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The Death-controller of Monkey Island
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The Death-controller of Monkey Island

Somewhere in the Caribbean sea, somewhere in the Tri-Island Area… Guybrush sat in the Crow’s nest and watched the view. He wrote in his diary.
Guybrush: “Captain’s log. Guybrush Threepwood. It’s not easy to understand that these things have actually have happened. I wanted to be a pirate and now I am a one. Thanks to that I learned how to fling insults…”
Guybrush had a flashback in his head when he had Insult Sword-fighting with a couple of pirates and won over them. Then about winning over Carla the swords-master of Mêlée Island and beating of Captain Rottingham.
Guybrush: “… To find and dig up treasures…”
Guybrush thought about when he found the Treasure of Mêlée Island, Big Whoop and that he got the Diamond Ring from the smugglers of Skull Island.
Guybrush “… And for stealing.”
Guybrush thought about when he stole the Idol of Many Hands, a credit-card, a banana, a wooden hand, a monocle, wooden nickels, plus dozens of other things that I haven’t time to write down.
Guybrush:” Being a pirate have led me to a lot’s of things. Like how I got in love with and got married with Elaine Marley, governor of Mêlée Island…”
Guybrush thought about all the time he have been with Elaine like being punched by Elaine, rescue her, charming her, kissed her and when he married her.
Guybrush:”…Which have led me to fights and battles with my most hated enemies, the Demon-Zombie-Ghost-Pirate LeChuck and kicked his dead butt…”
Guybrush had now a flashback all the times he battled LeChuck and killed him four times. First Guybrush sprayed LeChuck with Root-beer, then he fired a canon that caused LeChuck to drop a Voodoo-cannonball which exploded right before him, then when he threw pepper at LeChuck to make him sneeze at a bomb that caused a ice-berg to bury him and finally when Guybrush DRAW LeChuck in Monkey Kombat so he destroyed the Ultimate Insult which made a gigantically explosion that totally destroyed him.
Guybrush:”…And all of those times when I got new friends, new enemies and visited Monkey Island.”
Guybrush first thought about the Voodoo-lady, Murray, Wally, Haggis, Edward, Cutthroat Bill, H T Marley and the other friends. Then he thought about his nemeses like Captain Rottingham, Largo LaGrande, King André, Cruff, Dinghy Dog™, the skeleton-pirates, Pegnose Pete and Ozzie Mandrill. And then he thought about the times he have spend on Monkey Island.
Guybrush: ”Isn’t that weird? Sometimes I think that my wit is duller than my sword…”
Elaine: Guybrush!
Guybrush stopped writing, rose up and looked down to see Elaine calling him.
Guybrush: Um… Yes dear?
Elaine: The lunch is ready!
Guybrush: Coming!
Guybrush grabbed a rope that was tied to the other mast and swung it like Tarzan.
Guybrush: (In Tarzan voice) Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
Elaine: Guybrush! Watch out for that…!
But too late. Before Guybrush could react he crashed into the other mast.
Guybrush glided down to the deck and fell backwards.
Elaine: Guybrush, are you OK?
Guybrush: I’m Bobbin´ Threadbare. Are you my mother?
Elaine: He’s OK. Come my dear. Let’s have some BBQ Spareribs.
Guybrush rose up and walked to he cabin with his lover. Meanwhile on Mêlée Island. At the place where LeChuck where destroyed last time came two men with some skeleton-like cloths at the crater.
Skull-man 1: Hey, look!
Skull-man 2: What’s that?
Skull-man 1: Seems like there were a explosion here.
Skull-man 2: Well, look here. There are some ashes here.
Skull-man 1: Probably human-ashes. And brimstone?
Skull-man 2: Brimstone? It’s even more odd than the stench.
Skull-man 1: It’s smells like a rotting corpse.
Skull-man 2: And some Australian guy. P-U!
Skull-man 1: Should we take some ash and brimstone and use some voodoo-magic on them?
Skull-man 2: Yes! With these can we, the Skull-men™ take over the world!
Skull-man 1 and 2: Mwa-hahaha!!!
The Skull-men™ collected some ash and brimstone from the place and then they sneaked away. Back to Guybrush’s ship. Guybrush stood at ship’s front with Elaine and Timmy the monkey and watched view.
Guybrush: My plunder-bunny, what do you want to do when we get to Scabb Island?
Elaine: I don’t really know. How ‘bout you?
Guybrush: First I’m going to go visit Wally to see how he’s doing. Then I want to go to Bloody Lip Bar to get some grog and see if that Flying Welshman got the job as a chef. Then I’m going…
BOOM! Guybrush, Elaine and Timmy reacted when they heard the boom.
Look-out: Ship ahoy!
Elaine: Where?
Look-out: At starboard side!
Guybrush, Elaine and Timmy ran to the starboard side looked out and they saw luxurious ship with a French flag.
Guybrush: I know who’s ship it is. Its Captain Rottingham!
The ship came closer to Guybrush’s ship.
Guybrush: All men on deck!
Guybrush and Elaine’s crew came up on deck with swords and guns ready. Captain Rottingham came to his port side on the deck and gave a evil smile to Guybrush.
Rottingham: Well, well. If it isn’t Monsieur Tweephood.
Guybrush: That’s THREEPWOOD! What do you want? A new toupee?
Rottingham: No! Don’t you see my new haircut? Anyway, I want revenge for what ye have done to me.
Captain Rottingham swung in a rope to Guybrush’s ship and pulled out his sword.
Guybrush: A re-match in Insult Sword-fighting?
Rottingham: You bet, Monsieur Creepsnot.
Guybrush: Stop doing that! I’m Guybrush Threepwood, the Mighty pirate that have killed the Demon-Zombie-Ghost-Pirate LeChuck Four times!
Rottingham: Ha!
Guybrush: I’m serious as scurvy, ye stinking bucket o´ cheese! I’m starting! Your mother wears a toupee.
Rottingham: Oh, that is so cliché.
Rottingham forced Guybrush backwards as they swung their swords.
Rottingham: I hope that you have a testament to sign on!
Guybrush thought to himself “That insult seems so familiar. Think what thread will be.”
Guybrush: Why? Do you want to borrow one?
Guybrush forced Rottingham back and thought to himself “Now, let’s try my own insult!”
Guybrush: Your so ugly that mirrors cracks when you look at them.
Rottingham: I never have heard of that insult!
Guybrush forced Rottingham back. Guybrush looked at Rottingham with a cool smile and with look in the eyes that would say “Watch me make you loose, you maroon!”
Guybrush: Hey! Look over there!
Rottingham: Yeah, yeah! I know, it’s a three-headed monkey.
Guybrush: What? How did you know?
Rottingham: I have trained hard to win against you Bushguy!
Guybrush: Guybrush, G U Y B R U S H!
Rottingham: Whatever. I have a bone to pick out with you.
Guybrush: Um… But not before I crack your skull?
Rottingham forced backwards and his sword glided out of his hand and fell into the water.
Rottingham: Sacre blue! I cannot believe it! I have been defeated in battle! Again!
Guybrush: Now give me all your money, take your ship N crew and scedadle!
Rottingham: You win! You win! You can have my booty.
Guybrush: You were doomed from the start, you kleptomaniac!
Rottingham: All right, all right! I give up already.
Guybrush: It’s no wonder you lost a swordfight so unsteady.
Rottingham: Mercy! No more insults! Please!
Guybrush: Your face and smell reminds me about moldy old cheese.
Rottingham: Ahhhhhh!
After that Rottingham and his crew gave away their booty and sailed away, Elaine came to Guybrush and gave him a lovely hug.
Elaine: You are so brave and smart, my muffin-puffin.
Guybrush: My plunder-bunny, I’m swashbuckler, a rough, a wanderer, a guy who can hold his breath in ten minutes…
Elaine: Guybrush, please, stop babbling.
Guybrush: Ok.
Meanwhile on a place called Spooky Island. In a cave-like hideout, the Skull-men™ prepared for the Voodoo-magic which will bring them powers to take over the world and everything in it. The Skull-men™ put the ashes and brimstones on a table.
Skull-man leader: Now let’s bring us the power that will help us…
All Skull-men™: …TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
Skull-man leader: Give me the crystal!
Skull-man 1: Yes, master!
The Skull-man gave the leader a big purple crystal that he placed in a large lens-holder of some sort.
Skull-man leader: Let’s dig it!
The Skull-men™ started to dance some kind of a weird dance, all of them said “Oga-oga chacka” and the leader sang the song in a Björn Skifs voice. Then a great big flash came on the ashes and the brimstone. When the Skull-men™ stopped dancing a big bolt hit the ashes and the brimstone. Then on the table appeared Ozzie Mandrill fully restored and LeChuck who only was bones, ripped clothes and a beard which looked as the same as when he was a ghost-pirate.
Ozzie: What in the name of didgeridoo is this?
LeChuck: Hey, what have happened to me? I’m all bones! Darrrrrr!!
Skull-men™: It’s the fearsome Ghost-pirate LeChuck!
LeChuck: Huh? Who are ye?
Skull-men™: WE ARE THE SKULL-MEN™.
LeChuck: The Skull-men™? Did you bring me back to life?
Skull-man leader: Yes? We found your ashes and brimstones on Mêlée Island. We wanted to take over the world so we took them and used Voodoo-magic on them.
Ozzie: Well, you made a good work to giving me back to life. I’m not a un-dead zombie guy like LeChuck.
LeChuck: Watch ye tongue before I’m going to kill you again.
Skull-man leader: Are you thankful for what we have done?
LeChuck: Yes! You want to take over the world? Then join my crew to do it. But first help me to force Elaine Marley of Mêlée Island to marry me and kill Guybrush Threepwood.
Skull-men™: We agree!
Ozzie: LeChuck, I’m sorry for what I done to you last time. It was my own fault that I got killed.
LeChuck: Sorry isn’t enough, Australian Girly-man.
Ozzie: I will do anything you want. I promise to not blame you or using another Voodoo-curse at you.
LeChuck: Hmm… Well… Ok. This time I’m the boss and you are my assistant.
Skull-man leader: And where do we feature?
LeChuck: Just listen to the teacher. Arr-hahaha-haarr!
Back on Scabb Island Guybrush sat in Bloody Lip bar to enjoy a grog or two.
Guybrush: How is business?
Bartender: It’s great! Since you scared away that pesky Largo LaGrande I have earned a lot of money.
Guybrush: Have there been a mysterious guy in a cloak came here asking for job as a chef?
Bartender: Yes, and he got the job. He’s making wonderful food.
Guybrush: May I please talk to him?
Bartender: Sorry, but not right now. Maybe later.
Guybrush: Can I have a Bloody stump?
Bartender: Sorry, chainsaw’s out of gas. Hahaha!
Guybrush: Just give me my drink, Ok?
Bartender: Hey, jokes are my policy!
Guybrush: Whatever, anything new in town?
Bartender: Well, yes. First they have build a all-night tattoo-parlor, then the hotel have expanded with five more rooms and that inn-keeper have caught in his pet alligator that escaped when you were around.
Guybrush: Anything else?
Bartender: No… Wait a sec! There was some kind of a mysterious guy in a cloak who was holding a scythe and together with him was the Voodoo-lady. They searched for you.
Guybrush: For me? A guy in a cloak with scythe? Creepy! I better check it out. Later.
Bartender: Out.
Guybrush hiked trough Scabb Island and came to a swamp. When Guybrush came there he saw something weird there.
Guybrush: What’s this? A bridge? I never remembered about this. Maybe this will lead to The International House of Mojo.
Guybrush followed the bridge and came to the Voodoo-lady’s place. He went into the house.
Guybrush: Hello? Anybody home?
Guybrush walked to something lift-like thing and saw a stuffed elephant.
Guybrush: It’s a stuffed elephant. I wonder how the Voodoo-lady could move in this heavy thing. Hey, wait a minute! One of the tusks seems to be loose.
Guybrush touched the “seemed-like-to-be-loose” tusk and it went down. Suddenly something came from the elevator-thing. It was the Voodoo-lady in her Voodoo-chair.
Voodoo-lady: Hello Guybrush. I had vision of your arriving.
Guybrush: Hi Voodoo-lady! How is it going?
Voodoo-lady: It’s just good. But there is something strange happening.
Guybrush: Before I say anything else, are you going to read my mind again without letting me ask again?
Voodoo-lady: No, not this time.
Guybrush: That bartender told me you were searched for me. What do you want me?
Voodoo-lady: I needed you to come here for I have message for you?
Guybrush: That Elaine and I are going to be parents?
Guybrush gave a big happy smile until the Voodoo-lady told the answer.
Voodoo-lady: No, I have bad news for you.
Guybrush: Don’t tell me that LeChuck is alive again.
Voodoo-lady: He is alive again but the most important thing is that you are going to a great journey were you getting trough the worlds of Living and Death.
Guybrush: Does it mean that I am going to die?
Voodoo-lady: It’s not clearly but a fully doubt it.
Guybrush: Phew! Say, who is that guy the bartender talked about?
Voodoo-lady: Oh, HIM. I’ll introduce him to you. Excuse me, Mr. Calavera.
Suddenly a guy in a cloak came in to the room and walked to the Voodoo-lady.
Manny: Yes, Sheila?
Guybrush: Sheila? Is that your REAL name?
Voodoo-lady: Only here on Scabb Island. You know that I have many names on many islands. Soon my real name will be revealed. Guybrush Threepwood, this is Manny Calavera.
Guybrush: Um, Hi.
Manny: Hola, Guybrush. Como estas?
The guy in the cloak took of his hood and it was Manuel “Manny” Calavera (Yes, from Grim Fandango). Guybrush jumped at surprise when he saw that Manny was a skeleton in a suit.
Guybrush: Yikes!
Manny: Don’t worry, Mr. Threepwood! I’m not here to hurt you.
Guybrush: Worry, Mr. Threepwood! I’m here to hurt you. Ha! Just kidding!
Manny: Hijolé!
Guybrush: I don’t want to be impolite but are you DEAD?
Manny: Yes.
Guybrush: Wait a minute! Didn’t I saw you at Blondbeard’s Chicken Shoppe on Plunder Island with a button that said “Ask me about Grim Fandango”?
Manny: I wish you didn’t mention it. If I ever get my bony hands on that chicken-seller I’ll make sure that he’ll get a long walk to the Ninth Underworld.
Guybrush: Long walk? Ninth Underworld? What are you talking about?
Manny: It’s a long story, amigo. I’ll tell you later.
Guybrush: Ok, Sheila or Voodoo-lady whatever, what are we going to do?
Voodoo-lady: You must find an ancient treasure of the ancient sages of Mojo. It can uses the power of life and death. If it uses by the Right hands it can be used for good.
Guybrush: Awesome! Let’s go, Manny!
Voodoo-lady: I’m not finished. If it uses by the Wrong hands something horrible can happen.
Guybrush: Wrong hands like LeChuck’s?
Voodoo-lady: Yes.
Guybrush: Should I tell Elaine about this? She would be mad if just run away.
Voodoo-lady: You better, but beware of that beyond your travel… she will get into great trouble.
Guybrush: Any more warnings or clues before I’m going?
Voodoo-lady: I have this only clue left. “When skeleton attacking you use the flower of death to put them into the eternal rest.”
Guybrush: What is THAT suppose to mean?
Voodoo-lady: I’m not for sure but you however find it in the world of Death.
Guybrush: Ok, I should be going now.
Voodoo-lady: If you need my help I will be in any International House of Mojo.
The lift went up into the hole in the roof again. Guybrush looked at Manny.
Guybrush: Shall we get going?
Manny: Yes, carnal.
Guybrush and Manny walked out through the Voodoo-house and went to Woodtick town. Guybrush and Manny went to the ship were Elaine waited for Guybrush.
Guybrush: How’s shopping, love?
Elaine: Oh, it was so great. Where have you been? What took you so long time?
Guybrush: Sorry. I will let Manny explain it.
Manny: Buenos dias!
Elaine: Gasp!
Guybrush: It’s okay! He may be a living dead but he’s nice.
Elaine: Oh, thank goodness. He almost scared me to death.
Manny: If I still have got my job as a salesman, maybe you would be a fine customer but on the other hand, the company would frame me for scaring living to death.
Elaine: What?
Manny: Oh! Never mind.
Elaine: Guybrush, what’s going on?
Guybrush: Well, I have got an important adventure to do. Together with you, the crew and Mr. Calavera are going to find something called the ancient treasure of the ancient sages of Mojo. And also some bad news. Um… LeChuck is alive again.
Elaine: But how? I saw him exploded.
Guybrush: I don’t know really. Let’s get going.
Manny: Oh yes! Wait, I need to do a couple of things before I can come with you. See you in a shack, Mac.
Guybrush: See you in a oney, boney.
Manny brought a skull-like staff-like thingy and disappeared in a flash. Meanwhile out of the coast of Monkey Island. LeChuck, Ozzie Mandrill and the Skull-man ™ were in a ship that was on it’s way to Monkey Island to begin the plan to take over the world, get Elaine’s hand in marriage and kill Guybrush.
Skull-man 2: What a great plan! It wasn’t so bad to take those Brimstones and ashes after all.
Skull-man 1: Yeah!
Skull-man 2: We’ll take over the world!
Skull-man 1: Yes!
Skull-man 2: Where would you like to be a master of?
Skull-man 1: Hmm… Never have thinking about that. How about you?
Skull-man 2: Well, I would like to be living as a king of Blood Island.
Skull-man 1: Is it because of the Goodsoup Hotel and Casino?
Skull-man 2: Not only that. The cannibals there have wonderful feasts.
At the same time in the captain’s room. LeChuck and Ozzie Mandrill have a little chitchat with the Skull-man leader.
LeChuck: So can you bring ghosts that have been killed?
Skull-man leader: We used to have a voodoo-spell like that but we have lost it a long time ago.
LeChuck: In anyway get using it because I need a lots of undead skeleton-pirates to fulfill my plan. But How shall I take over the world without letting Guybrush Threepwood getting in the way and killing me somehow again?
Ozzie: Maybe if we create a giant golden man, a giant silver monkey head, a giant bronze hat and a giant gubernatorial of Mêlée Island to make the worlds biggest Ultimate Insult to Insult every good guy in the world! Hahaha!
LeChuck: I don’t think that is really going to work infallible. We need something more powerful.
Skull-man leader: Oh mighty Captain LeChuck, we the Skull-men™ have the answer.
LeChuck: Really? What this going to be?
Skull-man leader: It’s an ancient Voodoo treasure that can use the powers… OF THE LIVING! And… DEATH!
LeChuck: That’s it! Do ye have it?
Skull-man leader: No but we have a legend passed through the generations of the Skull-men™ that says how to get the treasure.
LeChuck: Get that legend so we can start the plan! And Lot’s ‘o meat with lot’s of SLAW!
Skull-man leader: Yes, Mighty Captain LeChuck!
Back on Scabb Island. Another flash appeared and a rod-show car with Manny and large orange bear-like demon came.
Guybrush: Is that you, Manny?
Manny: We ready to go. I couldn’t leave my best friend in the Land of the Dead.
Glottis: Nice pirate-ship you have got!
Guybrush: Thanks. (In a James Bond voice) The name’s Threepwood. Guybrush Threepwood.
Glottis: My name’s Glottis. I’m Manny’s driver and companion. Say where can we store the Bone-Wagon on that ship?
Guybrush: “Sigh”. We have a little problem here.
Elaine: Yeah, you’re right. Aren’t that Glottis too heavy for the ship?
Glottis: Pardon me, Mrs. Threepwood but I’m not too heavy for that ship but maybe the Bone-Wagon.
Manny: Don’t worry, Glottis. We’ll bring with us that hot-rod somehow.
About a couple of hours later somewhere in the Caribbean sea Guybrush’s ship sailed with the Bone-Wagon on the ship’s deck and to drop the chances of making the ship sink Guybrush have tied some inflatable rafts on the sides. Guybrush and Manny checked on a map of the WHOLE Tri-Island Area with Mêlée, Monkey, Scabb, Booty, Phatt, Dinky, Plunder, Blood, Skull, Bulky, Lucre, Jambalaya Islands and Nuttin Atoll.
Guybrush: So where are we going?
Manny: I have heard that there will be a mystical voodoo-stick that you can travel between the Worlds of Dead and Living. The Voodoo-lady said it’s was on Plunder Island.
Guybrush: Okay! Wait a minute! How about that stick you had?
Manny: There two kinds of mysterious sticks. The first one (that I have got) only works on the Dead and demons from the Land of the Dead.
Guybrush: And that other works on those who are alive, right?
Manny: Right!
Guybrush: Ok. To Plunder Island! To the infinity… and beyond!
Guybrush, Manny, Elaine, Glottis and Guybrush’s crew sailed to Plunder Island to find the secret Travel stick of Living. Somewhere of the coast of Monkey Island. There came Captain Rottingham’s ship and Captain Rottingham himself was really mad.
Rottingham: Humph! I can’t believe that little weasel for a pirate wanna-be could defeat me again. I wish that I could get my revenge on him!
Suddenly came a ship with skeleton-pirates towards Rottingham’s ship.
Rottingham: What in the name of Eiffel? A ship?
The ship came closer and when the ship came close enough, the Skull-men™ jumped to Rottingham’s ship. Rottingham and his crew armed their selves with swords and guns.
Rottingham: Who are you?
Skull-man leader: We are the Skull-men™! We heard about your loss with Threepwood. So we came to ask if you like to join…
Skull-men™: LeChuck’s crew!
Rottingham: LeChuck? But I thought that he was dead for years.
Skull-men™: But he isn’t!
Skull-man leader: He is alive!
Skull-men™: HE’S ALIVE!!!
Skull-man leader: Nah, shut up!
Skull-man™: Sorry!
Rottingham: So if I join LeChuck’s gang will I get my revenge?
LeChuck: Yes, you will, Rottingham.
Suddenly in a flash came LeChuck. Rottingham just stared surprised at him.
Rottingham: Mon due! It’s LeChuck, the most fearsome pirate of them all!
LeChuck: Aye! But it’s not the first time I’m alive again.
Rottingham: No?
LeChuck: Naw! That Seepgood guy have killed me four times. First when I was a ghost he sprayed root-beer at me…
Rottingham: I have no idea that ghost can be killed. Especially not by root-beer.
LeChuck:… Then he killed me by somehow make my ship shake so I dropped a Voodoo-cannonball that exploded in front of me…
Rottingham: You don’t say!
LeChuck:… Then he threw pepper at me so I sneezed at a bomb so I was buried in tons of ice…
Rottingham: But how did you actually made that bomb explode when you sneezed?
LeChuck: I had flaming beard at that time.
Rottingham: Really?
LeChuck: And then when Ozzie Mandrill used me to kill Guybrush, he insulted me with an Ultimate Insult Monkey-robot and Ozzie made me smash him and the Ultimate Insult so we went Kaboom!
Rottingham: I have hard to believe that story.
LeChuck: But true. I was the Demon-Zombie-Ghost Pirate LeChuck last time. I could turn myself between Demon, Zombie and Ghost forms but somehow I can’t use the powers to change form right now.
Rottingham: That have to be a big shame. What are you going to call yourself now?
Rottingham: I see… But where do I come into act?
LeChuck: You’re going to help me find the Voodoo-treasure that are called “The Hyper Death Power Controller” that is said to be in the world of Death. With it we’ll be taking over the world, kill Guybrush Threepwood and letting me marry Elaine. It’s good to be dead! Hahaha!!!
Rottingham: But isn’t to bad to be alive too?
LeChuck: Maybe so but ye can’t take normal damage when ye dead, can ye?
Rottingham: No, LeChuck, sir.
LeChuck: Come with us now!
Rottingham: Yes, monsieur LeChuck.
Around 3 O’clock at night Guybrush’s ship arrived to Plunder Island. Glottis was fixing the Bone-Wagon a bit to do something because he had to do some kind of work because of his one skill, one purpose, one desire: To Drive, or to change oil and fix timing-belts if no driving jobs are open.
Guybrush: Hey Glottis! How is it going?
Glottis: Just fine, Guybrush. How long is it to Plunder Island?
Guybrush: We are there now.
Elaine and Manny came to Guybrush and Glottis.
Elaine: So here we are. Where are we going now?
Manny: The Voodoo-lady told me that there are somewhere in the swamp of Plunder Island where you can find the Death-traveler.
Guybrush: Ok, let’s go!
Guybrush, Manny, Elaine and Glottis got of board and walked through the island. When they arrived at a cliff not long from the swamp Manny notices a sign that have a snake in triangular and a text that said X-ing.
Manny: What suppose that to mean?
Guybrush: Wait a minute! I know this one. It’s a Snake Crossing sign.
Elaine: But what harm can possibly a snake…?
Without caution a big snake came up and swallowed up Guybrush, Elaine and Manny whole. The snake didn’t it Glottis since he was too big.
Manny: That wasn’t so good.
Guybrush: Easy for you to say. You’re not alive.
Manny: Idiota, even we, the dead can starve too.
Elaine: How should we get out of this giant reptile?
Manny: Glottis! Help us out of here!
Glottis: Ok!
Glottis grabbed the big snake’s head tried to open the mouth but the snake bit him.
Glottis: Ow! Sorry guys!
Guybrush: I think how we can escape from the snake. Glottis! Do you hear me?!
Glottis: Yes!
Guybrush: Try to get in an Ipecac-flower, will you?
Elaine: Guybrush, this isn’t time for planting flowers.
Guybrush: I have got an idea how to get out of here. Does somebody have some syrup?
Manny: For some reason I have a bottle of syrup.
Meanwhile Glottis grabbed an Ipecac-flower and laid it in front of the snake. The snake smelled it with it’s tongue and ate the flower. Inside (from what we can’t see what’s going on) Guybrush put the flower into the syrup, shake it and pour inside the snake. The snake feel the gases from the Ipecac-syrup, burped once and then spat out the trio. Manny and Elaine landed on a safe cliff but Guybrush wasn’t so lucky. He didn’t stuck in a quicksand-pit this time but he got tangled in a patch of vines hanging between the trees.
Guybrush: Phew! Well now I am safe. I knew that we… wouldn’t be… done for. Hey! I’m stuck! Now, how am I going to get out of here?
Elaine: Guybrush! Where are you?
Guybrush: I’m up here, dear!
Elaine: Oh! Are you stuck up there?
Guybrush: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Please, help me out of here!!
Manny: Don’t worry, amigo! We’ll save you.
Guybrush: Somehow, I feel that’s going to take a long time.
Guybrush looked around if there was something that could help him out. He saw a sword that is stuck in the rubber-tree nearby.
Guybrush: Great! That sword is sharp enough to cut me free. If I just can get my arm free.
Guybrush struggled and he succeeded got his right arm free. Then he tried got grab the sword but he almost couldn’t reach it.
Guybrush: I can’t reach it.
Then Guybrush looked above him and saw a stick. He reached his arm to it grab it.
Guybrush: Got it!
Guybrush then pecked the sword with the stick and it came loose. When it fell down it sliced of the vines and Guybrush fell down and bumped into the ground.
Guybrush: Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Of! Ow!
Manny: Estas bien?
Guybrush: Valé!
Elaine: Great that you are safe.
Guybrush: Yeah but my head hurts.
Glottis: Never mind that. You could have been worse.
Guybrush: Anyway, let’s go!
Guybrush picked the sword that slashed of the vines he was tangled in and the four walked through Plunder Island to find the Death Traveler. After a while of walking they heard a voice.
Voice: Hehehe…
Glottis: What was that?
Voice: This is going to be so cool.
Guybrush: Haven’t I heard that voice before?
Suddenly without warning a skull jumped while making a scaring noise.
Murray: BOO! Muahahaha!
Manny: Aie!
Elaine: Aahh!
Glottis: Whoa!
Then the skull fell down to the ground. It was Murray, Guybrush buddy and the demonic skull.
Murray: Ouch! I better quit that or I will break my skull. I’m all skull.
Guybrush: Murray? What are you doing here on Plunder Island?
Murray: Well, I’m here to find something so I can take over the world.
Manny: You know this guy?
Guybrush: Of course! It’s Murray. The says that he is a demonic skull and that he want to take over the world. But I rather think he says that to scare anyone and he likes to scaring people.
Murray: Stop saying that! I AM a… Hey! What do you think you’re…?
Guybrush picked up Murray and put him in his pants.
Elaine: Guybrush, why did you do that?
Guybrush: I thought that he will be a good help.
Murray: I’m not helping you anymore since what you did at the Big Whoop Theme-park. Or rather DIDN’T.
Guybrush: Oh, come on! It’ll be fun.
Murray: Maybe I would bite your leg instead.
Guybrush: If you don’t help me and bite me, I will not helping you getting a new body.
Murray: A new body?
Guybrush: That what you miss out.
Murray: With arm-bone, ribs, hips, leg-bones and everything!
Guybrush: Yep!
Murray: On the other hand (if I had any off course) it’s not a bad idea to help.
Manny: Come on! We have to get that dead-traveler.
Guybrush: Off course.
They walked until they got the north side of the island. There they found a big trail that showed the way to a mysterious looking mansion.
Guybrush: Holy jumping monkeys! That’s a long trail.
Elaine: It will take us hours to reach there.
Glottis: Wait here! I’ll get the Bone Wagon!
Glottis ran back to the docks and about 15 minutes later he came back in the Bone Wagon.
Manny: I think that if we used the Bone Wagon instead of walking then we wouldn’t get in so much trouble.
Murray: Watch your lengua, “amigo”!
Manny: At least I didn’t lost my bones as you, “carnal”.
Guybrush: Are we going to go by THAT?
Manny: It’s much faster that walking.
Glottis: And less tiresome. Get in!
Guybrush and Elaine climbed up in the front seats. Then the Bone Wagon roared up the trail in high speed. Guybrush and Elaine where so scared that they grabbed each other. When they reached the top of the hill Guybrush, Manny and Elaine jumped of the Bone Wagon.
Glottis: How was the ride?
Elaine: I really got scared but it’s was fun otherwise.
Guybrush: That was even better than the Roller-coaster of Death at the Big Whoop Theme park. Let’s go inside and look for the Death-traveler!
Glottis: I’ll stay here and guard the Bone Wagon.
Guybrush, Elaine and Manny walked to the mansion and went inside. The trio came in a big hall. The mansion was deserted and empty. Guybrush looked around and saw three doorways that led to different places of the mansion.
Guybrush: Ok. Let’s split up! Elaine, you going to the right doorway. Manny, you are going to the left. Myself, I’m going straight.
Elaine: Ok.
Manny: Valé, amigo.
Guybrush opened a door and went in. Inside was an empty corridor. Guybrush walked through the corridor. After a while Guybrush saw a door to his right. He opened it and entered the room. It was a living-room. There was a skeleton in a rocking-chair who held a book in his hand.
Guybrush: It’s a skeleton who is holding a book. It’s named secrets of life and death by Don Copal.
Murray: Guybrush, please, may I have that skeleton? Huh? Huh?
Guybrush: I can’t let you have anything until the mission is done.
Murray: PLEASE!
Guybrush: Alright, you could have this skeleton-arm.
Murray: Not bad but I prefer to be more attached.
Guybrush: You know that I can’t get human-rib-bones fit in my pants.
Murray: Ok. It’s doesn’t matter.
Guybrush picked up the book and took the skeleton-arm. He put them into his pants. Then Guybrush looked around in the room.
Guybrush: Nothing more interesting in here.
Guybrush went out from the room and said to himself.
Guybrush: I wonder if there is anything interesting in this book?
Guybrush brought the book about life and death and read it.
Guybrush: Hmm… This is fascinating! It’s says that after that you have died (if you don’t become a ghost like LeChuck) you will be picked up by travel agents that will that you to the Land of the Dead. Then your destiny for the afterlife decides depending on how you led your life. If you lived a good life you get to The Ninth Underworld. If you led a VERY GREAT Life you will go for a ride on The Number Nine, an express-train which will take you the Ninth Underworld in four minutes instead of four years which take the time for other things. If you didn’t lived a good life you have to stay in the Land of the Dead and work of a dept. Most of them who get stuck works their times of at the Department of Death (even called D.O.D.). When you are there you get to be like a travel-agent who brings dead people and try to sell the best travel-packages. This is really interesting! I wonder if Manny has something to do with it.
Murray: Aw… it sounds great. Too bad I didn’t die like normal people instead of die at Big Whoop. This is SO unfair!
Guybrush walked through a corridor and came into a room with a wall with a big mirror.
Guybrush: That’s the second largest mirror I’ve ever seen!
He walked to the mirror and looked at his reflection.
Guybrush: Lookin’ good!
Guybrush’s reflection: You are also good-looking Guybrush!
Guybrush: What? Did I said that?
Guybrush’s reflection: No, it was I. Don’t worry. I’m not dangerous.
Guybrush: Phew! So good. What a strange mirror!
Guybrush’s reflection: This is a magical mirror. I know what you are looking for and I know where to find it.
Guybrush: Great, tell me!
Guybrush’s reflection: I just ask this… Do see anything in this mirror that can’t be seen in the REAL world?
Guybrush looked around in the room, looked into the mirror and saw something really WEIRD.
Guybrush: That’s WEIRD. I see another door in the mirror but I don’t see it HERE.
Guybrush’s reflection: Have you ever walked into the wall?
Guybrush: No but I’ll try it.
Guybrush’s reflection: No! Don’t try! Do or do not. There’s no TRY.
Guybrush: I’ll do it!
Guybrush’s reflection: That’s the spirit!
Guybrush walked to the wall where the door is supposed to be there. Guybrush walked through the wall and came into another room. He saw a metal chest.
Guybrush: Hey! A metal chest!
Guybrush tried to open it but he couldn’t.
Guybrush: It is stuck good. Murray?
Murray: Yes?
Guybrush: Do you have any “evil” magic that could open the chest?
Murray: I really WOULD do it but I can’t. But I can put a curse on you.
Guybrush: Remember our deal?
Murray: Take it easy! I was only kidding. Mwuhahaha!
Guybrush: That wasn’t funny!
Guybrush took the chest and put it into his pants.
Murray: Hey, watch it!
Guybrush: Sorry.
Guybrush walked out of the room. He walked back to the hall where Manny and Elaine waited for him.
Guybrush: I’m back!
Manny: Found anything?
Guybrush: I’ve found this metal-chest but it’s locked tight.
Elaine: Maybe I could pick the lock with this…
Elaine brought up a file and tried to open the chest but instead the file broke.
Elaine: My that’s some chest.
Manny: Maybe I can handle this.
Manny brought up his scythe, put the blade in the gap between the chest and the lid and succeeded open the chest up.
Guybrush: Presto! Hey it worked! It’s something inside.
Guybrush picked up the thing that was inside, a mysterious voodoo-stick that looked like a skull.
Manny: That’s the Death-traveler for the living.
Guybrush: Let’s reunite with Glottis and get that Voodoo-thing the Voodoo-lady was talking about.
Guybrush together with Manny, Murray and Elaine walked out of the mansion, back to Glottis and the Bone-Wagon. When they came back they saw a 7-feet tall, monstrous-looking chicken that came their way.
Manny: Aye caramba! What’s that?
Guybrush: Holy jumping monkeys! Es El Pollo Diablo!
Elaine: You mean The Demon-chicken?
Murray: Ah, El Pollo Diablo! Finally! Let’s…
Guybrush: Don’t you dare!
Murray: I wasn’t even think about it.
Manny drew his scythe, Guybrush drew his sword and Elaine drew a gun, ready to fight. El Pollo Diablo saw the gang and made a scary “Brwak” sound. El Pollo Diablo attacked to Guybrush, Manny and Elaine but El Pollo Diablo targeted Guybrush. Guybrush kept swung his sword but El Pollo Diablo cracked it with it’s beak. Then Guybrush tried to run away from it but El Pollo Diablo chased him.
Elaine: Guybrush!
Manny: Carnal! Why does he chase just you?
Guybrush: Maybe it was the chicken-burger I ate at Planet Threepwood on Mêlée Island the other day. Glottis, do something!
Glottis: I’m trying to think of something!
Glottis thought and thought and thought.
Manny: It’s not a good idea to ask Glottis about thinking in a critical situation. He needs to think for quite a while.
Guybrush: Great! Hey! I have an idea! Manny! Catch!
Manny threw a jar to Manny and he caught it.
Manny: Chicken grease?
Guybrush: Use it around your mouth to distract El Pollo Diablo.
Manny did what Guybrush told him. El Pollo Diablo stopped chase Guybrush and turned to Manny.
Manny: Now what?
Guybrush: Make him close to those flame things on the Bone Wagon.
Manny: You mean the blowers?
Guybrush: Yes! Use your scythe for defense.
El Pollo Diablo followed Manny to the Bone Wagon. Manny climbed up the Bone Wagon and up on one of the blowers.
Guybrush: Glottis, start the engine and gas on my when I say “Now”.
Manny: Here he comes!
El Pollo Diablo climbed on the Bone Wagon close to Manny but the demonic chicken got close to the blower which Guybrush have planned.
Guybrush: I hope this works… GLOTTIS! NOW!
Glottis stared the engines and stomped hard on the gas-pedal. The blower spat a big flame which burned El Pollo Diablo and it became a well-done chicken. But the Bone-Wagon did go away by mistake and Manny fell backwards.
Manny: Of!
Guybrush: Manny, are you OK!
Manny: Yes.
Elaine: So good that you already are dead.
Guybrush: Well… it’s good that Devil chicken is dead (El Pollo Diablo is Spanish for The Devil Chicken). What do you guys say if we went to Puerto Pollo? There’s a great restaurant for chicken.
Manny: Finally I get my chance to strangle with that restaurant-owner for that he killed me because I complained about that disgusting chicken he served.
Murray: That sounds great. But you have to let me scare him and bite his feet. Mwuahahaha!
Guybrush: Murray!
Murray: Cool it down, I was only kidding.
Guybrush: You only have to scare Captain Blondebeard instead of trying to strangle him. He’s so good otherwise.
Manny: Okay.
Guybrush: How about some chicken Elaine?
Elaine: That will be good. Let’s get going.
Murray: Are you sure that I can scare the spirit out of that chicken-guy?
Guybrush: NO!
Meanwhile on a new fortress on Monkey Island. LeChuck together with Ozzie Mandrill, Captain Rottingham and the Skull-man Leader were in LeChuck’s throne room.
LeChuck: How is it going to find the Death-traveler?
Skull-man Leader: We haven’t found it yet. My men is searching on Blood and Spittle Islands.
LeChuck: Tell them to hurry up! It’s possible that Guybrush Threepwood and my love Elaine will find a way to stop us and beat us.
Skull-men 1: Two evil men begging for audience, sir.
LeChuck: Let them in!
The Skull-man™ walked out of the room and came two men. The first one was a bold black man with purple cloths and he seemed to have always have his eyes closed. The other man was tall, muscled with brown hair and he was not much of a talker. They were the master-thief King André and his companion Cruff.
King André: Why hello, LeChuck. Long time no see.
LeChuck: Ah! King André! It was you who I sold that big diamond from Minnie Goodsoup.
Cruff: But a rascal named Threepwood stole it from us when we played cheat poker.
King André: It was a great loss and we heard about that you are his enemy and my enemies enemy are my friends.
LeChuck: So ye came to help me for revenge?
King André: Aye!
LeChuck: Ye two are hired. Have a couple of seats. These are Ozzie Mandrill, Australian ex-land-developer, and Captain Rottingham.
King André: You look so different since we meet.
LeChuck: It’s quite a story but I’ll tell ye that.
Mysterious voice: Um… LeChuck, sir…
LeChuck: Huh?
Ozzie: What in the name of James Cook is this?
In the room came a man in a big, dark cloak (no, it’s not Domino Hurley). He took of the cloak and you could see that it was a quite short man in white shirt, green pants, black hair with a mean look on his face. Yes, it was none other than Largo LaGrande, LeChuck’s closest man (or rather ex-closest man). But this time he had a hook on his right arm, a false-leg made from porcelain (yes, he bought it on Lucre Island) and wore an eye-patch on his left eye.
LeChuck: Largo LaGrande?! Is that you?
Largo: Yes, LeChuck sir.
LeChuck: How did you survive the explosion in my castle near Dinky Island?
Largo: Well I have been thrown clear. I survived but I lost my hand and leg. My eye is a bit bad but the doctor told me that it will be good after 2 years. That’s why I’m wearing an eye-patch. What have happened to you, LeChuck sir?
LeChuck: Have a seat and I will tell you everything. Oh yes! These are Captain Rottingham, Ozzie Mandrill, King André and Cruff, my new companions.
Back on Plunder Island, after that Guybrush and his friends have a great feast of chicken they continued their adventure.
Guybrush: So, what are going to do now?
Manny: The Voodoo-lady told us to go to The Land of The Dead to search for the Voodoo-treasure.
Guybrush: All right then, let’s go!
Elaine: Guybrush, have you any idea how that voodoo-thingy works?
Guybrush: Um, no.
Elaine: Exactly.
Glottis: Maybe we could go to the Voodoo-lady’s place.
Guybrush: Ok. But how are we going?
Glottis: I stay here and… um, guard the ship.
Manny: I’ll come along.
Elaine: Me too.
Murray: I’ll come along too. It’s just boring to wait here with that demon. I mean, he’s a demon but not that kind I want to be around.
Glottis: HEY!
Guybrush: Oh, shut up!
Guybrush, Manny, Elaine and Murray in Guybrush pants walked to the swamp. They walked until they came to swamp with a big ship in the treetops. It’s the Voodoo-lady’s place on Plunder. They went inside the ship and they searched for the Voodoo-lady.
Guybrush: Yoo-hoo! Sheila! Voodoo-lady! Um, Voodoo-priestess!
Voodoo-lady: I’m here.
Guybrush, Manny and Elaine saw the Voodoo-lady sitting in a big chair that was hidden behind a curtain.
Guybrush: Ahoy!
Manny: Buenas noches!
Voodoo-lady: I knew that you would come here. What can I do for you?
Guybrush: We have found a death-traveler for the living but we have no idea how it works.
Voodoo-lady: Let me see it!
Guybrush gave Voodoo-lady the Death-traveler for the living and Voodoo-lady checked it out.
Voodoo-lady: Mmm-hmm. Uh-huh. Ok. Now I know how to use it.
Guybrush: Is this about swinging it and say something like: Bibedy-bobedy-boo, right?
Voodoo-lady: No, that’s how to turn a pumpkin into a horse-carriage. You have to hold it in the air and say this: “ Macaroni, ketchup and bread. I want to travel to the Dead.”
Suddenly the Voodoo-lady disappeared in a flash. Guybrush, Manny, Elaine and Murray just stared at the empty chair where the Voodoo-lady sat.
Elaine: What happened?
Murray: I guess that she have come to someplace with the Dead. I wonder if there is a Gate of Hell where I could stride through.
Guybrush: “Stride”?
Murray: Alright then, ROLL through the Gate of Hell. Must you make fun of everything?
Both Manny and Elaine couldn’t keep from laughing over Guybrush and Murray’s comments. Then the Voodoo-lady came back in another flash. All four jumped in surprise.
Guybrush: Yikes!
Murray: By Ron Gilbert. Mwuhahaha!
Guybrush, Elaine and Manny looked angry at Murray as a sign of that the joke wasn’t funny.
Murray: I thought that it was funny.
Voodoo-lady: Phew! That’s the third mistake of Voodoo in this week and it’s only Tuesday. Here, take this Death-traveler! You will need it more than I do.
Guybrush: Thanks! Ok. Now that we know that it works we can get that Voodoo-treasure before LeChuck does. Let’s go!
Elaine: Maybe we should go and see Glottis first.
About a minuet later Guybrush, Elaine, Manny and Murray came back to harbor where Glottis stayed at the Bone Wagon and the ship. Glottis had Timmy, Elaine’s pet monkey, as company now that he had nothing to do.
Glottis: How did it go?
Guybrush: Good. We know how to use this thing.
Manny: Let’s get in the Bone Wagon. We may use it in the Land of the Dead.
Guybrush, Manny, Elaine with Murray climbed up the Bone Wagon and sat in their seats. Glottis and Timmy already are sitting in the driver’s seat. Guybrush hold up the Death-traveler and Manny also hold his Death-traveler.
Guybrush/Manny: “Macaroni, ketchup and bread. We want to travel to the Dead.”
A lightning covered the Bone Wagon and it disappeared in a big flash. The hot rod with Guybrush, Elaine, Manny, Glottis, Murray and Timmy speeded through a mysterious tunnel-like area that shifted in all the rainbow’s color.
Glottis: Yeeehaaahaha! Hoo!
Guybrush: MOMMY!
Elaine: What a speed!
Manny: Aye Chihuahua!
Murray: Release the Kraken!
Guybrush: Not in the face! Not in the face!
Timmy: Ook eek ack ack ack oh-oh-oh!
Manny: There’s gotta be a better way!
Glottis: Hey, watch the chrome!
Elaine: Please, slow down!!
Guybrush: We are flying in Hyperspace!
Timmy: Eek eek eek ooh ooh!
Murray: Hey! Watch it, stupid monkey!
Glottis: Hey, the breaks don’t work!
Manny: Dios mio!
About 5 seconds later the Bone Wagon appeared in the Land of the Dead. The terrain around them was quite desert-like. Guybrush jumped of the car and looked around.
Guybrush: Is this the Land of the Dead?
Manny: Yes. But only a part of it.
Elaine: How come there no flowers around?
Manny: There are but only on some places but you must remember this: That a flower or any plant at all have a deadly fluid named “Sproutella”. Maybe it’s not dangerous for you humans but it’s very dangerous to us souls. Even a little drop can spread through your whole body and it will be covered by vines, roots and flowers. The Sproutella is a deadly poison for the dead guys and if you get that poison you will be dead. Very dead.
Guybrush: Phew! Lucky that I and Elaine are not dead, but I wonder if LeChuck affected by it.
Elaine: I don’t know. But maybe he can turn himself into a skeleton-pirate.
Guybrush: That’s it!
Elaine/Manny/Glottis: What?
Guybrush: The Voodoo-lady told me that “if the skeletons attack I shall use the flower of the dead.” The flower of dead must be nothing other than…
Guybrush walked a bit and then turned quickly to the others.
Guybrush:… SPROUTELLA.
Manny: Loteria!
Elaine: Well, let’s find that voodoo-treasure, whatever that is.
Guybrush: I agree! Got a shovel?
Guybrush drew a shovel from his pants. Suddenly the ground shook hard.
Elaine: What is happening?
Guybrush: I don’t know, but I have a BAD feeling about this.
Manny: Ques esto?
Glottis: Guys, demon-snakes are coming! Quick! In the Bone Wagon! Let’s get back to Rubacava!
But it was too late. A giant snake came out of the sand. It glared at our friends.
Murray: Where would we come if we died here in the Land of the Dead?
Manny: No one knows that, Murray.
Meanwhile on Monkey Island fortress, LeChuck together with Ozzie, King André, Largo, Cruff, Captain Rottingham and the Skull-man leader read through the legend of The Death-controller.
LeChuck: This is good. If we only could get our hands on that thing that can get us to the World of the Dead.
Skull-man leader: But soon it’ll be ours and we can take over the world.
Ozzie: When we do I’m going to take over the whole Caribbean and finish my businesses.
Captain Rottingham: Hey! Don’t forget that we SHARE the price.
Skull-man leader: Besides, my men and I want to be rulers of the Caribbean. If it weren’t to us you would still be dead.
Ozzie: Oh yeah. But I hate pirates more than anything else. Uh, no offense of course.
LeChuck: Ahem! We share with the price except…
King André: What?
LeChuck: My Elaine. When we get this thing I’m going to use it on Elaine first so it not going to be like LAST time.
LeChuck glared at Ozzie with a evil stare. He remembered that he worked for Ozzie in MI4 and when he saw that the power of The Ultimate Insult worked, he wanted to use it on Elaine but he didn’t get the chance since the plan didn’t work and Ozzie wanted to do the plan before letting LeChuck use the voodoo-talisman on Elaine. Ozzie understood that LeChuck wanted to fulfill his dreams first and he didn’t refuse since LeChuck now was his master.
Ozzie: Al right. You could use that Death-thing on that numbskull’s wife first. I’m really terrible sorry for what I have done.
LeChuck: Good.
Largo: Eh… LeChuck, sir… How do we going to get even with Guybrush Threepwood?
LeChuck: We shall kill him as soon as we get our hands on that voodoo-thing!
Largo: Couldn’t we torture him first? I want to slash his funny face with my hook.
Skull-man leader: You could also torture him by showing your false-leg.
Largo: Why?
Skull-man leader: That Deepsnoop has an unknown phobia for porcelain. You have a leg made from porcelain, you know.
Largo: Ha! Such a wimp!
Captain Rottingham: Maybe I could torture him by challenge him in insult-sword fighting with insults that he doesn’t know.
Ozzie: Then I will help you. I’m the best insulter in the whole Caribbean and Australia.
King André: LeChuck, could Cruff and I steal all his booty as a revenge and letting Cruff beat him up?
Cruff: He’s going to be sorry!
LeChuck: Yes, ye can do that.
Suddenly one of the Skull-men™ came into the room.
Skull-man™: Good news! I have located where the Death-traveler and that pirate-wanna-be is.
LeChuck: Where?
Skull-man™: They were on Plunder Island and they got the Death-traveler.
LeChuck: They were? What do ye mean?
Skull-man™: Guybrush wasn’t alone. Elaine Marley (or rather Elaine Marley Threepwood), a talking skull, a skeleton in a suit and an orange bear-like demon did go to the World of the Dead.
LeChuck: WHAT?!? Why didn’t you try to stop them, ye lazy scum!
Ozzie: LeChuck, wait!
LeChuck: Huh?
Ozzie: I have an idea. Guybrush seems to always succeed so he is going to get that Death-controller.
LeChuck: But that will make this plan collapse!
Captain Rottingham: No, Monsieur LeChuck. Ozzie is right. They are going to come back to Plunder Island.
King André: If we get to Plunder Island before they come back we could set a trap for them.
Cruff: Then we’ll get our hand at the voodoo-treasure.
LeChuck: Da-ha! That’s a hellish good idea! Skull-man leader!
Skull-man leader: Yes?
LeChuck: Take all your men on Plunder Island, ambush them and when they come…
LeChuck came closer to the leader of the Skull-men™ and watched at him with an evil smile on his face.
LeChuck:…GET THEM!
Back in the Land of the Dead, our friends have been caught in a terrible situation. The giant snake still glared hungry at Guybrush, Manny, Elaine, Glottis, Murray and Timmy in the Bone Wagon.
Guybrush: I hate snakes!
Manny: Let’s get out of here!
Glottis: You’re on it!
The Bone Wagon started and drew in a high speed away. The snake got annoyed of that it’s prey tried to escape and chased them. Unfortunately the snake was really fast and was really close.
Elaine: What are we going to do?!
Guybrush: I thinking! Let’s see…
Guybrush checked his pants if he did have any stuff that was good to get rid of a 10-foot snake.
Guybrush: Bottle of rum, Rubber-chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle, 10 000 pieces o’ eight, Root-beer, Fishing pole…
Manny: Hurry, amigo!
Guybrush:… Sam & Max comic-book, Kudu-jerky pretzels… ah, here it is! Snake Away™ snake-repel.
Guybrush pulled up a spray-can with snake-repel. He climbed on the back of Bone Wagon, shook the spray-can and sprayed the snake-spray. When the snake sensed the spray it escaped in a hurry.
Guybrush: Phew! That was too close.
Elaine: Guybrush, you did it!
Manny: Mucho bueno!
Timmy: Eeh ooh ooh eek ack ack!
Glottis: Yeee-haaa!
Murray: Guybrush, maybe you could join me when you die. We would make a great team. Mwhahaha!
Guybrush: I would but my heart is to stuck with Elaine. I will follow her even in the dead.
Elaine: Oh, how sweet…
Murray: Drat!
Manny: Next stop, Rubacava.
Later our friends have arrived in Rubacava, a port-town in the Land of the Dead. After that Glottis have stored the Bone Wagon in the docks, Manny and Glottis showed Guybrush, Elaine, Timmy and Murray the way up to Calavera Café, the place where Manny and Glottis worked. The night-club was from the beginning an automat which Manny took over when he first arrived I Rubacava but that was almost 3 months ago. At the moment Guybrush and the others were in Calavera Café to talk about the mission.
Guybrush: Now where could that voodoo-treasure be?
Manny: I think we could find anything in either the antic-shop or at Toto’s Tattoo-parlor.
Guybrush: What can we find at a Tattoo-parlor?
Manny: I believe that Toto had a tattoo that looks like an ancient map of the Land of the Dead.
Guybrush: Make it so!
Manny: Wait! It may not be a good idea that they see living people here. It might be dangerous.
Guybrush: Ok but maybe you can’t do it on your own.
Murray: But I can. If someone ask we tell that I was so sprouted badly that Manny had to rip of my skull from the body.
Manny: That’s not a bad idea but it will be difficult with Guybrush and Elaine.
Guybrush: I have an idea!
Manny: What’s that?
Guybrush: Let’s get the Ultimate Insult! Just kidding. Seriously here is the plan: If I wear a skull-hood, a pair of gloves that looks like bony hands and some great costume, then I will look like one of the skeletons.
Elaine: Smart!
Manny: All right! I’m going to town to get those things.
Glottis: I will stay here with Guybrush, Elaine and Murray so don’t get lonely.
Timmy: Eeh, eeh, eeh!
Glottis: Whoops! Sorry, Timmy.
Murray: Manny, can I go along? I want to scare those poor naive souls to Second-death!
Manny: NO!
Murray: What kind of a dead person are you?!
Manny walked out of the closed club and he came back later with a shopping-bag filled with some things.
Manny: I’m back.
Guybrush: Good! Let’s see what’s in here. A skull-hood. Made of plastic? Whatever. Bony-hands. Good. A rib-T-shirt with a neck?
Manny: They could see your original-neck and that’s not good.
Guybrush: Ok. And some nice clothes.
Elaine: Anything for me?
Manny: Yes. I bought the ladies version too.
Guybrush: I’m going to the bathroom to change.
Guybrush went into the bathroom and in two minutes he came back, fully dressed as a dead soul.
Guybrush: How do I look?
Elaine: Ridicules.
Guybrush: Hey!
Elaine: Just pulling your leg. It’s nice.
Manny: Ok, Guybrush, you and Murray come with me to Toto’s place. Elaine, you stay here with Glottis.
Elaine: Why? I have my own costume.
Manny: Yes but someone has to be here and guard the bar. It has happened that Chowchilla Charlie has tried to sneak in to steal my money and fix my roulette-tables so he always wins.
Guybrush: Who’s Chowchilla Charlie?
Manny: I tell you later. Come now!
Manny, Guybrush and Murray went out of the club. A little bit later in Toto Santo’s Tattoo-parlor Toto prepared his snack-meal, a Guacamole-sandwich. When the door in the ceiling opened he jumped in surprise.
Toto: What? Huh? Who’s there?
Manny: Just me with some friends.
Toto: Phew! You startled me, Manny. How is the club?
Manny: It’s great times. I have fixed with my roulette-table so I decide who win and not.
Toto: That’s pretty smart but doesn’t that pay attention to Chief Bogan?
Manny: He doesn’t know… yet. But it’s are little secret.
Toto: Ok. I won’t tell anyone.
Manny: Can you keep another secret?
Toto: Sure! What is it?
Manny: It’s about a friend of mine. Come here Guybrush!
Guybrush: Ok.
Toto: Guybrush? Is that a French name?
Guybrush: No.
Manny: Show him your face!
Guybrush pulled of the hood to reveal his true face.
Toto: … What? How did he come to the Land of the Dead? Only dead people can come here.
Guybrush: I know but I didn’t die. I came here by Voodoo-magic.
Toto: So the Voodoo-stuff really works. How about that! (talks in a weird langue) Incredible!
Manny: We came here to see a special tattoo.
Toto: What special tattoo?
Murray: The one that’s looks like a map to the Voodoo-treasure here in the Land of the Dead of course.
Toto: Huh? You are just a skull. Have you lost your head when sprouted?
Murray: No. It’s a long story.
Toto: What are you going to do with that treasure?
Guybrush: It’s quite a funny story. Well it all started on Mêlée Island. I wanted to become a pirate and…
Manny: Guybrush, that’s way to far to begin with. He doesn’t want to know how you life is as a hero.
Guybrush: Right. Ok, it started on Scabb Island, in the Bloody Lip Bar…
About an hour later.
Guybrush:… And that’s why we are here.
Toto: Ah! That’s some interesting story. All right, let me check it out.
Toto picked up a book of tattoos and started searching for the map.
Toto: Let’s see now. The Rusty Anchor, the Edge of the world, mumble, mumble, ah… here!
Toto showed a picture of the tattoo that looked a lot of map of the Land of the Dead.
Manny: Could you fix a copy of that?
Toto: Ok. Just a second.
Toto went to the copy-machine, made a copy of the picture and gave it to Manny.
Toto: Here you go!
Manny: Thanks.
Guybrush: Ok, let’s go!
Manny, Murray and Guybrush went back to Calavera café to study the map.
Guybrush: We have at least a map but there are no lines or any X or something.
Elaine: Hmm… there are some dots here. Are those any places in the Land of the Dead?
Manny: Don’t think so. The have no name-tags.
Glottis: Hey! I have an idea. Somebody. Somebody give me a pen!
Guybrush brought up a pen out his pocket and gave it to Glottis. He drew lines between the dots on the map which had no names on them. Guybrush looked at the map.
Guybrush: That’s good. That’s really good. Glottis, you are a genius!
Manny: Man! That’s muy incredible! The map shows that the treasure is somewhere in Petrified Forrest.
Murray: The Petrified Forrest? That’s sound so evil to me.
Manny: You bet. It has flaming demon-beavers that tear apart the bones of un-careful souls and using them to build a dam.
Murray: They tear….! No way! I’m not going in there! Uh-uh!
Guybrush: Maybe they have ribs or something like that. If you follow us then you don’t miss anything.
Murray: Ok!
Manny: Glottis, prepare the Bone Wagon!
Glottis: Oh yeah!
Later Guybrush, Manny, Elaine, Timmy, Murray and Glottis hit the road through a dark, spooky, sorrow forest that has strange shaped trees with no leafs on them. After a while they got into deep into the woods. There was a lake with a stone-pillar in the middle.
Manny: How are we going to cross that river?
Guybrush: What are you talking about? Elaine and I can swim!
Suddenly a big fish with a lots o’ fangs splashed in the water and down again.
Guybrush: Or maybe not.
Elaine: I think we should dig us down.
Guybrush: Hehehe… Have anyone tried “Open sesame”?
Suddenly the ground shook like if there where an earthquake and the stone pillar rose up from the lake. Not only the pillar was shown about the water but a big temple.
Manny: That temple gives me the creeps!
Guybrush saw that big rocks have rose up that would work as a bridge. Guybrush walked carefully over the rocks and over to the other side.
Guybrush: Ok, you others can come over. Be careful though, it’s slippery!
Elaine, Glottis, Manny, Timmy and Murray came to the other side. Then they went into the temple. Our friends walked down some stairs that led to a dark, damp corridor with a lot of statues.
Guybrush: Wow!
Elaine: I haven’t seen so much statues before.
Manny: Dios mio! It’s like something I never have heard of.
Glottis: I don’t know but I have a bad feeling about this.
Murray: I wonder if this is the Land of the Dead’s version of Big Whoop?
Guybrush: I don’t think so. It doesn’t look like the caverns beyond that monkey head.
They walked further with Guybrush walking first. Suddenly a spear came up just in front of him.
Guybrush: Yikes! Phew! That was a close one!
Elaine: Be careful, darling, it might be a trap!
Guybrush: And you said it NOW.
Manny: Maybe there are some traps around here…
Manny picked up a rock that was like a little ball and chucked it. As the stone hit some blocks some traps activated in front of them like spears, spikes, flamethrowers and falling spike-balls.
Manny: Let’s hope that all traps were disabled now.
They walked further into the corridor and after a while they come to a big stairs. At the end of the stairs was a big platform with a beam of light. Inside were an item. Guybrush, Glottis, Manny, Murray, Elaine and Timmy just glared up to the platform.
Guybrush: Nice treasure-chamber!
Manny: If think that item in that light must be that Voodoo-treasure.
Glottis: It beautiful! There are some demon statues around those stairs. I wonder if anyone of them is one of my ancestors?
Guybrush: I will go get that treasure! You guys stay here. I think there are traps around here so… don’t touch anything.
Murray: I couldn’t do it anyway so how can I?
Guybrush walked up the stairs up to the treasure but close to the gate was a skeleton-statue made of gold who held a jewel. Timmy turned around to see the jewel and he start walk to it. Meanwhile Guybrush came up to the stairs to see the Voodoo-treasure. The Voodoo-treasure which also is known as “The Hyper Death Power Controller” was a armband made of pure gold with a big Ruby and a text on it.
Guybrush: Is this the Voodoo-treasure? When I have defeated LeChuck again I’m going to sell this to a museum. This thing is worth a mint.
Guybrush picked the armband and walked down the stairs but when he just made it half-ways he saw that Timmy was dangerously close to the jewel and that Timmy was going to take it.
Guybrush: Timmy! NO!
But too late! Timmy took the jewel and suddenly the whole cave started to shake. From the stairs a giant boulder roll down the stairs. Guybrush turned around to see it and he ran like he had fire on his butt down through the stairs.
Guybrush: AHHHHHHHH!!!!
Guybrush ran as fast he could but the he stumbled on an edge and fell on the ground. The others became scared and saw the boulder rolled over Guybrush.
Elaine: GUYBRUSH!!!!!
The boulder rolled down the stairs end and the gang jumped away to avoid from being crushed. They all looked at the stairs. Suddenly Guybrush rose up from the stairs.
All: Guybrush!
Manny: How did you survive that?
Guybrush: I fell into a hole in the stairs so that boulder never hit me.
Elaine: Guybrush! I have been so worried!
Elaine ran to Guybrush and gave him a big hug.
Guybrush: Aww!
Manny: Let’s return to the Land of the Living!
Murray: Don’t you mean the World of the Living?
Manny: Whatever!
Much later Guybrush, Elaine, Manny, Glottis, Timmy and Murray were out of the cave. They stand in a group and both Manny and Guybrush held their Death-travelers to return to Plunder Island.
Guybrush/Manny: “Let’s take a big dive, in the world so alive”!
They were send back to Plunder Island in the Living World.
Guybrush: Ah! Home sweet home! Well, let’s get that rotting corpse!
But suddenly a gang of Skull-men™ jumped out from nowhere and pointed guns at the gang. Guybrush and the rest held their arms in the air.
Guybrush: “Sigh”! This is getting worse!
Later in LeChuck fortress on Monkey Island Guybrush, Manny, Glottis, Elaine and Timmy were tied in thick ropes that wrapped them from chest to the ankles (almost). But Murray was stuck on a pole instead since he still was a skull. They were in LeChuck’s throne-room with Captain Rottingham, Ozzie Mandrill, Largo LaGrande, King André, Cruff, the Skull-men™ and you-know-who… LeChuck.
LeChuck: Ye did thought that you would stop me from getting the Voodoo-treasure, eh? But no! You got that thing for me! Dahahaharr!
Guybrush: You stupid, disgusting, revolting, bloated, stinking, worm-eating, bed-wetting Doody-head!
LeChuck: Humph! I have been called worse. You know what I’m going to you?
Guybrush: Like you did in Secret of Monkey Island, LeChuck’s Revenge, Curse of Monkey Island and Escape From Monkey Island, trying to kill me, marry Elaine and die once again?
LeChuck: The two first things were correct but that last one must be a guessing. This time you WILL be DEAD, Elaine WILL be my WIFE and I WILL NOT die again!
Guybrush: How are you going to kill me? Dip me in honey and letting one million poisonous ants kill me?
LeChuck: No, that will never work! I’m going to chain you and send you into Davey Jones’ locker with a cannon!
Guybrush: Holy cripes on toast!
Largo: Yes! But first let’s torture him! I go first!
LeChuck: Ok, Largo!
Guybrush: Ahh! He’s got a false leg made from porcelain!
About an hour later Guybrush has been tortured by LeChuck, Ozzie, Largo, Cruff, King André and the Skull-men™. Guybrush had some scars in his face and a black and blue mark at the left eye.
Guybrush: Please! Stop! Enough!
LeChuck: Ah! That was refreshing! Pinning a voodoo-doll of your enemy really gets the aggression out, doesn’t it?
Largo: Yes. My hook was really good.
Captain Rottingham: Your insults were really good, Monsieur Mandrill.
Ozzie: Thank you! I have worked hard to earn these.
King André: It seems that you are in deep trouble Mr. Threepwood. HAHAHA!!
Guybrush: Would you please stop laughing like that? It’s so unnerving.
Skull-man leader: Shall we get rid of that jerk, LeChuck, sir?
LeChuck: Aye! Tie him in chains!
Guybrush: Whoa! Take it easy! I’m not a real person but a game-character!
The Skull-men™ tied Guybrush in chains and carried him to a cannon that were aimed to the sea.
LeChuck: Before we send you away… any questions?
Guybrush: Are you really my brother?
LeChuck: Of course I am! But I hated you so!
Guybrush: So you didn’t faked at Big Whoop, did you?
LeChuck: No! Hehehe! But that brother shape was faked!
Guybrush: Who will replace me for the sequels?
LeChuck: Nobody will!
Guybrush: How are you going to pay of the big bills from Lucas Art’s for killing me?
LeChuck: I’ll send a letter will the words: “If you want to see any money, take a long walk of a short pier.”
Guybrush: What are you going to do with Manny and Glottis? They can’t die like everyone else, you know.
LeChuck: I will keep them as my servants.
Guybrush: How come that Stan hasn’t come yet?
LeChuck: How can Murray talk without a tongue? That’s a thing that you never know.
Guybrush: You are really sorry.
LeChuck: I’m really sorry.
Guybrush: When you think about it, you will letting us go.
LeChuck: When I think about it, I will letting you go.
Guybrush: Guards, release them!
LeChuck: Guards… hey! Your mind-tricks won’t work on me! I’m the Skeleton-pirate LeChuck! Shoot him away!
The Skull-men™ put him into the cannon, pulled the rope, Guybrush were shot and flew lot’s of miles away. LeChuck brought up the voodoo-armband from his pocket, put it on and turned to Elaine.
LeChuck: Now, my love. Let’s make you ready to be… MY WIFE! HAHAHA!!!
Somewhere outside the coast of Dinky Island, Guybrush is stuck on a rock, chained from tip to toe. He thought to himself: “How am I going to get out of this mess? It’s seems hopeless. This just can’t be happening!” Suddenly a ship came sailing above him. Guybrush saw that there was hope after all and he tried to get lose by shaking but it was no use. The ship stopped above Guybrush who got so tired of all struggling and he have been underwater for nine minutes by now (you know that Guybrush can hold his breath for ten minutes) that he fainted. Later on Guybrush opened his eyes and he found himself lying in a bed in a cabin. He rose up quickly and looked around.
Guybrush: Huh? What? I’m alive! But how? Who saved me? And I thought that I was done for it. I’m very confused.
Edward: Have some grog-tasted tea, Threepwood.
Guybrush turned around and saw Edward “Snugglecakes” Van Helgan with a teapot in his hand.
Guybrush: Edward Van Helgan? Is it really you?! I can’t believe it!
Edward: And that’s why you failed. We passed by and saw you drowning. Since you are a mighty pirate and a good friend we decided to save you.
The door opened and in came Cutthroat Bill and Haggis McMutton, Edward’s companions and friends.
Guybrush: Cutthroat Bill! Haggis!
Bill: So you did revive, Guybrush.
Haggis: It’s being a pleasure to help you, Guybrush. How have ye being since the wedding, laddie?
Guybrush: It’s have been both ups and downs. It all started on Mêlée Island after our honeymoon and Elaine and I found…
Otis: So you going to tell those embarrassing happenings, Guybrush?
Carla: We are sorry for scolding you.
Meathook: I have a wax-painting as a gift to you.
Guybrush: Otis? Carla? Meathook?
Mr. Cheese: Ahoy there, ex-captain Marley Threepwood!
Guybrush: Mr. I Cheese?
Mr. Cheese: Aye!
Guybrush: Cheese.
Mr. Cheese: Aye!
Guybrush: Unbelievable! How come that you all guys are here?
H T Marley: We have been told by the Voodoo-lady that my grand-daughter and you were on Plunder Island and there was some trouble.
Guybrush: Herman? I mean Horetio Torqameda Marley?
H T Marley: Yep, that’s me!
Guybrush: Well I have something terrible to tell you guys.
H T Marley: Don’t say that Elaine has been killed?
Guybrush: Worse! LeChuck have got his hands on a Voodoo-armband that can manipulate the powers of the Dead and his going to use it to turn Elaine into my wife and take over entire earth!
Haggis: How horrid!
Edward: So terrible!
Cutthroat Bill: LeChuck will be sorry for that!
H T Marley: Oh no! It’s horrible!
Guybrush: But I wonder what happened to Manny and Glottis?
Carla: Who are they?
Guybrush: I tell you later! Let’s get to Monkey Island quickly!
Mr. Cheese: Well, it will take about a day to get there.
Guybrush: But we have to get there NOW! Oh, I wish that Glottis was here. He knew how to speed up the ship!
Suddenly all of them heard voices calling for something. They all ran out to the deck and saw Manny and Glottis hanging from the mast.
Guybrush: Manny? Glottis? How did you get up there?
Glottis: Well, we didn’t obey there orders so they shot us with that canon and we got stuck up here.
Manny: Could you get us out?
Guybrush: Hey, how’s hanging?
Manny: Idiota!
Guybrush, Otis, Carla, Meathook, Mr. Cheese, H T Marley, Haggis, Cutthroat Bill and Edward helped Manny and Glottis down from the mast.
Guybrush: So good that you are okay. Glottis, can you speed up the ship so we can get to Monkey Island fast?
Glottis: I left my tool-box in the Land of the Dead and we have no engine-parts.
Manny: Wait! What’s the closest island?
Mr. Cheese brought a map and checked it out.
Mr. Cheese: The closest island is Booty Island.
Manny: Let’s go there to find some tools and machinery! There is also a new International House of Mojo there.
Guybrush: Let’s go!
About a half an hour later the ship landed in Booty Island harbor. Guybrush and the rest stood at the harbor making decisions.
Guybrush: Okay, mates! Manny, Glottis and I go to find what we need. Mr. Cheese and Mr. Marley stay here and repair the ship. You others can do whatever you want. But please don’t drink too much grog because it may lead to a loss in battle.
Carla: And I thought it would get us better in battle but what the heck!
Otis: I’m not going to pick some flowers this time. I’m tired of being a victim of society!
Haggis: Let’s go shop some more lotion and shaving cream for barber shop!
Guybrush: Let’s get to work now!
Mr. Cheese: Work? It’s that you call it?
Guybrush, Manny and Glottis walked to town meanwhile Mr. Cheese repaired the ship with H T Marley as guarding it while Carla, Meathook, Otis, Edward, Cutthroat Bill and Haggis went for shopping. Guybrush, Manny and Glottis walked around in Booty town to find a mechanic-shop and the Voodoo-lady’s place. They found a shop named Machinery N’ Mechanic O’ Stan.
Guybrush: Stan is working on Booty Island? The last time I meet him was Jambalaya Island where used to sell Time-shares.
Manny: Is Stan some business-man?
Guybrush: His a kind of sales-agent who have sold ships, coffins, life-insurance policies and Time-shares. I meet him a couple of times before.
Guybrush, Manny and Glottis went into the shop. It was filled with tools, engines, oil, machinery-parts, Barnacle Wax (yes it’s a joke for Turtle Wax) etc, etc, etc. Stan, a guy in a long coat and a big hat came to them.
Stan: Welcome to Machinery N’ Mechanic O’ Stan!!
Guybrush: Stan? What are you doing here on Booty Island?
Stan: I’m selling machinery of course! Don’t say anything, Mr. Threepwood! You were going to ask “You supposed to sell Time-shares.” Well, I thought of that with Ozzie Mandrill Enterprises domain Jambalaya Island there came more less and less customers. I may have continued the businesses there if you had come back after talking with your wife.
Guybrush: I was on a really important mission and forgot to ask.
Stan: Don’t you just worry! What can I do for you?
Manny: We could need an engine and some tools.
Stan: Say are you here for the Mardi-Gras Party?
Manny: Isn’t it to early for Mardi-Gras?
Stan: It’s like this everyday! So you need an engine, eh? What do you need? Fast? Slow? Big? Small? Old-fashioned? Advanced? Cheap? Expensive?
Glottis: We need the fastest engine you have!
Stan: The fastest? Ok! Come with me!
Stan led Guybrush, Manny and Glottis to a big engine.
Stan: This, gentlemen, is the Incom T-65 Hyper-speed Top-10 Engine 2002, the best, fastest engine in my shop (also in the whole world and awarded as the best, fastest, the most nature-caring engine in the world that produce NO smog, NO polluted gases and NO nuclear).
Guybrush: Sounds great! How much it cost?
Stan: The real question is… How much money do you have?
Guybrush: I have got 100 000 pieces of eight.
Stan: Not enough!
Manny: Well how about 200 000 Dead-dollars?
Stan: Dead-dollars? But dead-dollars are no good out here. I want something real!
Manny: Ok, how much do YOU want it then?
Stan: About 150 000 pieces of eight.
Guybrush: We will come back for that. How about tools?
Stan: Okay! Come with me!
Stan led Guybrush, Manny and Glottis to the tools and showed them some tool-kits.
Stan: These tool-kit is the best I have got. They never break and it works even with the most complicated engines in the whole world. Just 1000 pieces of eight.
Guybrush: We take it!
Stan: So great!
Guybrush gave Stan the money which Stan put in his pockets.
Guybrush: Can we get that engine for trade-ins?
Stan: Of course! As long it’s got a great value.
Guybrush: How about a rubber-chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle?
Stan: Already got one of those!
Manny: My scythe?
Stan: Not interested!
Guybrush: How about a Sam & Max comic? The latest issue.
Stan: I don’t think so!
Guybrush: How about a Death-traveler? You can get to see what’s behind life.
Stan: Not interested!
Guybrush: We come back later.
Stan: Ok but you better hurry. Three other guys wanted it too.
Guybrush, Manny and Glottis went outside. They were disappointed of the BIG price on the engine they needed.
Guybrush: How are we going get some money?
Manny: It will not be easy. I have an idea! Glottis and I are going to the Voodoo-lady to see if we could get some sproutella and some guns. You go to see if you could get something expensive.
Guybrush: Ok.
Guybrush went to around the island to find something to trade the engine for. We searched and searched but he couldn’t find anything. When he where at the big tree he sat down and look disappointed into the ground.
Guybrush: Sigh! This is bad! How am I going to save Elaine and the rest of the world from the clutches of LeChuck? Stupid Stan! If he could realize that I don’t have that much for once.
Mom: Don’t let you down, dear.
Dad: We will help you get something you could get the engine you need.
Guybrush: Huh? What!
Guybrush rose up and looked to the right and saw a man and a woman. They were none other than Guybrush’s mom and dad.
Guybrush: Mom? Dad? But I thought that you were dead!
Dad: Nonsense, my son! We have been looking for you.
Mom: We have heard that you have married the governor of Mêlée Island.
Guybrush: That’s true! And what a story I have to tell you!
Dad: Later sonny!
Guybrush: But if you are alive then who were the skeletons underneath Big Whoop?
Mom: That was just your aunt and uncle.
Guybrush: Before you are going to help me… Are you two going to turn into skeletons and dance and sing the clues?
Dad: We have no idea what you are talking about.
Guybrush: Never mind! Do you have anything of value? I mean great value.
Mom: Oh! Here!
Guybrush’s mom gave Guybrush a bag of golden dollars.
Guybrush: A bag of wooden nickels?
Dad: No, it’s golden dollars!
Guybrush: Thanks! Now I can save Elaine and the rest of the world! Would you come with me?
Mom: Sure, Guybrush!
Dad: Ah! We haven’t so great family adventure since…
Guybrush: Excuse me, but I’m a little hurry now!
Dad: Oh, sorry!
Guybrush and his parents went back to town where they meet Manny and Glottis.
Guybrush: I’m back! And look what I have here!
Guybrush showed Manny the bag of golden dollars.
Manny: Golden dollars! Bien! Let’s get that engine, Glottis!
Glottis: I’m so excited! I think that fixing up an engine for a ship will as fun as I build the Bone Wagon!
Guybrush: Ok! Mom and dad, let’s go to ship and meet my other friends.
Guybrush and his parents came back to the ship and there waited H T Marley, Mr. Cheese, Haggis, Meathook, Carla, Edward, Otis and Cutthroat Bill.
Guybrush: Already back from shopping?
Haggis: Aye! We have now what we need. How about you?
Guybrush: Manny and Glottis will get the engine. Ahem! I want to introduce my parents for you.
H T Marley: Mel and Kim? It’s been so long!
Dad: Ah, Mr. Marley! Good old friend!
Guybrush: You know my grandpa-in-law?
Mom: But of course!
Dad: We have known Horetio Torquameda Marley ever since we were kids.
Guybrush: So your names are Mel and Kim? Did you really made the song “rocking a-round the Christmas-tree”?
Mom: Um…
Dad: Well… yes.
Then Manny and Glottis came to the harbor. Glottis carried the big engine to the ship.
Glottis: Ok, now if you give me a minute I’ll be ready.
Guybrush: Now that we have to wait for Glottis to mechanic we could have some lunch.
Edward: I have prepared the lunch of today. It’ll be stew.
Guybrush: So good. I almost thought it was cold leek and potato-soup.
About 15 minutes later Glottis was finished with fixing the ship. On the deck Guybrush had gather his crew. It was Mr. I Cheese, Haggis McMutton, Cutthroat Bill, Carla the swords-master, Meathook, Otis, Edward Van Helgan, H T Marley, Manny Calavera, Glottis and Mel and Kim Threepwood.
Guybrush: Ok men! Before we get to Monkey Island I’m going to have a quick speech. I thank you for saving my life, willing to help me and the world and for being great friends. With the Death-controller LeChuck has he may bring dead people back to life so he can make an army of them. They can’t be killed by root-beer so you will all get a sproutella-gun. Be careful though so you don’t hit Manny since he is DEAD.
Guybrush gave everyone a sproutella-gun. Suddenly a skeleton fell down from the sky and when it crashed at the floor its bones separated through all the deck. It was Murray. The skull got in front of Guybrush.
Murray: Phew! That was close. I thought that I would be cracked.
Guybrush: Murray? What are you doing here?
Murray: Well, it seems that LeChuck was so horrible I decided to go with you. Besides you have got more “evil” than him.
Guybrush: So you mean that you like me so much that you didn’t want to obey LeChuck and escaped, right?
Murray: Yes. I like you very much in a dark demonic way.
Haggis: Oh my god! It’s LeChuck’s soldiers!
Guybrush: No! Wait! He’s a friend of mine. Please gather him and let’s go!
Cutthroat Bill: I’m so excited about this battle, captain!
Haggis: Aye. And makes me to sing this song…
Haggis, Edward and Cutthroat Bill begin to swing and they were about to sing when Guybrush interrupted them.
Guybrush: Hold it! We really have no time for song! We can sing it after the battle is over. Glottis, start the engine!
Glottis: Aye-aye, captain!
Guybrush: Let’s go!
Glottis started the engine and the ship went in Mach-2-speed through the Caribbean.
Carla: Ahh! It’s going too fast!
Mom: I haven’t ridden so fast like this since our first date, Melvin.
Dad: Yeah, but this even more fun, Kim.
Mom: Yes, it is, dear.
Murray: Mwuhahaha!
Otis: Stop scare me like that, Murray!
Guybrush: This is even there times as fun as the Madly Rotating Buccaneer!
Meathook: This is so scary!
Glottis: Yeeehaaa!
Manny: Aye Chihuahua!
Mr. Cheese: Whoopee!
About 5 minutes later the ship was close to Monkey Island. The ship slowed down so they could drop the anchor outside Monkey Island. Then Guybrush and his crew jumped down in a dinghy and rowed to Monkey Island shore.
Guybrush: Okay, we are here. But I don’t remember where LeChuck’s fortress is.
Manny: But I do. Follow me!
Manny began to walk to the way into the deep jungles. Guybrush together with Glottis, Haggis, Murray, Otis, Cutthroat Bill, Edward, Carla, Meathook, Mel(Guybrush’s dad), Kim(Guybrush’s mom), H T Marley and Mr. Cheese followed Manny and about half an hour later they came to LeChuck’s fortress that was located on the cooled-down volcano (the one with the Church of LeChuck (orthodox)) on the west side on the island. The gang stopped at a good distance so no one would see them.
Guybrush: Skeleton-guards and Skull-men™. It does look bad, but we have to get there. Any ideas how get passed?
Carla: How about if I run at them, bringing my sword and then let them chase me so you others can get inside.
Glottis: Hey, good idea!
Guybrush: Be careful, Carla!
Carla: No, it’s you who needs to be careful since you are the captain.
Manny: Buena Suerte, Carla!
Carla sneaked to the castle within the bushes and jumped in front of the skeletal-guards and the Skull-men™. Carla brought up her blade and begun to swing it wildly in front of them.
Carla: Come on, you sissies! You can’t take on me, Carla the swords-master of Mêlée Island!
Skull-man guard: An intruder!
Skeleton-guard: Your under arrest!
Carla: Catch me if you can! Hahaha!
Carla ran on the road down from the mountain with all the guards after her. When all the guards were gone Guybrush and the rest sneaked up to the castle. When they reached up to the port they tried to open it but it was locked.
Guybrush: It’s locked.
Meathook: Maybe I can lock it up with my hooks.
Meathook put one of his hooks in the lock and succeeded with open it. They all pushed to open the door and it opened. Guybrush sneaked in first and checked around if there was anyone.
Guybrush: Ok, the coast is clear!
H T Marley: Let’s go!
Guybrush and the rest walked through the gates into the castle-hall. There was nobody in there except for our heroes but it was well-lit with skeleton-arms holding burning sticks.
Guybrush: What a creepy place.
Manny: I wonder if that’s how those skeletons were meant to be used.
H T Marley: Oh, I’m so worried! We have to save my grand-daughter!
Glottis: Take it easy, Mr. Marley.
Guybrush: That’s Mr. Threepwood.
Glottis: I was talking to H T.
Guybrush: Whoops!
After a good walking through corridors and catacombs they reached a door with a sign above.
Guybrush: It says “To LeChuck’s throne-room.”
Edward: Let’s go!
Guybrush walked through the door but suddenly an electric bolt hit Guybrush and send him back.
Guybrush: Ahhhhh! OF! Ow!
Manny: Caramba! It’s an electric-shocker!
Haggis: There’s got to be a way to switch it off.
Glottis: Hey, look!
Everybody looked in the direction Glottis was pointing and they saw a big generator that controlled the electric-doorstops. Glottis pulled out his tools from his pockets, walked to the generator and started to work with it.
Glottis: Now watch me working on this baby!
After awhile Glottis have succeeded turned it off and the electric-fence were gone.
Guybrush: Good going, Glottis! Okay, draw your guns! This is going to be rather messy!
Guybrush, Glottis, Manny, Murray, Haggis, Otis, Edward, Mr. Cheese, Cutthroat Bill, Meathook, H T Marley and Guybrush’s mom and dad draw their weapons (that’s swords, guns and Sproutella-guns) and walked into the door, over some stairs, through to a big room outside the throne-room. Guybrush and the rest walked to the big portal with LeChuck’s different portraits of his different forms (Ghost-pirate, Zombie-pirate, Demon-pirate, Skeleton-pirate and his living form).
Guybrush: Ok, guys! When I say “now” we barge the door. Any questions?
No one said nothing.
Guybrush: Sounds like a big “NO” to me. Ready? One… two… three! NOW!!
Guybrush and the others pushed the door together so hard that opened but LeChuck and his men wasn’t there.
Edward: Where is everybody?
Guybrush: Maybe they went to bed early?
Murray: Evil NEVER sleeps! Mwuahahaha!
Glottis: Wait! I hear something!
Glottis tried to listen what he heard.
Guybrush: Well?
Glottis: It’s sounds like Captain Rottingham and LeChuck talking.
Guybrush: Where?
Glottis: I bet they are on the roof. Sounds like that.
Manny: There! There is the stairs to the roof.
Guybrush: Now it’s time for the last chapter. Guybrush kicks a dead skeleton-butt! Let’s go!
Guybrush and his crew ran to the stairs and followed them to the roof. When they came to the top they all hided behind a small tower on the top of the GIANT tower and watched LeChuck, Captain Rottingham, Ozzie Mandrill, King André, Cruff, The Skull-men™, Largo LaGrande, Elaine and some skeleton-guards.
LeChuck: Now my sweet Elaine, shall we have a marriage after we take the world?
Elaine: Oh, LeChuck, yes!
LeChuck: How about a little kiss before we start?
Elaine: Yes, LeChuck, my lover-undead-boy!
LeChuck and Elaine kissed and Guybrush made a chocking reaction for that Elaine is kissing a dead skeleton-pirate who almost have lost all the flesh from his bones (surprisingly LeChuck still had his lips over his teeth).
Guybrush: Gross!
H T Marley: Ssshh! They may hear us.
Ozzie: Well, LeChuck, shall we begin?
LeChuck: Yes! Let’s take over the world!
LeChuck held his right hand (he carried the Death-controller on that arm) to the night-sky to take over the world with the Voodoo-armbands power.
LeChuck: After all the years that I have been killed and humiliated I, the Skeleton-pirate LeChuck shall now be remembered as the most fearsome pirate in the WHOLE universe! I declare myself, LeChuck, with my companions, the rulers of the WORLD!!!!!
Suddenly a big beam of green light shot into the sky and surrounded it as a sign to take over the world. Behind the small tower Guybrush aimed his Sproutella-gun at LeChuck’s hand.
Edward: Guybrush! You aim at the wrong place!
Guybrush: No! I’m stopping LeChuck from taking over the world before the surprise-attack!
Guybrush shot and the Sprouter hit LeChuck’s hand and the armband flew to the other side of the big tower. LeChuck’s hand slowly begun to be Sprouted.
LeChuck: Darrg! What is this?! Is something wrong with the Death-controller?
Guybrush: No! It was me!
LeChuck: W-w-w…? B-b-b…? THREEPWOOD?!?
Guybrush and the others came to the evil gang.
Ozzie: But you’re supposed to be dead!
Guybrush: But I was saved! Thanks to my lungs that make me hold my breath under ten minutes and my friends! Murray!
Murray: Mwuhahaha!
Guybrush: Cutthroat Bill!
Cutthroat Bill: You will be sorry for this!
Guybrush: Otis!
Otis: You’re the one who framed me for picking flowers!
Ozzie: Grrr!
Guybrush: Meathook!
Meathook: I will slash you and the dip you in wax!
Guybrush: Edward Van Helgan!
Edward: I’m the sharpest shooter in the Caribbean!
Guybrush: Horetio Torquameda Marley!
H T Marley: Release my grand-daughter or you will be crushed!
Guybrush: Manny Calavera!
Manny: You better watch out for the Grim Reaper! Especially if he has a gun!
Guybrush: Glottis!
Glottis: You are a bunch of cowards!
Guybrush: Haggis McMutton!
Haggis: You are going to Loch Ness to meet Nessie!
Guybrush: Mr. I Cheese!
Mr. Cheese: Aye!
Guybrush: Cheese.
Mr. Cheese: Aye!
Guybrush: And finally my parents Mel and Kim!
Kim: I have never been in so much fun battle since our last honeymoon.
Mel: Ah, this bring great memories!
Carla: Don’t forget me, Carla the swords-master of Mêlée Island!
Guybrush: Carla? How did you get up here? You chased off the guards.
Carla: Yes but they are running in circles at the beach.
LeChuck: What do you have done to my hand?! It’s getting covered with vines and it hurts!
Guybrush: You have been Sprouted, LeChuck! When you are a dead-soul-skeleton you will die from this. It’s a death within death!
LeChuck who got enraged of Guybrush’s information pointed at this right hand and send out a beam of ice which froze the plants. Then the ice got crushed and LeChuck wasn’t sprouted anymore.
LeChuck: So good that I have learned that ice-beam that will stop any plantation attacks.
Guybrush: Now LeChuck it’s war! Let’s get them!
LeChuck: Don’t you stand there! KILL THEM!
And so the battle begins. All the skeletons and Skull-men™ went to attack. Guybrush and the rest started to attack. It was a big fight were everyone was in it! Manny kept shooting at the skeleton-guards and they got sprouted. A couple of Skull-men™ surrounded Haggis but he grabbed one skull-man with just one hand and swung him so the others were thrown out. Carla were really good at sword-fighting and defeated all the attackers. Otis attacked a couple of Skull-men with Jackie Chan style. He jumped, kicked, punched and threw away the attackers. In the middle of the battle Guybrush tried to reach the voodoo-armband and almost got it when Elaine, who still was in LeChuck’s trance, grabbed it.
Guybrush: Elaine, give it back!
Elaine: Forget it, Threepwood! It’s belonging to LeChuck!
Guybrush: But LeChuck is an evil, stinking undead pirate from hell!!!
Elaine: I don’t care about that! I always loved him and I always will.
Guybrush: But you can’t love LeChuck. You married me. You are my plunder-bunny!
Elaine: Don’t even think about it, Threepwood!
Guybrush: Give that armband and I won’t have to hurt you.
Elaine: Give it up! You are just a stupid, ignorant, ugly, pirate-wanna-be that didn’t deserve to come up in five games!
Guybrush: Why you… you… YOU #”¤%/¤#”¤&!!!
Elaine: Do you call that an insult? I know this one better! You fight like a daily farmer!
Guybrush: Oh yeah, well you fight like a cow!
Guybrush got so enraged over the insult that he (without thought of it) slapped Elaine on her cheek so she fell down to the ground. She quickly rose up again dizzy and confused.
Guybrush: Elaine… are you all right?
Elaine: Guybrush? Guybrush! You are alive! But how…?
Guybrush: I tell you later. We have to defeat LeChuck now. Just give me the armband so I can use it on LeChuck.
Elaine: Alright, snugglecake.
Elaine gave Guybrush the armband but suddenly LeChuck appeared beside them from nowhere and took it away.
LeChuck: Haha! Nice try Threepwood!
Guybrush: Darn!
LeChuck: Now I will freeze you!
LeChuck aimed his hand at Guybrush but he already noticed what LeChuck was going to do so he made a sudden side-jump and LeChuck’s ice-beam missed him and hit a skull-man.
LeChuck: Darrgh! Don’t ye stand there! Get them!
Ozzie: I’m not going that pencil-necked boy get away!
Captain Rottingham: I take care of “so-called” swords-master of Mêlée Island!
Cruff: Let’s get that Skeleton!
Largo: Guybrush is mine!
LeChuck, Ozzie, Largo, the Skull-man leader, Captain Rottingham, King Andre and Cruff started involved themselves into the battle. Captain Rottingham battled Carla with Insult-sword-fighting.
Captain Rottingham: Now I will show you who are the real swords-master!
Carla: Let’s get it over with, stupid Frenchman!
Captain Rottingham: Every enemy I have met I have emulated!
Carla: With your breath I sure they all suffocated! Your mother was a hamster!
Captain Rottingham: Your father smelt like elderberries! You are the ugliest thing I have never seen in my life!
Carla: Uh…
Captain Rottingham: I’m waiting!
Carla: I… I… I’m shocked that you never stared at your wife!
Carla and Captain Rottingham kept on fighting but then their swords flew of their hands.
Captain Rottingham: Hmm… You are pretty good, Carla, but ye have not defeated me yet.
Carla: How are we going to fight further now that we don’t have swords?
Captain Rottingham: By fists of course!
Captain Rottingham punched Carla so hard that she knocked out.
Captain Rottingham: Just as I though, she is an amateur at boxing.
Haggis: But not me, Captain Rottingham.
Haggis appeared from behind, grabbed Captain Rottingham and threw him into a wall and got knocked out. Meanwhile Guybrush had a big problem with LeChuck who still had the Voodoo-armband and he kept shooting power-bolts at Guybrush.
Guybrush: How I’m I going to beat him up? Maybe this… LOOK! A THREE-HEADED MONKEY!
LeChuck: That’s an old trick Threepwood! Take that!
Suddenly Manny came close to LeChuck from behind and shot at him. LeChuck noticed that too late and became sprouted but he used the ice-beam to cool it down.
Manny: Not even the fast sproutella doesn’t work!
LeChuck: When I’m done with Threepwood ye are going to be my slave!
LeChuck powered up a power-bolt to a really STRONG power-bolt and he had a great aim on Guybrush who tried to avoid LeChuck’s attacks.
But suddenly a skull came flying and knocked LeChuck so the power-bolt hit one of the small towers and destroyed it. It was Murray who had rip of his skull from his body and threw it on LeChuck’s head.
Murray: Mwuhahaha!
LeChuck: Daarrgh! Curse you and your diabolic tricks!
Murray: I’m not your skeleton-guard anymore! That this, you over-bloated fool!
Murray’s body shot some sproutella-bullets at LeChuck. LeChuck who got hit froze the parts where he had been hit but he accidentally froze himself. Murray’s body picked up Murray (skull) and put him on his neck again. But LeChuck cracked of the ice and got free from the ice. Guybrush hid himself behind a fallen wall and tried to get a plan to kill LeChuck.
Guybrush: That LeChuck is just more than annoying. How am going to kill him?
Guybrush saw that a water-pipe was broken and shot lots of water. He began to think and then he got an idea.
Guybrush: If I only could bend that pipe to aim at LeChuck, shoot him with the Sproutella-guns and he would be helplessly trapped in ice.
Guybrush ran to Glottis and Haggis who knocked out some skeleton-pirates.
Guybrush: Haggis! Glottis! I have a plan for defeat LeChuck for good. Come with me!
Haggis: Aye, lad!
Glottis: Ok, Guybrush!
LeChuck saw Guybrush talking to Haggis and Glottis and fired away a power-bolt but a scythe reflected the beam so it hit LeChuck.
LeChuck: What?!
Manny: You better watch out, LeChuck! I’m the Grim Reaper!
LeChuck: Ye are not going to reap me that easy, ye bag of bones!
LeChuck drew a big sable to challenge Manny in sword-fighting (for real, not the insult-game).
LeChuck: En guard! Touché!
Manny: Oh, that’s so Cliché!
LeChuck swung aggressively his sable at Manny who tried to defense himself with his scythe. Meanwhile Guybrush, Haggis and Glottis ran to the broken water-pipe which spayed a lot’s of water.
Guybrush: Ok, we must bend this pipe so the water spray can hit LeChuck.
Haggis: But how that will beat LeChuck?
Guybrush: You will see. Pull!
Guybrush, Haggis and Glottis pushed and pulled with all their might and bended the big pipe. The water that sprayed from the water hit LeChuck who was still dueled with Manny. He turned around to see who did that.
LeChuck: Bad move, Threepwood!
LeChuck kept sending lots of power-bolts but Guybrush, Haggis and Glottis jumped away to avoid it. Elaine who wrestled with Ozzie saw that her beloved husband was in great trouble, smacked at Ozzie hard on his head so knocked out, ran to LeChuck from behind, grab his underwear and pulled it hard so LeChuck reacted and made him shot the power-bolts in the sky. Then the bolts fell down and hit LeChuck so that his skull dropped of his body.
LeChuck: What the heck?!
Elaine: Don’t try anything bad on my husband, you stinking skeleton-pirate!
Cruff: Hands up, Marley!
King André: Now you will be dead as your husband be soon.
LeChuck: André! Don’t kill her!
King André: But LeChuck, sir, I thought that if you used that Death-controller on Elaine when she is dead she would be…
LeChuck: Shut up! I want her alive!
Guybrush: NO!
Guybrush begun to shot lots of sproutella-bullets so that I hit all LeChuck’s skeleton-pirates. It was really close that Murray was also hit by the gun.
Murray: Watch it, you clumsy mortal!
Guybrush: Sorry, Murray!
King André: You must deal with us first if you are going to kill LeChuck!
Largo: Now I’ll take care of you for pin me with that Voodoo-doll and for making LeChuck’s fortress explode. It could have killed me!
Skull-man leader: We helping LeChuck now.
Skull-men™: HELP LECHUCK!!
Largo LaGrande, King André, Cruff and the Skull-men™ stood in a big army in front of our friends and pointed their guns and swords at them. Guybrush dropped his gun and held his arms over his head.
Guybrush: Oh-oh Jungle!
But suddenly Timmy the monkey came and stood between LeChuck’s men and Guybrush’s friends in a kung-fu like stance.
Timmy: Oop eek chee!
Guybrush: Timmy?
Jojo Jr.: You shall not torture our friends like this LeChuck!
LeChuck: Darrgg! Who are ye?
Suddenly a lot of monkeys came up from the edge of the tower and they all stood in front of Guybrush and his friends. Then a gray monkey with a golden pirate-hat stood in front of the monkey-army.
Guybrush: Jojo Jr.? Is that you?
Jojo Jr.: Yes, Guybrush. We are here to help you!
Guybrush: How?
Jojo Jr.: With the arts of Moooonkeeey Kombat!
Guybrush: Oh yeah! Why didn’t I came with that?
Carla: Monkey Kombat? What’s that?
Otis: I don’t know but I really hope it’s a winning strategy.
Guybrush walked to Jojo Jr. and Timmy and stood in a Bruce Lee battle-stance.
Guybrush: It’s the end of your plans LeChuck! Because we all are challenge you in…
The monkeys attacked all the skull-men with different stances of the Monkey Kombat. Cruff tried to punch Timmy but he dodged him and attacked him with the Drunken Monkey and the Bobbin’ Baboon attacks. Jojo Jr. attacked Largo LaGrande with the Gimpy Gibbon attack and easily dodged Largo’s hook attack. Guybrush had no problem with jump-kick his opponents with Anxious Ape. He knocked out King André who tried to shoot Guybrush. The Skull-men™ tried to attack the monkeys but they didn’t succeed and got beaten up. LeChuck who just watched the battle were both shocked and angry.
LeChuck: Darrgh! Those useless scumbags! It’s looks like I have to do the filthy work!
LeChuck used the power of death controller to zap a big power-bolt but all the monkeys including Timmy, Jojo and Guybrush (sorry!) saw it and dodged it. Guybrush brought up a sproutella-gun and shot lots of bullets at LeChuck. When the bullets hit plants started to grow over him. He was about to use his ice-beam when Manny pushed him in the water-spray with his scythe and LeChuck used the ice-beam so his whole body got covered by a great thick ice. The ice-beam also froze the water-spray, the pipe, the whole sewer-system in the castle and the mountain-lake where the water for castle come from.
Guybrush: Whoops! I hope nobody bathed in their when I froze it.
Manny: Don’t worry about that, buddy. At least we stopped LeChuck’s plans.
Guybrush: Yeah!
Jojo Jr.: We have still an unfinished business though.
Jojo pointed up in the sky and they all saw that the evil green-colored power that came from LeChuck’s take-over-beam were still on the sky.
Guybrush: We have already stopped LeChuck and we trapped his minions so how can that green shine be so dangerous? Except of it’s disturbing moon-parties of course.
Jojo Jr.: Sigh! Anyway, it’s a sign of that evil still can control the world.
Guybrush: Darn!
Murray: Don’t worry! I will be a GOOD evil ruler! Mwuhahaha!
Guybrush: Murray!
Murray: What have happened to your sense of humor?
Manny: There is still hope. If we just can get that armband…
Guybrush: Let me take care of it. After all I am the main character in the series.
Guybrush brought up a sword from his pants and begun to hack his way through the ice.
Elaine: This will go on forever if Guybrush don’t get any help.
Manny: I’m helping you, amigo!
Manny drew his scythe and helped Guybrush with the hacking. Elaine, H T Marley, Jojo, Haggis, Glottis, Cutthroat Bill, Edward, Otis, Carla, Meathook, Murray, Mr. Cheese, Guybrush’s mom and dad, Timmy and the monkeys joined in hacking and finally LeChuck’s right arm were free so they could reach the voodoo-band.
Guybrush: I will take it. I hope that doesn’t move, does he?
Guybrush took the armband and drew it off LeChuck’s arm.
Guybrush: Ok! Now let’s disarm the spell!
But suddenly the ice begun to crack and the ice around LeChuck’s face got crushed. The others jumped in the horror.
All: Yikes!
LeChuck: Darrrghhh! You scum! You will never ever be defeat me! I’m the skeleton Pirate LeChuck! I will grind your bones to make me grog! I…
Guybrush had now enough and pointed his sproutella-gun at LeChuck. But LeChuck used his free arm to power up a REALLY POWERFUL power-bolt that could destroy whole the whole island if it hit.
LeChuck: I’m not going to be scared but those flowers Threepwood! Now I’m going to destroy you all and the whole island in this explosion with this REALLY POWERFUL power-bolt! I’m the only one who will be alive after this! Don’t worry, Elaine, with the Death-controller I will give your life back and then you will be my bride forever!
Guybrush: My word! I have to destroy LeChuck first! Ahem! Death-controller, use your whole power to destroy LeChuck and his island-destroying beam!
The Voodoo Death-power controlling armband powered up a REALLY POWERFUL attack and both LeChuck and Guybrush fired away the beams at once. But somehow the Voodoo-armband’s power were so powerful that it overpower LeChuck’s power and broke through the beam. LeChuck got a great pain when the beam hit but didn’t kill him. When the Voodoo-armband fired away the power-recoil were so powerful that the armband got so hot that Guybrush by mistake threw it over LeChuck.
Guybrush: Ah! Papapishu!
LeChuck saw the armband came and tried to reach it with a attract-beam but Guybrush and the others shot at LeChuck with the sproutella-guns.
And at the same time as LeChuck begun to get sprouted the armband hit the ice and begun to power up another VERY POWERFUL beam. It was pointed up on LeChuck’s face who became more and more sprouted. The beam fired off and hit LeChuck. When it LeChuck, who was both sprouted and frozen, it started an over-powered power-reaction which made LeChuck glow in a whitish power and the whole island cause to shake.
Guybrush: I’m not sure but I think…
Mr. Cheese: Yes?
Guybrush, his crew, the monkeys and the trapped baddies (that’s Captain Rottingham, Ozzie Mandrill, King André, Cruff, Largo LaGrande and the Skull-man leader) ran away from the tower and tried to escape the fortress. They were lucky to escape because the castle tilted so much they glide down the treetops and once they all came down they all hurried to the beach. At the very top of the biggest tower The power-reaction powered up so much that LeChuck exploded and the explosion caused the whole castle the explode. The explosion and LeChuck’s screaming could be herd as far as South-America!
All the monkeys jumped up and down while shouting like crazy for the explosion that totally destroyed the evil Skeleton-pirate LeChuck (and also some of the Skull-men too). Guybrush and the others just watched as the castle blew up into nothing.
Guybrush: Wow!
Manny: Es muy fantastico!
Elaine: That’s some explosion!
H T Marley: At last we got rid of that stinking bloated corpse.
Otis: Finally it’s over!
Carla: Don’t be so sure Otis.
Meathook: But let’s not worry about that now.
Murray: Ah, this is one of the situations that it’s good to be evil. But evil in a “good” way.
Glottis: It was so cool! That explosion was ten million times cooler than normal fireworks!
Mr. Cheese: Aye, it is!
Haggis: I think that we should get to Mêlée Island now.
Edward: I have never been so excited since the adventure 1678.
Cutthroat Bill: What shall we do now that LeChuck is dead now?
Jojo Jr.: For myself and my brothers we must return to Spittle Island for our quest.
Guybrush: Your quest?
Jojo Jr.: It’s a long story, Guybrush. We must go home now but I sense that it’s not the last time we meet. Farwell for now, Guybrush Threepwood!
Guybrush: Good bye, Jojo Jr.! We will never forget you.
Jojo Jr. and his monkey-tribe walked into the jungle and about ten minutes later a giant monkey-robot flew up and away from Monkey Island. Guybrush and all his friends waved good bye to them. Later, much later on Mêlée Island our friends have now returned to the island after a great adventure. Guybrush and all his friends were standing on the docks.
Guybrush: Well, now that we have finished this swashbuckling adventure let’s have a great party at the Scumm bar, then we going to have cruise through the whole Tri-island area. How about that, guys?
Otis: But wait a minute! The Scumm bar have been turned into that horrible Lua Bar!
H T Marley: Relax, sonny! I have decided that the Scumm bar would be rebuild and it’s finished.
Carla: Yeah! Let’s drink grog!
Elaine: Okay, I could have a little drink after been under control of LeChuck and have been traveling to the Land of the Dead.
Murray: Guybrush?
Guybrush: Yeah?
Murray: May I scare somebody? PLEASE!
Guybrush: Okay, but just one, ok?
Murray: Ok! Just one, check!
Manny: I would like to party but I’m not supposed to be here. I’m not even belong here anymore.
Guybrush: Yeah but we’ll be surely missed.
Manny: Maybe so but I’m must fulfill my destiny, to find Mercedes Colomar and get out of the Land of the Dead to the Ninth Underworld.
Guybrush: If I die I will meet you again!
Manny: At least we can hope that, amigo.
Guybrush shook hands with Manny. Glottis came to Guybrush.
Guybrush: Well, Glottis, this is it!
Glottis: “Sob”, good-bye Guybrush! You were the best mortal-friend that I ever “sob” have.
Glottis gave Guybrush a big hug that almost crushed Guybrush ribs.
Guybrush: Youtch!
Glottis: Whoops! Sorry!
Glottis who noticed that he hugged Guybrush too hard and let him go.
Manny: Adios, amigo mios!
Glottis: Good bye, guys! Have a nice life!
Manny and Glottis used the death-traveler and the disappeared in a big flash of light.
Guybrush: Good-bye! We will never forget you two! I will really miss those guys. Well! Let’s go to the Scumm bar!
Cutthroat Bill: Hey! What about the song then?
Guybrush: Oh yeah! We’ll sing the song first and then go to the Scumm bar. I and the guys will begin. And a one and a two and a…!
Guybrush, Haggis, Edward and Cutthroat Bill begun to make a cool dance and begun to sing “A pirate was meant to be.”
Guybrush: Now that the adventure is over let’s have some fun!
Haggis: We glad to do it after all things we have done!
Guybrush: Come on everyone let’s get singing the song!
Otis: I like to it though I’m so thirsty so long!
Carla: Where will we be going to after this party?
Guybrush: Maybe Plunder Island would be for use guys so hearty.
Elaine: (not singing) That’s a good one!
Guybrush: (not singing) Yes, dear!
H T Marley: This quite a song. Let’s do it again!
Murray: Listen to me and you will frighten in pain!
Guybrush: (not singing) Murray!
Murray: Hurry! Mwuahahaha!
Elaine: Who’s going to pay for the grog?
Meathook: We pay for the money we got selling that Voodoo-mog!
Carla: Come on! Let’s do some sword-fighting right now!
Edward: Doing it is a thing we don’t ask how!
Guybrush: Everyone now!
Murray: I’m so hungry that I could eat your soul! Mwuahaha!
Mr. Cheese: I rather running all the way to the goal!
Murray: (not singing) Darn!
Edward: Well, I don’t have any more to sing.
Haggis: Neither do I.
Cutthroat Bill: I’m thirsty!
Guybrush: Okay! Let’s get grog now! To the Scumm bar!
Guybrush walked first of the gang to the Scumm bar but he didn’t look carefully on the ground and his foot were on the way to step on a slippery banana-pile.
Elaine: Guybrush! Watch out for…!
But too late (once again)! Guybrush slipped on the banana-pile and fell from the edge of the harbor.
Guybrush: Wuuuuaaaah!
The others ran to the edge and looked down to see if he drowned or something. But he didn’t. Guybrush’s shirt have been grabbed on cargo-lift hook and he hanged there.
Elaine: Are you alright?
Guybrush: I’m fine. PLEASE! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!
Haggis: Just hang on and I see if I could high you up.
Guybrush: “Sigh!” At least I don’t hang from a very high cliff for being pushed by a monkey.
Timmy: Eeeh ooh oh ah ah ah ah cheeeeeee!

The end

Guybrush Marley Threepwood
Elaine Marley Threepwood
Skeleton-pirate LeChuck
Manuel (Manny) Calavera
Haggis McMutton
Edward “Snugglecakes” Van Helgan
Cutthroat Bill
Murray the demonic skull (skeleton)
H T Marley
Toto Santos
Carla, the swords-master of Mêlée Island
El Pollo Diablo
Captain Rottingham
Largo LaGrande
Ozzie Mandrill
King André
The Voodoo-lady (Sheila)
The Skull-man leader
The Skull-men™
Jojo Jr.
Timmy the monkey
The giant sand-snake
The large snake of Plunder Island
A lot’s of monkeys

Author: Mats Berglinn

Based on characters from Monkey Island series and Grim Fandango by Ron Gilbert, Tim Schaffer and the Lucas arts Entertainment (Sam & Max by Steve Purchell)

No animals (especially not monkeys) were harmed during the writing of this story.
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