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The Secret of Monkey Island - Forum Style -
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Chapter 2: The Monkey Island Legend

The three friends walked out with the crowd into the chilly night. A large algae-covered sailing ship sat out in the bay near the SCUMM Bar. At first Monkey Wrangler was unimpressed. The ship had holes all through the bottom of it, one of the masts had broken in two, and (worst of all) it smelled of monkeys. Noticing Monkey Wranglers frown, Raven Image spoke up.

“Aye, the Sea Monkey. The only ship capable of sailing to Monkey Island and back again. Though not always with the same crew.”

Monkey Wrangler looked at Raven sarcastically.

“This thing?! I’m surprised it can float!”

“It can do more than float! It’s been to Monkey Island at least twice if not more!”

“Oh no.” Murry cut in, “Not that Guybrush story again!”

Raven laughed, “Of coarse not! Only vegetable-eating cannibals would believe that story. Besides, in that tale, the Sea Monkey was sunk, and here it is, right here. The first time this ship went to Monkey Island you’ve all heard about. You know, the Governors story of how he and a friend traveled there. The other time is only known to few.” Raven paused for suspense, “Captain Dalixam has been there.”

“Why is he then going back?” Monkey Wrangler interrupted.

“No one’s quite sure. After he came back from the first voyage, he studied everything he could about the Secret of Monkey Island. It seems that he may have had seen a glimpse of the Secret, but then was driven out by some unknown force.”

“The force?” Murry asked.


“Never mind.”

“Anyway, he doesn’t talk about it now. It seems he is going to be driven mad if he doesn’t go back. And now, we have a chance to uncover the Secret!”

The three had now made it up onto the ship. There was a good view of the crew on the dock below and Raven took this opportunity to introduce some of the people to Monkey Wrangler. He pointed to a man who was laughing quite loud.

“That,” Raven said, “is Haxaty. He’s the liveliest of the bunch.”

Then he pointed to a taller, skinnier man.

“That’s Ryback, he’s a little quiet, but pretty intelligent if you can get him to talk to you. He’s more of a thinker than a talker.”

Raven kept the list going:

“That’s Murray: ruler of the world.”

“That’s quite a title.” Monkey Wrangler said.

“He made it up himself. And that over there is Monkeygirl.”

Monkey Wrangler looked to where Raven pointed. He was taken aback by her beauty. Raven noticed Monkey Wranglers long glance.

“Over here,” he continued, pointing at a man with a cat on one shoulder and a parrot on the other, “is Haggis. He’s the navigator.”

“Isn’t that a movie?” Murry asked.

Raven ignored him, “And that’s Blaze Marley-Flamestrike.”

He pointed to a rough-looking woman with a duck. She was talking to some short odd man in green pants.

“The duck’s name is PID.”

“We’ve got a very unique group here.”

“You’ll meet the rest on our voyage.”

Monkey Wrangler stepped back down onto the dock to look for Monkeygirl, but was stopped by the man in green pants.

“Hello.” the man said, and started leading him in the opposite direction.

“Uh, hi. Can we talk later, I’ve gotta see a man about a monkey.”

“No time but the present my lad, I’m Largo LeGrande.”

“Um, I think I’ve heard of you, weren’t you the one who was going to bring balance to the force?”

“Enough with the jokes. Come this way.”

Largo led him down the dock to where Haggis and a few others were standing and put his back to him.

“So…what did you want to talk about?” Monkey Wrangler asked.

“Uh…well…err…I…um…GOT IT!”

“Got what? What are you talking about??” Monkey Wrangler asked sarcastically.

“Thanks for the cover, me lad, ha ha ha!”

And he ran off with a large scroll in his hand.

Haggis turned, “Hey, he’s got the map to Monkey Island!”

Monkey Wrangler than realized that Largo had used him for cover to steal the map for himself. Then there was a loud ear-piercing bang! All heads turned. Oldwizard had shot the scoundrel in the back from up on the ship. A perfect bull’s-eye! What luck.

Dalixam went over to the dead body and picked up the map. He kicked the body into the water and went back into his cabin, obviously angry at almost missing the chance to go back to Monkey Island. Everyone hurried with their chores to get the ship out to sea so something like this wouldn’t happen again. The ship went out an hour later leaving the SCUMM Bar abandoned.

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