, and it's up to you to rescue him as quickly as possible. Although I cannot go with you to assist you in defeating Lechuck, I can give you some assistance and guidance." Elaine's facial features alter dramatically throughout the voodoo lady's rather grim foresights. Almost immediately she blanches, horrified, as the voodoo lady describes the sinister implications behind Guybrush's abduction, but as the
voodoo lady empowers Elaine with a fresh sense of hope, she relaxes and feels capable of achieving the objective. She instantly seizes the opportunity to have assistance in her quest. "How exactly can you help me?"

"I can offer you my wisdom and experience in the art of voodoo, which you will undoubtedly need to learn to stand any chance of destroying Lechuck. Before you set sail, I shall teach you the sacred, quite advanced form of ancient voodoo, the roots of which date back into the mists of time, for a reduced rate, of course, given your current position. That is, if you desire to find your true love." Elaine instantly agrees. "Of course I accept your
generous offer, I'd die to be with Guybrush again." "Then your quest begins."

Meanwhile, deep below Monkey Island, Guybrush is hauled into Big Whoop, and comes face to face with his second worst nightmare, (the worst being the hellish journey to Monkey Island) the demonic undead pirate Lechuck. Lechuck
notices Guybrush a moment before Guybrush sees Lechuck, and he greets him in the most menacing, threatening tones he can muster, although there is a distinctly joyful edge to his voice as he growls "Argh." "Argh!" screams
Guybrush, absolutely terrified, simultaneous with Lechuck as he eventually gives his full attention to im. "Guybrush Threepwood, I finally have you right where I want you. You're mine now, and you cannot escape." This threatening phrase initially makes Guybrush feel incredibly scared, as he starts to believe Lechuck's words, but when he realises that he Lechuck has never managed to win, and is confident enough to believe he will escape from Monkey Island relatively unscathed, Guybrush becomes his usual cocky self with Lechuck, laughingly remarking, almost mocking, " Ha ha! I've defeated you 4 times, what makes you think you'll win this time, huh?" " Ah, but you see Threekhood." begins Lechuck, purposely mispronouncing Guybrush's name in the hope of provoking a reaction. Of course, this tactic works, and Guybrush moans, although with a touch of sarcasm and amusement in his voice, "Hey!
You should really know my name by now you know, I've killed you that many times, I would have thought that you'd remember." " Dargh, but ye be missing my point, anyway. You've only survived as long as you have because
of my precious Elaine. Had she not desired my full, undivided attention when we met on the Death Starfish, YOU would have been butchered brutally on the spot. But now..." LC rubs his hands together gleefully, relishing the moment. "Now there is no escape, and, after all these years, I can have my sweet, sweet revenge. I will make you suffer severely for all those occasions in which you have eluded my grasp."

Although this sinister speech unnerves Guybrush slightly, he manages to maintain his calm, jokey demeanour. " Ha! You couldn't possibly hurt me, you're just a ghost, a
sprit, practically nothing. Why, I believe your power has disappeared completely!" Lechuck instantly crushes Guybrush's comments, counteracting, "Not exactly. While my physical strength is currently somewhat weak, I control all my crew, and they CAN hurt you. Also, I know things about you and your deepest, darkest fears that I can, and probably will, use to scar you emotionally for the remainder of your short life! Besides, how do you know I can't hurt you?" With these words, Lechuck lunges for Guybrush, aiming to smack him hard directly in the centre of his face. However, Guybrush proves that Lechuck himself really is incapable of causing physical harm to Guybrush, as the only sensation Guybrush feels is an extremely cold
chill washing over his nose and radiating outwards, consuming his whole face. "Damn! It didn't work! Well, as for my power over all here, why, I could order Agley here to rip open your chest, while you remain conscious,
reach into your bloody chest cavity and pluck your still beating heart out before your very eyes." "Eurgh, gross! Do you have to be so graphic? Think of all the kids who might be reading this." Lechuck's eyes illuminate evilly
as he quickly formulates a suitable comeback, cackling "If that affects youngsters badly, then by the end of your torture... " The word "torture" makes Guybrush feel significantly more anxious than he did mere seconds ago,
and he responds, rather nervously, "Torture? I think all that porcelain was quite enough of a torturous experience for me, thank you." Lechuck, immensely irritated that his great speech has been interrupted, bellows, "BY THE END OF YOUR TORTURE, you will plead for mercy." Guybrush struggles to choke back a laugh, the concept of him pleading for mercy with Lechuck is almost inconceivable. "Plead for mercy? With you? Unlikely!" " YOU WILL PLEAD FOR MERCY, and any young children reading will be traumatised." In mock horror, Guybrush exclaims. "That's awful! Is that your fiendish plan?
To eliminate any hope of world peace by corrupting the minds of innocent, impressionable readers by subjecting them to terrifying scenes of violence?"

" Uh, no. But changing topics slightly, please allow me to demonstrate the superb control I have over my loyal crew. Untie our prisoner's hands, but bind his feet, then, please, take our guest's jacket." As Agley still holds the knife to Guybrush's throat, one skeletal warrior/servant darts behind Guybrush and works to remove the rope securing his wrists, gradually loosening it and finally allowing Guybrush's blood to start flowing through his deadened hands. Guybrush wriggles his fingers, trying to increase the circulation in his stiff digits, as another member of the Lechuck's undead army binds his ankles together tightly, making it impossible for Guybrush to walk. Then, Guybrush's coat is carefully taken from him, and Guybrush, rather surprised by the sudden courteous display, feels he should say something. "Gee, thanks. It is quite hot in here." This remark, so innocent, so naļve, causes Lechuck to burst out laughing, a wild, deranged, sneering cackle. The majority of Lechuck's crew quickly join in with the laughter, and, eventually, albeit very nervously, and wondering exactly what was so amusing about his comment, Guybrush giggles, "Ha, ha, ha. ah.." ending with a questioning sigh. As soon as Lechuck regains his
composure, he gives a silent, rehearsed order to one of his skeletal servants, who struts up to Guybrush and yanks a lock of hair from Guybrush's head. By this time, Guybrush's suspicions are beginning to rise just a bit,
and he starts to suspect that something sinister is about to occur.

Then, Guybrush sees the knife being removed from his throat and, realising that he will be hurt, that the blade was merely a threat, wriggles around in a desperate, vain attempt to escape, his arms flailing wildly, thus preventing anyone getting too close to him, hopping unsteadily around, when he feels a strong arm close across his chest and wrestle him to the ground. Although he is now momentarily stunned, and in a supine position, he still persists in waving his arms about vigorously, making it quite difficult for anyone to hold him securely. Agley allows the other soldiers to draw nearer to Guybrush by planting a booted foot on Guybrush's throat and slowly,
deliberately, shifting his body weight onto that one foot. This instantly knocks all the breath out of Guybrush, and he claws at Agley's ankle. In the ensuing chaos, Guybrush is eventually pinned down as a sacrificial victim, two of Lechuck's skeletal slaves seize his wrists and pin him to the floor, each gripping one of Guybrush's splayed arms at the wrist, while another quickly races up and grabs his feet, pulling Guybrush's legs uncomfortably taut, leaving Guybrush gasping for breath when Agley lifts his foot,
releasing the pressure and allowing Guybrush to really appreciate the gift of life. As Guybrush recovers, Agley tests the sharpness of the blade on his finger, the slightest touch of the knife drawing a thin stream of blood.

Agley grins, a twisted smirk, glad that the blade is in prime condition, and stems the trickle of blood flowing from his finger on Guybrush's face, smearing it roughly across his cheekbones. Guybrush is absolutely disgusted
by this, the incident makes him feel violated, and dirty somehow, and he struggles furiously against the souls who hold him to the ground. He finds it practically impossible to keep still, particularly as Agley is wielding the knife, attempting to cause physical harm to our hero. Guybrush's efforts to escape from the grasp of the skeletal warriors culminate in him managing to raise his head and shoulders up. Agley looks to Lechuck for instructions on how he should react to this slight rebellion from Guybrush, and Lechuck leers "Ye'd best tame him into submission, if he's misbehaving for ye." At
those words, permission to unleash his hidden resentment and hatred, Agley draws his right arm back, his hand clenched into a tight fist, observing Guybrush and appearing to be deciding where to aim, although he knows right from the start what he will do to Guybrush. Guybrush quivers slightly, still struggling against his captors, but feeling terrified of Agley's strength, now visible to Guybrush, and ability to injure him at the same time.
Summoning all his strength, Agley wallops Guybrush in the stomach, an apt vengeance for what occurred on the SS Elaine. A searing pain surges through Guybrush's gut, and Guybrush fights back a blood curdling yell with extreme
difficulty, gritting his teeth and letting out a mere half gasp, half yelp as he feels the impact of the blow. The one thought that prevents him from showing his raw emotions is "If I let Lechuck know I'm in pain, he'll know he's winning. I'll just have to stick this out until Elaine comes to rescue me." However, Guybrush has little time to react to the blow, as even before he is finished thinking, Agley swiftly brings his fist up, smacking Guybrush under the chin.

Guybrush's head reels back with the sheer force of the
punch, landing with a heavy thump on the rocky ground he lies on. As Guybrush falls backwards into his original position, Agley crouches down beside his head, poised and ready to strike again. He clouts Guybrush with an iron fist across his left cheek first, starting the attack at the very top of Guybrush's cheekbone and swooping his clenched fist down and over the soft flesh of Guybrush's cheek, ending the violent blow at Guybrush's chin.
He hits Guybrush so hard that his head rolls to the right as Agley's fist curves down his face. Agley repeats the procedure with Guybrush's left cheek, sending his poor, limp head, hanging flaccidly like a ragdolls', to the right. By this time, Guybrush is fighting to stay conscious, his only thought Elaine, the sole reason why he remains so, the harsh, metallic taste of blood heavy in his mouth. Finally, Agley smacks Guybrush heavily over the
head, finally sending him down into a restless oblivion.
As Guybrush gradually regains consciousness, his head throbbing, he is forced to watch as Agley takes his knife and prepares to shallowly slash Guybrush's upper arm. Guybrush flinches as the tip of the knife penetrates
his flesh, and, as Agley gradually draws the blade down his arm, he lets out a scream of pure agony, all his emotions bursting out in a torrent of sound.

He cannot conceal his feelings anymore. However, before he can gain momentum, Agley clamps his hand suffocatingly tightly over Guybrush's mouth, stifling the yell. In that instant, Guybrush's injured arm is twisted, causing him even more anguish, and the steady stream of blood flowing from the wound is caught in a glass vial held by Largo, as Agley derisively sneers, "You think THAT hurts? That's nothing compared to what I could do to you." Guybrush squirms vigorously in Agley's firm grip, initially trying to escape from the horrific scenario, his screams merely muffled beneath Agley's hand, but as Guybrush struggles, Agley reacts by grabbing hold of Guybrush's sore, bruised cheeks and squeezing them, in full knowledge that he is causing Guybrush to suffer. In turn, Guybrush realises that it is useless trying to escape, in his current situation at least, and so he stops moving, contenting himself with his attempts to make himself heard. However, Lechuck smiles slyly, aware that Guybrush is already beginning to show signs of weakening Eventually, Guybrush calms down slightly, and quietens down, as he can see that screaming isn't doing any
favours for him, and besides, his vocal chords are exhausted. Hesitantly, Agley removes his hand from Guybrush's mouth, glances at it for a second, then wipes the blood transferred from Guybrush's mouth to his hand off on his shirt. While Agley cleans himself up, Guybrush briefly considers what has occurred. For a moment, he hasn't the faintest idea of why he has been subjected to the ordeal, save for the obvious fact that Lechuck is a
twisted, sadistic being who takes pleasure from his pain, but that couldn't be the real reason, as Lechuck would have surely caused him a lot more pain if that were the case. Slowly, a terribly logical solution comes to
Guybrush, as he thinks about what has been done to him in the past ten minutes, and puts the pieces of the puzzle together. As the slow realisation of the situation finally fully dawns on Guybrush, he suddenly feels sick to the stomach, and swallows, trying to suppress the dreadful feeling.

He assumes as relaxed and composed a demeanour as he can muster, although his voice still shakes with fear, and inquires, "Say, this wouldn't have anything to do with voo-doooh.." His voice trails off into a soft, low moan towards the end of his question as Largo confirms his fears, revealing a small doll, an exact replica of Guybrush, from behind his back. He feels the blood drain slowly from his face as the full horror of what
tortures are likely to come sinks in.

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