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Monkey Island 5 - Operation Guybrush.
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Chapter 1: A (partially) unexpected encounter.

In the midst of a tropical Caribbean storm on the edge of the now rowdy, pirate inhabited and tourist free ("thank goodness" breathed Guybrush) Melee island, our hapless hero Guybrush Threepwood, fresh from a "romantic cruise holiday" (in reality, an action packed tour of the seven seas, during which Guybrush's pirating sprit rather overexcited him, as he kept attempting to pick fights, and more often than not, Elaine had to dash hastily up from the Galley to rescue him!) writes in his ancient diary.

"Dear diary (or journal, log, memoirs, whatever you want to call it!), I am a changed man. Content that Le Chuck has quit this mortal coil (hang on, he never was mortal anyway, was he? Oh, well, never mind, who cares!), I've decided to put my pirating skills to better use, doing something that would benefit whole communities, to forget about the possibility of impending doom and misfortune (hey, I've not been the luckiest of males!) and to just live my life to the full. Oh, and to give my little snuggle bunny the love she deserves, all the time. I've had a change of image too, for the ponytail that had adorned my beautiful head for years has gone. I must admit that I hacked it all off on impulse, remembering a certain Captain Rottingham's harsh yet true words regarding my hairstyle being "last year" (such a cliché
comment), and besides, Elaine's been moaning at me for weeks about my hair, and on the morning before I had it cut, she said "Guybrush, please do go through with this, for me, for us, because I'm frankly appalled by the state you've let your hair get into. I mean, it's congealed with grease, and far too long for comfort. And honey, it'll also be much easier to wash, and you probably won't even need to use conditioner! Plus, you're getting some really strange women, if you can call them women, coming onto you, looking like THAT. In fact, I'm not even sure they WERE women! "

Well, it looks pretty good (it's still fairly long, about shoulder length), I've defeated the zombie pirate LeChuck four times, so he couldn't possibly come back, I've got a delightful, if slightly pushy wife (I just hope she doesn't read this!), and (thank goodness) have been having no more odd folks trying to chat me up! Yep, life doesn't get any better than this." He leans back in his chair, arms folded, content with the world and at peace with himself.

Meanwhile, on monkey island, a shifty character with a shock of jet black greasy hair slicked back from his forehead, loose green trousers, ripped at the knees and covered in grime, and a large scar across his left eye staggers unsteadily, perhaps even nervously, towards Big Whoop. As he does so, deep beneath Monkey Island, in the fiery pits of molten lava known as Big Whoop, a wispy, powerless ghost of LeChuck, left in that form by the sheer force of the explosion that rocketed him to the place in which he raised his undead army, and almost captured Guybrush, seethes silently as he ponders his situation. "Argh, I have the perfect plan to make Elaine mine, kidnap Guybrush (he spits the name "Guybrush" vindictively, as though sucking on a lemon) hold him captive here, lure Elaine to him, make Guybrush my undead servant and Elaine my wife.. ahhh, Elaine, soon you will be with me, the one who truly loves you, through thick and thin, my darling, you shall join me in the fiery pits of hell., but there's just one problem."

Lechuck forcefully thrusts his chest out and spirals up towards the entrance to Big Whoop. "I'M NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH!!!!!!!!ARGGGHHHH" he bellows in his most powerful voice. Suddenly, a dark shadow is cast over Big Whoop, and Lechuck glances up sharply to see. "LARGO??!! But how. and WHY!" Lechuck cried, out of surprise and shock from seeing his old right hand man, whom everyone assumed had died in the blast as his fortress exploded all those years ago. Largo shifts, slightly uneasily, in the presence of Lechuck, never quite forgetting his former volatile relationship with him.
He clears his throat nervously. "How, well, believe it or not, I was thrown clear in that explosion, the only lasting damage I sustained was this.." he runs his fingers over the scar. " A piece of brick, or metal, lodged itself in my eye as the fortress exploded. As for why, um, gee, I.. uh.I think I may have the solution to your problem sir" Largo ventures.

Lechuck gathers his motley crew of his undead, reincarnated after all those years without them, around him. " Finally, fate has worked well for me, Guybrush will get his comeuppance, and I shall have my dear Elaine! Oh, yeah, and Largo contributed, just a bit mind. Most of it was down to me!"
"What must we do?" asks a soldier, a little anxious at Lechuck's sudden optimism. "For the moment, just supervise Largo and see he delivers Guybrush to me, alive, and he absolutely MUST be alive." instructs Lechuck. "Um, sir.." A nervous, new addition to the army squeaks. "WHAT" shouts Lechuck, although he is merely trying to intimidate the recent arrival. "Well, we were wondering. exactly what the plan is." He stutters, averting his eyes from Lechuck. "Aye, you'll find out soon. But let's just say, this is the ultimate revenge for the ultimate insult." whispers Lechuck softly.

"Ahhhaaaahaaaahaaabwwhaaaaa" he laughs wildly, knowing the plan and certain that Elaine will finally be his. "OH, and WHERE'S Agley??" Lechuck demands to know where his new servant/ advisor is, and Agley creeps out of the shadows. Slick and slimy, he is the only member of Lechuck's evil minions who is actually alive, and one of the lucky few unafraid of Lechuck. "Yes sir?" "Ahem, as you're so good with your hands." (Lechuck's undead begin to snigger) "NOT in THAT way, you perverse moronic serfs! SHUTUP!!!!! Ah, heh, anyway, back to your task. I want you to build two cages to suspend over the portal, one made of finest porcelain, one of pure gold. Each must be large enough to hold a man, but impossible to escape from." "Uh, of course sir, I'll get right on it." Replies Agley, silently thinking what Lechuck wants with the cages, but knowing better than to ask.

Back on the Sea Cucumber (it really is amazing how long that boat has lasted!), Guybrush relaxes and pauses a moment from writing in his log, reflecting on how his life has changed dramatically, when the door to his room suddenly begins to shake and bounce, the sound of multiple fists and weapons reverberating upon it. Guybrush, rises, a little hesitantly, clears his throat and says "Hello? Who's there? Uh, helllooooo?" Suddenly, the door is battered down by the horde of skeletal warriors, and, leading the group, "Largo?!" Guybrush gasps, completely horror-struck by the sinister implications of Largo's sudden appearance on his own boat, for although Guybrush is sometimes rather naïve, something about this whole affair makes him feel very nervous (perhaps it was the memory of being dangled upside down over a bridge and robbed that really sets his nerves jangling) but his piratey instinct tells him "Be afraid, be very afraid". "Aye, tis I" snarls Largo. "And you are coming with us" A sudden throb of adrenaline and testosterone surges through Guybrush and he tries to put up a fight. "Uh, yeah, well, what if I don't?! Who's gonna make me, you big old bed wetting doody head?" Largo instantly, instinctively, draws his sword, a dangerous, mad glitter in his piggy eyes, and then pauses.

Lechuck wants Guybrush alive, so running him through to shut him up wouldn't be an option. Or would it? Guybrush has absolutely no idea of Lechuck's demands, or even if Lechuck still exists. Maybe if he had a sword (or several) at his throat, he might be convinced, and perhaps may even go quietly. "Alright, Threewood, you asked for it, cos boy, am I mad now!" Largo growls threateningly, then clicks his fingers and, in an instant, Guybrush is surrounded by numerous undead warriors, all wielding swords that point directly at him. Guybrush gulps, and then screamed "epp..Ahhhh, ahhhhhh, Elaine, Elaine, ahhhhh, ahhhhh, I'm hyperventilating!!! ELAINE HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!", as Largo grabs him and hauls him towards the waiting cargo ship filled with porcelain.

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