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Black-beard and the magic helmet
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Chapter two: The trip to Monkey Island

Guybrush’s ship was floating nicely on the sea. Granny Jo was holding her cat , little Andrew was playing with his bird and Faraway Jim was sleeping. All this while Guybrush was studying a map of the Carribean Sea.
„If I could only read this map right, we will surely arrive on Monkey Island in no time!”he said.
Suddenly, a huge explosion shook the ship.
Guybrush ran to the deck.
„Andrew! Are you playing again with the cannons?”
„Not me! I think someone is shooting at us!”
„Don’t be ridicu--<>Hey! You’re right!”
„Who is making all that wracket?!”asked Jim as he woke up.
„Look, sonny, pirates!”
„Oh my!”
A huge pirate ship was heading towards them.
„We must fight them! Granny Jo, load up the cannons!”
„No, can’t do, sonny! I lost my soul! I gotta fiind her!”
„We’ll all lose our heads if nobody cooperates!”
„That’s the spirit Grampa! Help me out here!”
„What? No! Sorry, nephew. I’ve got to have some more sleep. Maybe later!”said Jim as he fell asleep.
„I’ll help you, Guybrush!”said Andrew.
„Really? Thanks!”
„I’ll distract them! Hey you stupid pirates! We’re over there!There’s nobody on this ship!”yelled Andrew.
A cannonball was fired in the direction that Andrew showed: Up.
„See? I told you I’ll help!”
Then, the cannonball banged Guybrush on the head. Guybrush, fell in the sea, uncounsciousnouss.
A few minutes later he found himself on the pirates ship, tied to the mast.
„Dargh! We want yer treasure, boy!”said a pirate.
„Where is it?”asked another one.
„Oh, I’m doomed!”said Guybrush.
„Where do you keep your treasure?”
„Listen, I don’t have any treasure. I barely have some rotten biscuits!”
„You won’t fool us with that!Tell us or you will be cut to ribbons!!!”
<>”Can I say just one more thing?”
Just then all the pirates turned away from Guybrush because they heard a weird yell:
Granny Jo, Faraway Jim and little Andrew jumped on the pirates ship. Granny Jo was using her umbrella as a weapon.
„Hold it!”she yelled to a pirate.” Where did you put her? Where is she?”
„What are you talking about?”
„So, you won’t talk, eh?”<>
„Now”she said, talking to another pirate.”You’d better tell me where is she!”
„Fine! Have it your way!”<>
Meanwhile, Grampa Jim was realeasing Guybrush.
„Thanks, Grampa!”
„No problem, nephew!”
„Umm…Grampa…What’s your weapon?”
„Hmm…Oh! I know! In this sheath I used to keep a mighty sword, but now I have a stronger weapon.Look!”said Jim showing a bottle to Guybrush.
„Rum! A bottle of rum!”
„Rum? Your weapon is a bottle of rum?!How do you use it?”
„Like this:<><><> Ah! Now I feel like I could beat some pirates!”
„But how are you gonna beat them with a bottle?!”
„I also have my cane! Look! I’ll show you”

Jim turned to a angry pirate.
„Oh! I’m so old. I can’t move! Oh, please don’t hit me mr. Pirate, sir! I’m so old and I might break my bones.”
„Oh! You can’t move? Then I’ll come to you!”said the pirate, happy that he could beat at least one of the enemyes.
„Oh, thank you my good boy!”<><><>
„See? Easy!”
„Hey, Grampa!”said little Andrew.”Can I beat the last one?Please!?
„Of course!”
„Hey, Granny Jo!”
„Yes sonny?”
„I want to thank you for coming to save me!”
„But we didn’t know you were here!”
„Then why did you attack the ship?”
„Didn’t I tell you that I lost Quarellsome? I came to ask the pirates in a gently way if they kidnapped her. Fortunatley I found her! She was on our ship all along!”
After they got reed of the pirates, Guybrush, Granny Jo, Grampa Jim and Andrew took the pirates supplies and headed to Monkey Island.Granny Jo found a rocking chair which was creeking horibly.She usually sat on it petting her cat, Quarellsome.
Guybrush tryed to talk to Granny Jo in a nice way and tryed to convince her that the creeking was very annoying.
„Sonny, I told you that I like this rocking chair, and my little soul likes it to!”
„But I don’t like it!”
„That’s not my problem, sonny! My little, little soul likes it!”
„I’ll throw your little, little soul overboard!”
„Don’t you dare do that!”
Granny Jo’s pink umbrella made Guybrush reconsider.

„Hey, Guybrush?”asked Andrew
„Yes, Andrew?”
„Why is your name <>?”
„Because that’s my name!”
„Well, I want a cool name like that! I think I’ll name myself after you: Toothbrush!”
„You can’t choose a name like that!”
„But I wanna!”
„Allright! Hey, Grampa!”
„What is it, nephew?”
„When will we get to Monkey Island?”
„In a couple of hours.Oh! I almost forgot! I changed the route because it would have taken a lot of time!”
„That’s great! In which direction?”
„ We are heading into that foggy sky! Nothing special!”
„Ok, then!”
Guybrush’s ship was cutting it’s way through the angry waves.
„You said it was nothing special!!!”
„Well how should I know that we were heading into a storm?!”
„My, sonny, what’s hapening?”
„Where in the middle of a storm and you ask what’s hapening?!?!”said Guybrush, trying to hold hymself by the mast.
„Ooh! Big storm, sonny!”said Granny Jo while her rocking chair was slipping on the deck.
„We must keep our course for Monkey Island!”
Suddenly, the ship crashed into the rocky beach of Monkey Island.

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