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Voodoo Alive
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Part 2: The Alchemonkey

Guybrush and The Voodoo Lady stood on the small island for a few hours, until a cargo ship passed.
"Ahoy!" Guybrush shouted. "Any room for two?" A figure jumped down onto the island. He had a tri-corner hat, matching his black coat. He also had a peg leg. Guybrush recognised him immediatley as one of the pirates of low moral fibre. "Hey! I ain't seen you in a while!" Guybrush said.
"Need a lift, dreepwood?" The pirate asked.
"YES! We need to get to... er..."
"Edyu Island." The Voodoo Lady said, finishing Guybrush's sentence.
"Yes, that's it." Guybrush said. He climbed aboard the ship, followed by the pirate of low moral fibre and then The Voodoo Lady. the Pirate jumped infront of Guybrush and asked him to follow him to the ship's bridge.
Guybrush climbed the ladder to see All three pirates of low moral fibre stood by the wheel.
"Hi, mr Pirate of Low Moral fibre, and other Pirate of low moral fibre." 
Guybrush said.
"Please, don't call us that." The Middle pirate said, rocking on his barrel.
"We've come up with nick names. I'm Keg," He said, pointing to himself. "He's Peg," He said, pointing to the peg legged Pirate. "And he's egg." He said, pointing to the fat, bould pirate.
"Hmmm..... Peg, Keg and Egg! That rhymes!" Guybrush said, smiling.
"Well, duh. You dumb or sumat'?" Keg said. Egg burst out with laughter, prior to being smacked in the head by Peg.
"Well anyway, off to Edyu island." Peg said, grabbing the wheel. He starting turning the wheel, and whistling happily.
The ship sailed as gracefull as a swan for a couple of hours, then as gracefull as a dog swimming when it entered a storm. Peg started steering madly through the raging wind. He started steering franticly as the storm decided to turn up the heat. Eventually he was steering TOO franctily, and the wheel
fell off.

"Oh, well done." Keg said, giving Peg a dirty look. "You really are pathetic when it comes to driving." Once again Egg laughed, and Peg tried to smack him but fell over due to the rocking ship.
A couple of seconds later, Guybrush (Who had fallen onto the deck and was falling about all over the place) noticed a huge tidal wave advancing towards the ship. The wave hit the ship with humongous impact, and the ship soared across the blue ocean.
It flew for about 5 minutes, with Guybrush, Peg, Keg, Egg and The Voodoo Lady clinging onto whatever they could find, until the ship came near an island. The ship the crashed straight into a building there. The ship shattered and one half of the building collapsed.
Guybrush opened his eyes to find we was lying under many planks of wood, piled on top of him. He shouted out for somebody, and he heard somebody running towrds him. The planks were dissapearing, and Guy rush saw that it was Keg removing them.
"You okay?" Keg asked. Guybrush didn't seem to hear that question, and picked himself up. Infront of him he saw a huge wreck. Wood and rubble were all over the place, and he could see a huge half a building to his left, with the ship's mast leaning on it, very slowly breaking it down.
"Where's Sandy?" Guybrush asked. Keg gave him a confused look. "Oh, I mean The Voodoo Lady."
"Oh, her." Keg replied. "She landed inside the building. She's very badly hurt. Guybrush suddenly looked shocked and dashed into the building. "And if you see Leg or Egg, tell 'em to come here!" Keg shouted, not being heard by Guybrush once again.

Inside the building's medical room, Guybrush appeared, and saw The Voodoo Lady lying in a bed, very badly scarred. she looked up at Guybrush. "G.... Guybru..ush." He chocked. "I'm Veee.....ry B...Badly injured. I'll nev...never m.. #cough# make it."
"NOOO!" Guybrush screamed.
"The.... roo...m there..." She pointed to the door across the room. "'s th... roo#splutter#m of th.. th... da alchem....." She then broke into silence. Guybrush realised.... that she was dead. He felt a tear drip from 
his eye, then decided he'd go and see the voodoo alchemist across the hall.
He opened the Alchemist's door, and saw the back of a small figure sat at on a tall stool inront of a desk.
"Er.... excuse me..." Guybrush said. The figure turned his head, and to Guybrush's surprise, he saw that the alchemist... was a monkey! Guybrush yelped to his surprise.
"Is there anything I can do?" The monkey asked.
" can talk?" Guybrush stuttered.
"Why yes, I was trained to talk by one named Sandy. It's amazing that I am now her superior.
"You call the Melee island Voodoo Lady Sandy too?"
"Yes, that is one of her many names she is knowen by. How is she?"
"Dead." Guybrush replied, without thinking of a better way to put it. Then he thought.... "Hey! Do you have any ALV1563 powder?"
"That stuff is dangerous." The monkey replied. "It will be safe if you throw a tiny speck of Ultiacid over her."
"Hey, Sandy mentioned that! But doesn't it kill a Voodoo Ressurectee?"
"A handfull will, but a tiny drop just returns the being back to an average mortal state. Take the powder and a bottle of Ultiacid, and go get her."
Guybrush dashed back into the hospital wing, and tipped the ALV1563 over the Voodoo Lady's cramium. She jumped out of bed, looking confused, then Guybrush threw a bit of Ultiacid over her.
"What happened?" The Voodoo Lady asked. Guybrush explained that he had used the powder and the ultiacid the 'Alchemonkey' had supplied.
A couple of minutes later, the alchemonkey walked in, and walked over to The Voodoo Lady.
"Greetings, Sandy. What brings you here?"
"we're here to see you, but since you allready gave us the Ultiacid to destroy LeChuck." She replied.
"If you're using the Ultiacid against true evil, I must come with you. I can see the University's ship coming in, I'll tell them that they must unload so that we can use the ship to find LeChuck." He trotted off. Guybrush noticed Elaine on the ship.
"Hey, I'm coming with you!" Guybrush shouted, running after the alchemonkey.
They arived outside. The alchemonkey was walking along to the ship, whilst Guybrush ran. He looked up and saw Elaine. He called out her name but she didn't hear. Guybrush just wanted to know what she was doing at Edyu Island. He banged on the side of the ship, and the head of Vatext Enpad appeared over the side of the ship.
"What is it?" He shouted.
"Can I come aboard? I'm the husband of Elaine Threepwood, who's aboard the ship" Guybrush asked. Vatext went off to check with Elaine. He came back with Elaine.
"Guybrush?" She asked.
"What are you doing here?" Guybrush asked.
"I thought this was the ship you were taken aboard, when I found out it wasn't, these kind students of this University said they'd help after they'd come here." she said. Vatext looked proud with the remark 'kind students' and faced his pride and joy, the university. Then he noticed the wreck of Edu University. He looked very sad, so the alchemonkey climbed aboard and explained it all to him. He then turned to the side and leant over the port of the ship and spoke to Guybrush.
"Get everybody involved in getting LeChuck, and the ones who want to help,  and tell them to go to the University's old garden."
"Roger." Guybrush said. Elaine jumped over the side of the ship and onto the sand.
"I'll come too." She said. She walked over to the garden, while Guybrush walked into the nearby jungle to see if there was anybody who wanted to help.
Soon after, Guybrush saw a body lying in a small clearing.
"Peg?" Guybrush asked.
"Yep, it's me." He replied. "The crash sent me flying here, and when I landed, my peg leg broke off. It's over there." He pointed over to a wooden stick. Guybrush went over to get it. He put it in his pocket, and gave Peg a fireman's carry out of the jungle and back to the univeristy so he could put him in the hospital wing of the university.
Many steps later, Guybrush reached the University, and Keg was stood outside.
"Peg?" He asked.
"Yep, it's me." He replied. "The crash sent me flying here, and when I landed, my peg leg broke off. Luckily Guybrush found me and brought me here."
"Ah." Said Keg. "Let me carry him, Guybrush, and pass me his leg." Guybrush handed Keg Peg and his wooden leg.
"Oh, one more thing...." Guybrush started. "Do you two wanna help destroy The Evil Pirate LeChuck? If you do, go to the garden whenever you are ready, as long as it's before this evening."
"I'll consider it. I'll ask Egg when I find him." Keg answered. Guybrush decided to go to the garden with Elaine.
When Guybrush reached the Garden, he saw Elaine sitting on a rock waiting for the evening. She was staring up at the clouds.
"Hey, Elaine!" Guybrush said. Elaine jumped.
"Oh, Guybrush." She said, sighing with relief. "I'm a little worked up, I saw a figure that looked a bit like LeChuck wondering around. There it is again!" Guybrush looked towards the Jungle, and saw a figure that really did look like LeChuck wondering around. He dashed towards the tall trees.
When he got to the jungle, he saw the figure dashing off through the tree trunks. Guybrush ran after him. He found a sword stuck in a tree, grabbed it and carried on chasing after the figure. The figure looked back,
and Guybrush saw that is was definatley LeChuck, and LeChuck realised that it WAS Guybrush, and he wnated him dead. LeChuck gave and evil smile and walked towards Guybrush, who had just remembered that LeChuck couldn't be killed without the Ultiacid, which The Voodoo Lady still had. Guybrush whimpered and ran off, LeChuck still stalking him.

It took Guybrush about 3 tough minutes to lose LeChuck. He puffed and panted as he fell on the jungle floor. He lifted himself up, staggering and realised he was lost. He walked around for a while, with no idea where he was. He passed the same tree 5 times, and a peculiar shaped rock 6 times. 
Just after he saw the same rock for the 7th time, he saw LeChuck again.
"There you are!" LeChuck shouted. "I thought you were dead you know, I thought you had dehydrated from staying on that island for too long. But you're still alive! Anybody who upsets my family must be killed!" Guybrush sighed. His legs had turned to Jelly form all the walking and running, and he just couldn't walk any longer, so he decided to give up. Lechuck laughed out loud, and strutted towards him.
"No you don't!" Came a familiar voice.
The alchemonkey swung from a tree and grabbed Guybrush. "You'll be okay now, Guybrush, lets get back to the garden. Aslong as LeChuck's on this island, we'll find him and get him later."
"Dargh!" LeChuck shouted. He struck a match and lit a tree. "You'll never escape a forest fire on THIS island! The trees are always bone dry!"
After a few minutes, the fire had spread across most of the Jungle, and Guybrush and the Alchemonkey were taking any route they could that didn't involve burning trees. The Alchemonkey swang to another tree, but then it caught fire as he was about to grab one of it's vines. He fell to the floor, Guybrushb with him.
"We're doomed." Guybrush said.
"Unless we run north through the fire really fast to the garden, and dive into the university pond." The alchemonkey said bravely. Guybrush looked doubtfull, but decided to do along with it. He nodded, then the alchemonkey sped off, Guybrush following.
The burning Guybrush could see the pond as he neared it. He reached the edge of the wet pool and dived in. Keg walked over to the pond, and all he saw was smoke. Then Guybrush and the alchemonkey leaped out, making keg jump out of his skin.
"Where's Elaine?" Guybrush asked, spitting out water.
"LeChuck took her, along with Egg" Peg replied, who was with Keg and Vatext.
"That's the reason we're tagging along, so we can get Egg back. He may have been annoying, but he's one of the Pirates of Low Moral Fibre. We won't be the same with him gone." Guybrush looked shocked.
"We must go! For Elaine and Egg!" He said triumphantly.
"Well, what are we waiting for?" Vatext asked. "The ship is ready now! Let's get going!" Everybody nodded. They all started walking towards the Spinnermonkey.

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