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Voodoo Alive
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Part 4: Guybrush kicks somebody else's butt

The group of 6 (Guybrush, Hans, the Alchemonkey, Vatext, Peg and Keg) paddled with their hands for many hours until they could see Blackflag island just on the horizon.
"I see it!" Vatext shouted.
"Yes, we all do, Vatext." Keg said in response.
"I've only just realised something..." Guybrush started. "You guys were locked up on LeChuck's ship, so how did you guys rescue me?"
"Good question." The Alchemonkey replied. "Elaine was locked up with us, and when LeChuck unlocked the brig door, he pulled out Elaine, took her up to deck and completly forgot that the brig door was open."
"Kewl." Said Guybrush.

They were nearing Black Flag Island's shore about 20 minutes later, and Guybrush was getting a huge adrenaline rush. He was so lively from all the hate of Thruft that he accidentally tipped the boat over so everybody had to swim to shore. As Guybrush stepped onto the sand he grinned and

Everywhere on the island looked very dark and evil. No wonder it was called Blackflag island, the trees looked singed, and the whole place seemed to be covered in black ash. A volcano was visible, it was abvious that it had recently erupted. Guybrush wondered if it was Blood island,
but the feeling that a ghost bride was around was completely absent. Guybrush stood for a minute wondering what to do next.
"Hey, Brush." Peg said. Guybrush turned around. "Me and Keg are gonna look for Egg, good luck to you.
"We might aswell stick together, guys." Guybrush said. "I mean, Egg and Elaine ARE being kept by the same guy"
"Yes, but Egg has been hypnotised, and he could be running chores anywhere.
Even if he IS with Thruft and Elaine, this whole thing could be tough.
We should all split up anyway." Guybrush nodded in agreement.
"Hans, you go with Vatext, I'll take the Alchemonkey." They all split up in seperate directions, in twos. Peg and Keg headed into the jungle, Hans and Vatext headed towards the volcano while Guybrush and the Alchemonkey walked
to a nearby statue.

Hans and Vatext reached the volcano, and found nothing at the bottom.
"I propose we search the rim." Vatext said.
"I agree." Hans replied. "Stay here. It could be dangerous." Vatext sighed and Hans scrambled to the top.

When he reached the top he called down to Vatext.
"Nothing up here except a slot like groove in the rock" He shouted. He felt himself stumble. A bit of rock was crumbling, and Hans started to fall.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaarrrrhhhhhh!" Vatext gasped in shock, and decided to go find Guybrush, so he dashed back to the beach.

Guybrush and The Alchemonkey were searching the huge statue top to bottom. They realised it was a statue of a skelton holding a huge cutlass.
"Maybe we have to take the cutlass." The Alchemonkey suggested. Guybrush had a go at pulling the cutlass, but he couldn't shift it.
"Sorry, but I'm no king Arthur." Guybrush said. He heard the pattering of footsteps in the ashy sand. He turned around and saw Vatext running so fast he couldn't stop. He bumped into Guybrush and they fall onto the statue,
knocking it over and smahing it to bits.
"GUYBRUSH!" vatext shoutig, puffing and panting at the same time. "Hans fell into the volcano. He #puff# mentioned a slot in the rock, got distracted and fell!" Guybrush gasped and started running towards the volcano, thought for a bit, noticed that the statue's sword was in one piece, grabbed it and carried on darting towards the volcano. Vatext and the Alchemonkey hurried after.

When they all reached the top, They had a look round, and saw no trace of Hans dangling off of any rocky outcrops or anything. They decided to look for this slot Hans mentioned, because guybrush had an idea.
"Here it is!" The Alchemonkey shouted, jumping up and down and pointing to a deep groove in the rock. Guybrush ran towards it.
"Outta the way!" He shouted, and jammed the stone sword into the groove. It fitted like a glove.
"What's that?" Vatext asked, pointing at a tree stump. It opened up as soon as Guybrush pushed in the sword. The all ran down the volcano and jumped into the hole underneath the stump.

When they reached the bottom of the tunnel, they found themselves in a small cell.
"Oh, great. Just great." Vatext said.
"It's not all that bad." Came a voice. Guybrush, The Alchemonkey and Vatext turned round, to see the head of Murray. "You all starve to death and join my army of the undead! BWUHAHAHAHA!" Guybrush sighed.
"How did you get here?" He asked.
"I was on some ship that sank, then I drifted onto this island."
"Ah." Guybrush said. "You havn't seen a guy dressed as a soldier have you?"
"Yes, he fell into the pit, but luckily caught onto a rocky outcrop, then ran off somewhere."
"Here, infact!" Came yet another voice. It was Hans. He smashed the lock of the cell with a rock, and Guybrush, The Alchemonkey and Vatext left the cell, the followed Hans.

Hans led them to big pit, it was obviously the bottom of the volcano.
"JUMP IN!" He shouted.
"What?" Asked Guybrush. He realised that Hans was obviously acting wierd.
"Just do it." Hans said, pointing a sword at them. Thruft then walked into the scene, with Elaine standing by his side, her hands stil tied up.

"He's under my control now." He said. "That Egg character is too.
He's dealing with his friends. So go on, jump in!" Elaine tried to run forward to kick Hans's cutlass, but Thruft held her back`. She Then kicked Thruft who almost fell into the pit, but grabbed onto the edge so he dangled
above the flaming mass. Elaine then kicked Han's sword then his head. Hans fell down, but got up.
"Thanks." He said. "That kick knocked off Thruft's control. Egg is somewhere in a cve over there, with Peg and Keg." He pointed to a dark tunnel.
Guybrush untied Elaine and walked towards Thruft. "NO" Hans said. "We must forget about him for a bit and go help Peg and Keg." Everyone agreed and ran towards the cave.

They reached the cave, and saw that Egg was swinging a huge mace, cornering Peg and Keg. Egg heard the footsteps of Guybrush and the others.
He turned round and started swinging the mace around madly as if he was a ninja.
"Egg..." Guybrush started. "You've gotta settle down." Egg burst into Hysterics and swung the mace at Guybrush. It just missed, but Egg still cracked up with laughter. Guybrush then remembered Peg's hate of Egg's laughter.
"STOP LAUGHING AT EVERYTHING!" Peg shouted, and jumped into the air and swung his fist straight into Egg's cranium. Egg stood on the spot dizzily for a minute, and dropped the mace. He had recovered from his trance, obviously.
"Well done, Peg!" The Alchemonkey said. Everybody smiled.
"You all know what we've gotta do now." Hans aid. "DESTROY THRUFT!"
"YES!" Everybody shouted.

They were just at the cave exit, until Thruft Stepped infront of them all. He grinned (He found it tough, being a skeleton).
"You are all pathetic." He said. "Guybrush, Elaine, Hans, Alchemonkey, Vatext, Peg, Keg and Egg, you are no match for me. I have some of LeChuck's voodoo powers. OBSERVE!" A flame shot out of his hand, knocking them all out
for two seconds.

A couple of seconds later, they awoke to see Elaine being carried off by Thruft.
"Why is he always kidnapping her?" Guybrush asked.
"Because he wants to marry her, kid." Keg replied.
"Kid?" Everybody looked at their hands, then at eachother. Thruft had used the power of voodoo to turn them all into 7 year olds.
"DARN THAT THRUFT!" Vatext screamed.
"There is a remedy, guys." The Alchemonkey said.
"Disgusting ice cream cones?" Guybrush asked.
"Yes.... how did you know? did you study Voodoo remedies too?"
"No, I was once turned into a kid before, and I decided to eat a horrible ice cream cone and I ws back to normal. Only problem is, where are we gonna get ice cream in a boiling volcanoe?" The minute 7 year old Keg trotted
"I'll solve that." He said. He grabbed his barrel which he was lugging around with him this whole adventure and opened it up. Ice cubes fell out, and with them, a tub of ice cream cones. "I love this stuff, so I always keep it in the barrel. And they've gone horrible too! They're
covered in dog fur, mirangue, pepper and frog droppings." They all gulped.
"The one I had never had frog droppings in 'em.... I don't wanna try them either, but it's our only hope." They all gulped again, and bit into some of the doggy hairified, merangified, pepperfied, droppified ice cream.

The next minute, they were all back to their origional sizes.
They all dashed straight out of the cave to the pit to look for Thruft.
They looked around, and saw no sign, until they heard a voice.
"Looking for me?" The voice came. They all looked up, it was Thruft, and next to his was a cage hanging from a rocky outcrop. In that cage, was Elaine. "Come any closer, and I cut the chain hanging the cage over the pit of Lava! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!"
"YOU'RE EVIL!" Guybrush shouted."
"Well, duh." Guybrush looked around for ideas, and noticed that Hans had dissapeared.
"What have you done with Hans?" Guybrsh aksed angrily.
"Um.... nothing." Thruft replied, Guyrush somehow knew that Thruft wasn't lying, then he saw a figure aproach Thruft from behind. It was Hans, who swung a fast punch at Thruft. Thruft fell to the floor, after nearly falling
into the pit.
"DARN YOU!" He shouted, and swung his cutlass at the chain hanging the cage. The cage started to fall.
"ELAINE!" Guybrush shouted. Hans dived towards the cage so it fell diagonally. The cage hit the volcano wall, with Hans still clinging onto it, and it fell apart. Elaine grabbed onto a rock so she wouldn't fall into the pit, but unfortunatley..... Hans fell and was toasted with the cage.
"HANS!" Everybody cried, except for Thruft, who burst out with laughter.
"One down, One hear to death, and 6 to go." He said. Guybrush looked around quickly, to see how Hans got up to Thruft, and he saw another cave. He ran into it and discovered it was an upwards tunnel. He used the rocks on
the tunnel wall to climb up to the volcano tip.

When he reached the top, Thruft was stood there waiting. He swung his cutlass at Guybrush, who fortunatley grabbed his wrist to stop the sharp impact. Now Guybrush and Thruft were struggling for the cutlass, then they
heard a rumble.
"AHA!" Thruft shouted. "The volcano is about to erupt!" Guybrush's face turned shocked, and he started wobbling. As he fell over, he kicked Thruft's sword, and clung on to the edge of the volcano, so he would also fall in the
pit. Thruft's sword span in the air, and hit Thruft's skeletal neck. His head flew off.
"ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGG!" He shouted, and as his skull landed in the lava pit. His headless body started to walk around trying to find out where the exit was, but it also fell into the pit. Guybrush pulled himself back onto the volcano
rim. Then he remembered Elaine was still dangling from the volcano wall, but there was no way Guybrush or the others could reach her, and the volcano was about to errupt.
"Stand back!" The Alchemonkey shouted. He stepped to the ledge of the pit, and lept into the air. He grabbed Elaine, and clung onto the wall. He climbed up to Guybrush, and put Elaine down. The others came running up from the tunnel, and they all ran for their life down the volcano.

When the reached the bottom of the volcano, they dashed for the shore. Guybrush then realised they didn't have a boat.

They reached the shore, and Guybrush informed the others about not having a boat.
"Well, we could try and swim to LeChuck's ship." Vatext suggested.
"I suppose so." The Alchemonkey said in agreement.
"There's a chance we'd freeze to death, though." Guybrush said. Everybody looked at him and looked dissapointed. "But I suppose if we stayed here we'd
all burn to death, so let's go!" Everybody cheered and started to swim in the direction of LeChuck's ship.

It took them about an hour, but they finally reached LeChuck's ship.
They climbed aboard and started to puff and pant.
"Thanks, all of you." Elaine said. "You all saved me. But one died doing so."
"Hans." Guybrush said sadly. "He sacrificed himself for Elaine, and fell in the pit. We will always rememer him. He's done more than you guys think, he told me that he helped me in all my previous adventures, without him, the
ghost pirate LeChuck would probably still be here today."
"I know it doesn't seem right to say this...." Peg started. "But we should forget about Hans for now, we have to focus on getting back to our home islands. And the steering on the ship has been disabled, we need to work on
getting it back." Guybrush nodded.
"I understand. We should all get right to work" He said. He ordered everybody to get to work.

It took a couple of days to get the ship ready. Guybrush was very pleased with the crew.
"Okay!" He shouted happily. "We're ready to sail!" Everybody on the ship cheered with happiness. Peg dashed up to the wheel, Vatext dropped the sails, Egg raised the achor and off they went. Vatext and the Alchemonkey
were dropped off first on Edyu island. They waved goodbye as Guybrush and the others sailed off to Melee Island..........


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