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Black-beard and the magic helmet
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Chapter one: The crew

It was a sunny day.Guybrush was sitting in The Scumm Bar drinking his grog. Finaly, after all his adventures he could relax a bit. As he gazed at the window he suddenly realised that a weird man was calling him.
„Mr. Threepwood!Mr. Threepwood!”
It was the lookout man from Monkey 1… um…Guybrush’s first adventure. Guybrush, after paying for his grog, went outside.
„Yes?Is something wrong?”
„Oh!Mr. Threepwood!Thank Goodness I found you!You must go at once at the Voodoo Lady’s house!She says it’s urgent!”
Guybrush, confused, went to see the Voodoo Lady.He entered her house. Everything was dark except for a glowing kettle.
„Ah, great!You have come!Quick, Guybrush, there’s no time to spare!”
„Allright, but…”
„You wish to know what hapened, right?”
„Good guess!”
„Well, for a couple of days I’ve been having some strange dreams. My senses predict that they will come true”
„You ask yourself what kind of dreams…Well, I’ve had three dreams:
The first dream showed that the pirate Black-Beard got from a strange wizard named Zurgol a magic helmet. The wizard said that the magic helmet can only be used on the top of Doom Mountain, but he didn’t say on which island.I think it’s on Monkey Island.
The second dream showed a group of three people near you in a ship.They were helping you. I couldn’t see their faces but I know that you will meet them soon.
The third dream was very foggy. I could only see a silhouette that looked like Black-Beard, and other silhouettes that I could’n figure aut who they are. A white glow invaded the sky and I heard a scream, then everything went black!”
„Wow! And you think that Black-beard will take that magic helmet and use it?”asked Guybrush.
„Yes! You must get a crew and fiind LeChuck before he uses that helmet!”
Guybrush went to the docks where he hoped that he will fiind at least a small boat, but he found something much worse.
„Howdy!”said a voice behind him.

„Yep! It’s me! Guybrush, my old buddy! I haven’t seen you since you last came to Jambalaya Island!”
„Oh, no!”
„So, do you need a ship? I could get you one for a good price! Only at STAN’S PREVIOUSLY OWNED SHIPS!”
„Do you have a good ship? Not like the last one you sold me!”
„Sure! Anything at Stan’s!”
„O.K.! How much?”asked Guybrush.
„ Well…..about 5000 pieces o’ eight”replied Stan.
„Allright! Here!”said Guybrush, giving the money to Stan.
„You just gave me 5000 pieces o’ eight!”
„Yeah, so?”
„No one has ever been so kind to me! Well…almost no one. There was a guy on this island who a few years ago, when I was selling good used ships, he payed me with the storekeeper’s money in a check. When I tried to get the money, the storekeeper kicked me out and took my check. I can’t remember exactly that guy’s name, but I think it was Garfield Thriftweed.”
„Oh! Er… I’m sorry to hear that!”
„Well, good luck in your journey!”said Stan as he walked away.
Guybrush stood there for a bit, happy that he got a ship. He was wondering where he could get a crew when suddenly he heard a scream.
„Help! Oh, go away! How dare you attack an old lady!Help!”
Guybrush ran to save the old lady, but when he got there he stoped watching the most strangely scene of his life. An old lady ,armed with a pink umbrella, was hitting three pirates who were lying on the groud uncounsciousnouss.
„How dare you<> attack an unsuspecting <> helpless <> little old lady!!! <> <> <>.”
„Umm…er….excuse me?”
„Yes, sonny.What is it?”
„I heard a poor unsuspecting helpless little old lady screming for help.”
„That’s me ,sonny! These pirates are attacking me and….oh!….what hapened?”asked the old lady who looked at the pirates and after that at Guybrush.
„You saved me, sonny!!!Thank you!”
„Now, wait!There’s a misunderstanding here! I just came here and…”
„You saved me! From now on I shall take care of you, sonny!I’ll be your nanny!”
„Stop calling me that! And I don’t need a nanny!”said Guybrush half scared and half angry.
„Of course you do! You need someone to take care of your ship!”
Guybrush thought that a housekeeper would keep his ship clean, he agreed so he got one of the three men for his crew! As they walked to the ship Guybrush started talking with the old lady.
„What’s your name?”
„Granny Jo.”
„Joe?Your name is Joe?”
„Not Joe! Jo!”
„Oh! Listen I will go on a long yourney so ,if you don’t want to come with me ,it’s allright!”
„No, sonny. I’ll go with you everywere!”
„That’s what I’m afraid of!”
After Guybrush found his first mate, Granny Jo, he went to the Scumm Bar to seek the last two people for his crew. He entered the bar ,when he saw at a table an old man in a wheel chair with a kid. He walked to them when he was flung to the ground. The kid jumped on him.
„Big brother! I missed you so much!”said the child.
„What are you talking about? Get off!”said Guybrush trying to push him.
The old man came quick and took the kid in his arms.
„I’m really sorry, sir……but….wait!….you’re…..Guybrush!”
„Guybrush Threepwood! It’s been a long time, nephew!”
„Now how did you….umm…wait!…hold on!..did you just called me „ nephew”? You must confusing me with someone else!”
„How can I, when I know you since you were 2 years old!Your father was my son!”
„But that means….”
„Yes! I am your grandfather!”
„Noooo! That’s imposible!!!Oh…wait….you’re right!And who is this kid?”
„He is from your mother’s father’s grandmother’s part of the family! Your mother’s father’s grandmother was married with your mother’s father’s grandfather ,but he was married before with your father’s mother’s grandmother, who was married in reality with your father’s mother’s grandfather, and when he found aut he married your father’s mother’s grandmother, he divorced, but before that he had a child with your father’s mother’s grandmother, and that child was your father’s mother’s grandmother’s and grandfather’s child ,who made a family with his wife who was your father’s mother’s grandmother’s and grandfather’s daughter-in-law.Their family had a son who was married with you mother and had a baby who is your brother.Your mother died after that.Now do you understand?”
„Ummm…no.”said Guybrush, confused.
„He is your step brother!”
„Oh.Er..sorry to say goodbye so soon but I need to go in a mission, so…ah….bye!”said Guybrush, running out the door.
„Wait!”said the old man”We’ll come with you!”
„No, really, it’s not necesary!”
„Of course it is!”
Guybrush had to get a crew and leave the island fast, so, he agreed.
„What’s your name?”asked Guybrush.
„Old Jim, but my friends call me Faraway Jim ,but I’m also called Faraway Old Uncle Jim or Uncle Jim, or…”
„OK!Stop!I got the point! And your name is?”asked Guybrush looking at the kid.
„Well, my name’s Andrew and I’m seven years old!”
„Ok! We are going to my ship to set sail!”
„That’s great!”
„So, where are we going, nephew?”
„We’re going to stop Black-Beard from using a magic helmet!”
„But we haven’t pack, yet!”
„Don’t worry! As soon as we get to the dock, we will make a list with all that’s necesary to take with us!”
Guybrush, Granny Jo, Faraway Jim and Andrew started making the list with the necesary things to take with them.
„We must buy some food.”said Guybrush, writting down on a paper.
„I’ll bring my umbrella, sonny!”said Granny Jo.
„You don’t need an umbrella on the sea!”
„Oh, yes I do! It’s my umbrella!”
„Allright! We also need water!”
„And my cane, nephew!”said Faraway Jim.
„You don’t need a cane on a ship!”
„I want my cane! I want it I want it I want it!!!”
„FINE!” said Guybrush exasperated.”I could use some cooperation!”
„Patient you be!Reward you will get!”said Jim
„ Great! Now you’re starting to talk like Master Yoda!”
„It’s allright, sonny! I’ll bring my soul!”said Granny Jo.
„Thank you!”said Guybrush, deeply moved.”Now who will go and buy the needed stuff?”
„Me! Me!”said Andrew
„Does anyone else want to go?”said Guybrush who didn’t like the idea of a kid buying the supplies.No one volunteered.”Ok. You can go! Here! Take the money and come quick!”
Little Andrew ran to the shop. After a few minutes they set sail.
Grampa Jim came to Guybrush.
„I have a great idea, nephew! I’ll be your cook! I’ve made this biscuits. Here, have a bite!”
Guybrush ate the biscuit and spit it out.
„Yuch! PATOOIE! Mould!”
Granny Jo gave Guybrush a glass of water.
„There! Now you feel better! Look! I’ve brought my soul with me!”she said, showing to Guybrush a big, furry, grey cat.
„What’s THIS?!”

„It’s my soul! My little, little soul! Her name is Quarrelsome! Ain’t she the sweetest?”
„What is a CAT doing on my SHIP?!?!”
„You said I could bring her! Don’t you try to throw her overboard!”said Granny Jo pointing the umbrella at Guybrush.
„I’m going to make a sandwich. Hey! Andrew!”
„Yes, Guybrush?”
„Where did you put the food?”
„I couldn’t fiind any so I got this cool talking bird!See?”
„YOU did WHAT?”
„Pretty neat, huh?”
„<> I can’t believe this is hapening to me!”
And so Guybrush begins his most hard adventure of them all

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