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Voodoo Alive
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Part 3: Wild gull chase

The small crew of 5 boarded the Spinnermonkey, and waited a few minutes to see if anybody else wanted to board to help save Elaine and Egg.
"Come on." Guybrush said after 5 minutes. "We don't have the time, LeChuck could have Elaine tied up somwhere while wearing a wedding dress." He started getting very panicky and restless. He looked at the others to see if they would see scence. Then the Alchemonkey stood up and said "Guybrush is right. We don't need anymore than this. Guybrush has defeated LeChuck a few times before, I'm sure he can pull it off again." Vatext stood up and smiled, and Peg and Keg looked at eachother and smiled too. Guybrush
could easily tell that they all agreed. He gave a huge smile aling with the rest, and Peg ran up to the Steering wheel to move the ship.

Just as the ship started moving, a voice shouted
"Hey!" Vatext ran to the side of the ship and saw a man in his twenties wearing a red guard's uniform running towards the ship. " Have you got room for me?"
"It's too late." Vatext replied with a shout. "We'd love to accept you onto the crtew, but we're moving and we gotta get moving."
"That's okay, I can still get on" The man had just reached the end of the long jetty just after the ship had. He dived off the jetty and grabbed onto a piece of wood sticking out of the side of the boat. Vatext threw him a
rope ladder, and the man grabbed onto it. He started climbing up it. "Thanks, kid. I owe ya one. Waddya want me to do? Help you find treasure? Sink an enemy ship? Kidnap ya a pretty dame?"

"Well, I suppose you could join us in our chase against a couple of evil pirates." Guybrush came running out of his cabin.
"Hold it." He said. "We don't even know you sir, and we don't know why you are here."
"S'okay, I'm not evil. My name is Soujer Sirap, and I'm on the run. I was captured by the guards of uni island. I escaped by knocking out a guard and taking his uniform. Now the guards are after me."
"Oh that's great." Guybrush said. "We're going after an evil pirate and now we'll have guards after us. We're done." They all heard a bang, and turned round to see a huge red ship with the uni island crest on it's sails heading towards them and firing huge cannon balls.
"And there they are!" Screamed Vatext. Peg grabbed the ships wheel and started sailing away.
"Don't run, they'll still be chasing us." Soujer said. He ran to a cannon and started firing at the guard ship. Vatext ran to another cannon and joined in.

The firing went on for a while, but many cannons missed on both sides. Guybrush then decided to climb into a cannon.
"What are you doing?" Soujer asked.
"Old trick, fire this cannon now! If I get on that ship I can stop 'em" Soujer shrugged in confusion and lit the cannon, whilst manning his own. The fuse reached the bottom and Guybrush was fired at the other ship.

After a few seconds of flying, Guybrush landed on the ship, pushed over a guard as he landed. He grabbed the now unconsious guard's cutlass and started wimpishly fighting off some of the guards. Then came a problem, a
guard pointed a large cannon right at Guybrush. He whimpered, then gulped then waited for the cannon to go 'BANG'. The guard who was manning the cannon grinned and lit the fuse. Guybrush slammed his eyes shut so his couldn't see his gruesome death, but as soon as he did that he felt himself being knocked to his side. He opened his eyes to see that he had been knocked of of the way
of the cannon ball, which had missed him and hit a ship mast, therefore knocking it down. The mast crashed into the deck and the ship started to tilt. He looked down to see Soujer falling into the ocean smiling at him. He
must have shot himself out of a cannon to budge Guybrush away from the cannon ball.
"Guybrush, when the boat capsizes fully, swim out of the ocean and climb onto the keel!" Soujer shouted.

The boat finished capsizing, and it was now upside down with Guybrush and Soujer underneath it. Guybrush started to swim away from the ship and out into the ocean top, when he noticed Soujer couldn't swim because his arm has broken from the cannon flight. Guybrush swam towards the sinking Soujer, grabbed him and started to try and pull him out to the ocean top.
He struggled, but with a lot of effort, guybrush and Soujer had gotten out of the ocean depths, and could now breath.
"Guybrush, thanks. We're even, now I've gotta do something for that Vatext kid." Soujer said.
"Forget about that now." Guybrush said. We're still floating in the ocean, I'll pull you onto the keel of the capsized ship like you said.

They reached the ship's keel, and climbed onto it. They saw their ship was a few meters away, and they could hear Vatext shouting something:
"Guybrush! Soujer!" He was shouting. "It's LeChuck's and Thruft's ship!" He pointed to his left, and Guybrush saw a ship bigger than the guard's one. It had huge black sails, and the figure head was the size of an ape. It started
firing at the Spinnermonkey, and it didn't miss. The Spinnermonkey sunk, and Guybrush could see Vatext, the Alchemonkey, Keg and Leg swimming away, but the big black ship caught up with them, and pulled them up using a net.
"We've gotta get 'em!" Guybrush said. "We're gonna go on a huge chase..... if we can get a ship that is."
"We're in luck... sort of." Soujer replied. He pointed towards another ship. It was another guard ship. "they must have sent it to catch me along with the other one. I think my arm's okay now, it wasn't exactly broken, but it still aches. I'll help ya get that ship." Guybrush nodded and they bot swam towards the guard ship.

When they reached it the guards threw Guybrush and Soujer a rope.
"get up here, now." The chief guard shouted. The duo climbed the rope and reached the deck. "Well, well, well."
"Well what?" Asked a Gormless looking guard. The chief guard turned round and smacked him in the face.
"WELL" The chief guard started "It looks like I've finally got you, Soujer, and some guy who seems to be some sort of Lackey.
"I wouldn't hurt him if I were you." Said Soujer. "He defeated LeChuck many times, and he intends to do it again."
"Really?" The guard asked. Guybrush nodded his head, and grinned.
"We owe a lot to you, mr Floorboard inspector. As a reward for defeating the many forms of LeChuck, we'll lend you our boat."
"Oh, great. Thanks" said Guybrush.
"BUT! We'll be taking a lifeboat back to Uni island with this fugitive" Said the chief guard, pointing to Soujer.
"Let them take me, Guybrush" Soujer said. He winked to Guybrush, the Guards not seeing him."
"Err... okay." Guybrush said. The guards grabbed Soujer and Took him onto a lifeboat. The boat descended into the ocean and the guards rowed it off.
Guybrush could see Soujer tying an anchor to his legs. He dived off the boat.
"HEY! A guard shouted.
"Let 'im go, another guard said. Guybrush knew Soujer was expecting Guybrush to him, so he dived in after Soujer.

For about a minute, Guybrush was underwater looking for Soujer, until he saw that Soujer had cut himself free. Guybrush smiled and started to swim upwards, but discovered that he was at the bottom of the ocean, and a barnacle was clinging onto his leg.

Guybrush pulled and pulled for 6 minutes,and still got nowhere freeing himself. He had 3 minutes before he wouldn't be able to hold his breath any longer, and the Barnacle was getting tighter and tighter around his ankle. Guybrush decided that his only choice was to chew it off. It was a horrible idea, but he had to do it. It took him most of the minutes he had left, but he managed to do it. He began swimming upwards, with less than a minute to spare. He could see the depths of the ocean getting lighter and lighter, and he realised he was nearly out, but he couldn't hold his breath any longer. He got his fingers out of the water, but felt himself go dizzy,
and start to sink. He had given up, but he heard a splash: The splash of the guard ship's anchor. He smled and clung onto the chain of the big, metal weight, tugged it with the strength he had left, and the Anchor rose out of
the water. As Guybrush reached teh sea air, he let out a huge breath of Carbon Dioxide, and breathed in a heck load of Oxygen. He kept on doing this as Soujer raised the anchor to deck.

The anchor reached deck, and Guybrush stepped onto the wooden floor.
"Thanks." He said to Soujer, still gasping for breath.
"I'll start sailing towards LeChuck's ship while you're still recovering."
Said Soujer. "I can just see the ship." Guybrush fell on the floor and gave a 'Thumbs up'. Soujer ran up to the wheel and started steering staright away.
"Darn! The sail is still up!" He ran to the rigging and climbed up to the Yardarm. He started pulling at the string bonding the sail. "Damb thing, where's my knife?" He pulled out his knife and cut free the sail, then jumped to the next one, then cutting that one free too. "We're okay!"

A couple of hours later, Guybrush went up to Soujer at the wheel.
"How's it going, Soujer?" He asked.
"We're getting nowhere." Soujer relpied. That ship's going the same speed as us. all this chasing is making me sick."
"Never mind, I've brought up a couple of deckchairs. Let's rest while we head towards LeChuck's ship." Guybrush set up the deckchairs and they had a rest.
"Soujer, can I ask you something?" Guybrush asked. Soujer nodded, looking a bit worried. "You seem to be very good at getting out of odd situations, you were amazing at cutting free those sails. You must have been trained, and
I have a feeling I've seen you somewhere before. Before this whole adventure started." Soujer sighed. He stood up and turned to Guybrush.
"I knew you'd figure it out sometime, Brush." Soujer said. "My name isn't even Soujer Sarip, it's Hans Derlick. I go by many different things, because of what I do. I'm also tought many, many skills for what I do aswell."
"What DO you do?"

"I assist people. I assist people on their quests/missions. You don't know it, but I've helped you a lot in each of your adventures to defeat LeChuck.
I'll go through them. In your first adventure searching for Monkey island, I placed many of the items on the ship you used to sail to Monkey Island when Stan was sleeping, and I painted my skin black and dressed up as one of the
Money Island cannibals: The grey, spikey masked one. And when you were searching for Big whoop, I was the woodchuck, that's where you must recognise me from, except my hair was done differently. In that same adventure I
was the man from the gambling club who you only saw the hand. When you were saving your Fiancee who was turned to gold, I sent out a few of the ships you beat to get treasure and better cannons. Some of those ships
weren't mine though. and finally, when you were helping your wife with all the presumed dead stuff, I placed the inner tube at the docks, and sailed the pink ship there and sold it to the habour mistress."

"Wow. Said Guybrush. "But why did you help me?"
"I was hired. Hired by none other than the voodoo lady herself. That's why she sometimes claimed to have defeated LeChuck, because without hiring me, you wouldn't have gotten anywhere."
"I suppose all I can say is thanks." Guybrush said. He looked at the fraud Soujer, : Hans, who had fallen asleep. Guybrush felt the ship tilt a bit, and realised a storm was brewing. He nudged Hans. "Wake up!" He looked to
Hans' left and saw a martini glass on the floor. Because Hans couldn't be woken, Guybrush assumed that the wine Hans was drinking was spiked with some sort of sleeping potion.

It took a few minutes before the storm started getting worse. Guybrush was steering like he had never steered before, and then he saw a figure running around on deck. It wasn't Hans, because Guybrush had tied his waist to the rail so he wouldn't fall about. Guybrush let go of the wheel and started to ru down to deck to catch the figure. But the ship tilted almost 90 degrees now Guybrush had let go, so he had to jump for the wheel again, prior to turning it perpendiclular to the position it was in. The figure was clinging onto the mast and laughing at Guybrush. The storm was throwing the ship closer to LeChuck's ship, which was obviously what the figure was trying to get on. The figure ran towards LeChuck's ship, but Gybrush had an idea, he spun the wheel to his right so the ship tilted, and the figure was flung backwards and into the ocean.
"Rarrgh!" Came a load voice. Guybrush squited at LeChuck's ship to see Thruft shouting at him. "That was my best stealth man! Well, atleast he made your friend fall asleep." He fired a cannon at Guybrush's ship, and Guybrush dived off and into the ocean. Thruft grabbed a long boathook and pulled Guybrush onto LeChuck's ship. "Tough storm eh, Freakwood?" Thruft said, laughing. "And it seems like we won't be seeing much of him in the future." Guybrush couldn't stand the evil grin on Thruft's sceletal face.
"Raaaaargh!" Guybrush screamed, socking Thruft between the eye sockets. Thruft just laughed.
"I'm a skeleton, I can't feel pain!" He got off the floor and pointed his cutlass at Guybrush's throat. "Look what me and my cousin have got, pencil neck!" He pointed towards a door behind him, and out walked LeChuck with
Elaine, who had her hands tied behind her back.
"GUYBRUSH!" She screamed. Thruft and LeChuck burst out with laughter.
"Don't they seem like a lovely couple, Freakwood?" Thruft grinned.
"We're taking our honeymoon out on Blackflag island." LeChuck said. "Thruft, take care of this Threepwood character." He stood on deck, waiting for Thruft to slit Guybrush's throat.

Just a second later, Thruft felt a 'SMACK' right on the back of his head, he stumbled and fell over, to see that the Alchemonkey had swung into him. Guybrush looked puzzled, and then saw Peg and Keg burst out of a door and pin Thruft onto the floor. Vatext came running out and quickly pulled LeChuck away from Elaine, but LeChuck stricked back and knocked Vatext onto the floor. He grabbed Thruft's sword and held it in the air above Vatext's head, about to swing it.
"VATEXT!" Guybrush shouted. Then a figure quickly climbed onto deck using the Anchor which somebody had lowered. It was Hans, and he was holding a bottle.
"Stand back, everyone!" He shouted. "I hold in my hand the Ultiacid!"
Lechuck's face turned from serious to startled. "You've met your match foul evil piratey person!" Thruft looked up from the floor, and with a burst of strength, burst free from Peg and Keg's grip. He dashed to Hans and grabbed
the Ultiacid.
"Thanks, cuz!" LeChuck said.
"Don't thank me." He said in the nasty way. "Havn't you ever wondered why I'm doing all this for you?" LeChuck looked puzzled.
"Err.... no?" He replied.
"Because I want something you possess. You told me about it before your first ever demise, and said how great and wonderfull it was..... I wanted to see it, but then you died........ so I brought you back to life, so you could
find it.... so I could get it... but when I saw it.... I knew I had to destroy you for it, right now, with this: THE ULTIACID! And you know what it is I want......."
"You don't mean......" Vatext started.
"ELAINE?" Guyrush and LeChuck shouted together.
"Too right." Thruft replied. "Look at her, she's glamourous! Gorgeous! No man can resist her, so I'm taking her."
"NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Everbody apart from Thruft screamed. Thruft threw the Ultiacid over LeChuck, pulled Elaine into a lifeboat and sailed off in it.
"QUICK!" Guybrush shouted. "Somebody get the wheel!" Hans ran up to it to discover that Thruft had taken it.
"We'll have to take another lifeboat." He said. They all ran to a lifeboat, but they heard a voice:
"Wait!" Guybrush saw that the dying LeChuck was calling him. "Thruft is a fast rower, you'll never catch him, but I know where he's going."
"Where?" Guybrush asked.
"Blackflag island. #splutter#. He has a slave there he hypnotised.
Some fat guy."
"EGG!" Peg and Keg shouted.
"Let's go!" Guybrush shouted. As everybody got into the boat he turned to LeChuck. "Thanks." He said, feeling wierd about it. "None of this was your fault, it was Thruft's. He brought you back, he tricked you and took Elaine."
Before those words left Guybrush's mouth, LeChuck had allready faded away.
He nodded at Hans, who then lowered the lifeboat into the ocean.

When the boat was in the ocean, Guybrush ordered everybody to paddle. And so they did, off to Blackflag island.....

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