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Rebellion: The Beginning
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It would be impossible for me to take full credit for this story. The characters (most of them, at least), locations, and idea for the story line have been taken from the Monkey Island™ games, products of the LucasArts firm. Therefore, most of the credits should go to them.

I must also thank Dalixam, for having a fan-novel section on his site, and also for posting my little story in that section.

But people have also helped me in writing this tale. I will now name the ones who I have found especially helpful for me and my story (arranged after time of helping):

Ludomaniac: This dear friend, who often has helped me on earlier stories, read the first drafts of the two first chapters. His comments have been crucial for the basis or backbone of the story. Without his help, it is uncertain if this story would be here today. He also read through the whole story before I added the last chapter. His remarks to the whole story have given me greater understanding of my writing in the eyes of others.

The comments on my story have been a major encouragement for the continual work on my story. Whenever I was unable to easily continue, and was close to giving up, I reread the comments that had been written by kind souls, and regained my confidence in myself and the story. If it hadn't been for the comments, it is likely that I would have never managed to even finish my second chapter.

From these many kind souls who commented on my story, I would especially like to thank:

Ryback: His comments were always useful, since they saw the clear errors in my chapters. He also hosted my story on his own fanfiction site.

monkeyislandfanatic: She has been a major help in both grammatical corrections of my chapters, and quality assurance. She has also given me loads of help with names (like the pumpkin city, Stew Bram, the admiral). She has been my greatest helper throughout chapters 2-6. Without her, my story would probably still be at chapter 3, or perhaps chapter 4, and with tons of grammatical errors, and poorly made up names. It would also be much more varied quality of the chapters (in a bad way).

I have also found great use of the fantastic forum-thread, Ask Haggis#3, and thus would like to thank these people:

Haggis: He cleared my uncertainty about the true Treasure Fleet. He also taught me that the proper name of the ship's kitchen is galley, and that the lumberjack on board ships is usually a carpenter. He also answered a whip-related question about the names, and the history of pumpkins. And lastly he found a small animal at the size of a rabbit that lived in the Caribbean.

raVen_image: He showed me the correct use of the phrase, "To kiss the cannon's daughter" (translated directly from a Norwegian translation of the phrase). He also found a couple of good possibilities for the rabbit-like animal. I, in fact, used his Solodendon until my last draft of my story.

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