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The Child of Monkey Island
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Part 1: The Child

Guybrush and Elaine were staying on a short vacation on Plunder Island, the island was very quiet and the town too so there was never much to worry about. Elaine had remembered after they left Melee her grandfather had mentioned grandchildren. She wanted to speak to Guybrush about it.
“Guybrush dear” said Elaine sweetly
“Do you ever think about the future?”
“How far into the future?”
“Well, maybe we could consider you know having children?”
Guybrush gulped “I don’t think we’re quite ready yet” he quickly tried to change the subject “hey lets go to Blondebeard’s Chicken how about that?”
“Oh, Ok”
Blondebeard had improved his chicken a lot lately and you know got a refund if you found maggots or cockroaches in the food, which luckily hadn’t happened for quite a while.
While Elaine tucked into her chicken Guybrush said he needed some fresh air and went outside while their he took a quick look around, it was very sunny and a generally nice day. Suddenly he could hear something a strange sound like crying it was coming from the alley next to the Blondebeards. He walked around to find out what it was and couldn’t see anything at first except for some trash bags and a broken sword. His eyes focused on something hidden in the dark shadows at the back of the alleyway; he climbed over bags of trash and found…
A girl!
A little girl of about 6 was sitting in the alleyway. She had black hair that was scruffy and she pale skin covered with dirt the girl backed away as Guybrush tried to reach for her. “I’m not going to hurt you” he said and smiled “come on, you can trust me” the little girl looked down then at his face. She reached forward and let him pick her up and he headed back for the shop.
“Where did you find her?”
“In the alley, maybe we should try and find the parents”
“I think she was abandoned, Guybrush”

They were soon back in their mansion trying to decide what to do with the young ‘Emily’ who Elaine named after her aunt. Emily had been cleaned up and Elaine had tried to get some answers from her, she had a few but not many.
“Did you ask her who her parents were?”
“She thinks her mother left her as a baby but she didn’t know anything about the father”
“So we have nowhere to look?”
Guybrush sighed. Emily would have to stay there until they could find out where to begin looking for a family. Guybrush wanted Emily to find her family but Elaine seemed to want her to stay, she had gotten some old toys of hers as a child and Emily had started to play with an old doll when there was a knock at the door. Guybrush went to answer, it was the voodoo lady who invited herself in and sat on down on with Elaine and Guybrush saying she had some news to tell them, Emily had left saying she wanted rest.
“What is the news?” asked Guybrush
“Bad news, I am afraid Lechuck is still roaming around”
“Still? I destroyed him”
“No, Guybrush you destroyed Ozzie and the statue of Lechuck not him himself”
“I seem to sense another presence here”
“That’s Emily” said Elaine “She is a young girl we found we don’t know who her parents are”
“Be careful you never know who you can trust”
Guybrush and Elaine exchanged looks and before they knew it the voodoo lady was gone.
“She never stays long enough,” said Guybrush
“I think she stays too long” sighed Elaine
“What do you think she meant about Emily?” asked Elaine
“I don’t know”

“Emily, come on you must know something about your parents” Guybrush was getting impatient from asking over and over.
“I told you, I think my mother left me but I swear I can’t remember who my father was,” she said.
“Let it go Guybrush” Elaine sighed “She must be telling the truth she doesn’t know”
“Ok, Elaine”
“Emily, could you please go back into the guest room”
“Ok, Elaine”
Emily obediently got up and walked away
“Wait” Guybrush suddenly shouted “Emily look at me for a minute”
Emily turned around and nervously looked at Guybrush
“Emily go to the room” Elaine cut in
Emily quickly turned and ran into the guest room
“Guybrush what were you doing?”
“I don’t know I had a look at her face and from a distance she reminds me of someone”
“Well, Guybrush I have a solution I went out when we first got Emily to the town hall, they keep birth records from every Island around here and I did manage to find Emily’s at least I think it is hers the picture seemed right”
“What did it say”
“Well, that’s the funny thing it had her mothers name but not her fathers its like her mother was ashamed or something”
“Well who was the mother?”
“A girl from a rich family that owns some restaurants around here I’ve been to them”
“I want to know her name Elaine, not her family history”
“Oh yes, I think it was yes it was a girl called Minnie”
“And her last name?”
“Goodsoup, Minnie Goodsoup”
“Hey, I know her”
“Really?” Elaine frowned at him
“She is dead, Elaine, when I was on Blood Island I saw her in the goodsoup family crypt”
“Well did she have any relationships she mentioned to you?”
Guybrush’s face went blank for a minute
“I can’t remember Elaine, I think she did but I probably wasn’t listening”
“Typical Guybrush” Elaine rolled her eyes

Meanwhile on Monkey island…
“Yes sir, Guybrush and Elaine are still on Melee apparently Elaine’s grandfather had to collect some items from Plunder before moving into the mansion but we don’t know why” a very nervous skeleton reported
“Good” Lechuck replied “We should have no problem getting there”
“There is a new person there, a young girl called Emily”
“How young?”
“A child”
“What!” bellowed Lechuck “Are you telling me they have a child now?”
“No sir” the skeleton replied his bones clicking together “She is too old to be theres she is around 6”
“They adopted her?”
“No, I think they found her”
“Well now I have a new target and a girl of that age I can really have some fun with” Lechuck laughed.

“Are you sure?” Elaine asked
“No, I can’t remember” Guybrush stuttered
Elaine’s mouth twitched
Emily suddenly reappeared behind Elaine she hadn’t heard what they were talking about “What were you talking about?” she asked curiously
Elaine crouched so she could look Emily in the face “Nothing, dear I think you’ll have to stay here for just a little while, I hope you are ok with that”
“I’m ok” Emily said she sounded uncertain though
Elaine smiled “Good”
Emily tried to smile but still she looked a bit nervous.
Guybrush didn’t want to get caught up in what he considered a ‘sappy’ moment.
Emily had pretty much rushed back to her room before Elaine could ask any more questions.
“But I still wonder even though the Emily’s mother may have been ashamed about who the father was how could he be that bad that she wouldn’t want to show it on a birth record” Guybrush asked
“Well maybe he was a pirate or someone low-class in a posh family like that I’ve heard it is frowned upon” Elaine replied
“Well isn’t the Marley family quite a posh family?” Guybrush grinned “and you married a pirate”
Elaine thought for a minute “Well grandpa was a pirate remember? And besides I don’t think your much of a threat to anyone”
“Hey” Guybrush said he was sick of hearing that whenever he met someone
“Don’t worry honey, if I hadn’t liked you the way you were I wouldn’t have married you”
“I thought you only married me to make Lechuck jealous”
Elaine frowned
“Only kidding” Guybrush giggled
“You better have been Guybrush”
“We really should think about Lechuck before Emily”
“Lechuck may show up any second and kill me and kidnap you and maybe even hurt Emily”
“You think Lechuck would hurt Emily?”
“This is the guy who enjoys nothing more than torture and pain I think he may try”
“Guybrush listen I know Lechuck is dangerous but I will stay here and protect Emily, I want you to find her parents I have a funny feeling about her”
“I don’t feel anything”
“Only women feel it”
“Ok” Guybrush sighed “I’ll go to Blood Island”
“Why Blood Island?”
“I met Minnie’s nephew Griswold while I was there he may know about it”
“Why didn’t you tell me that earlier?” Elaine frowned again “we could have done something earlier”
“I didn’t know Emily was a Goodsoup till recently, dearest,” he added ‘dearest’ so Elaine would stop attacking him
“Fine Guybrush”
“Ok, I’ll go to Blood Island!”
“How are you going to get there?”
“Carla, Otis and Mr Cheese probably wouldn’t mind”
“Is this the same Carla who said she would never go on a voyage with you again for as long as she lived?”
“Yeah, but I’ll bribe her”
Elaine rolled her eyes
“Are you sure you’ll be fine against Lechuck, Elaine?”
“Of Course even if he does catch me I’ve escaped before”
“What about Emily?”
Elaine thought hard
“We’ll be fine just go and get back as soon as possible”

Guybrush had already headed out the door to find his crew and his ship.

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