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Voodoo Alive
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A pirate ship sailing near Sweden is the home of the partially notorious pirate Captain Gerald Thruft, the rich Dutchman who can never let go of his shiny diamond bladed sword. "Set course to the Caribbean, and to an island called Melee." A voice shouted. It was the voice of the afore mentioned captain Thruft. "I have urgent business, for some reason I have only just got word of the death of my cousin, who shall remain anonymous for now."
The big boat Thruft called "The Spidermonkey" set off in the direction of the well known Melee island.........

Part 1: Resurrection

"No no no no no...... I'm not drunk #hic#, I'm fine. Fine and Dandy. #hic#"
"Guybrush... have you been down that scumm bar AGAIN?" Came the voice of Elaine Marley Threepwood, telling off her husband, the 'Incredible' Guybrush Threepwood, who gave a reply...
"Of courssse not, dear. #hic# What makes you say that? I'm as sssssober as a drunken master boxer! #hic# Whatever that is." SMACK! Elaine gave Guybrush yet another punch. Guybrush fell onto the floor,
and woke up the next morning. Guybrush got out of bed, with a massive hangover, and a bruise which didn't help the raging headache at all. Forgetting last night's events, he asked Elaine about the big bulging bruise taking up his forehead.
"Sorry Guybrush." She replied. "But you were really getting on my nerves last night. I know, go and see the voodoo priestess, she'll give you a hangover remedy, and something to remove that bang on the head".
A few Minutes later, Guybrush began to walk along to street to The International House of Mojo. He was walking slowly, because his head felt heavy and weary. Every sound he heard was pounding into his skull, and breaking up his brain into small chunks. Eventually he couldn't take any more, so he collapsed onto a bench and rested for a while. He then slowly turned his head to see a few figures walking down the street, in the same direction Guybrush was intending to go. He thought The Voodoo Lady would be getting a load of visitors now, so he started walking again, so he got his place in the queue.
Yet a few more minutes later, Guybrush reached the House of Mojo, opened the door and saw those pirates aging. A smartly dressed clean shaven pirate was talking to the Voodoo Lady.
"I am the partially notorious pirate Captain Gerald Thruft! Hand over the ALV1563 dust now, or I'll have my men massacre this Voodoo Joint!"
"HEY!" Guybrush shouted, regardless of his headache. "Leave her alone! I'm Guybrush Threepwood, a mighty pirate! And don't say it..... I know I look like a floorboard inspector."
"HA!" Thruft laughed. "Why should I feel threatened by YOU, Freakwood? Now shut up, I need this powder. DID YOU HEAR THAT, LADY OF VOODOO?" the voodoo lady replied before she reached for the ALV1563 dust. "You must tell me who it is you need this powder for before you can have it. It is too
dangerous to give to any old so and so."
"I need it for my cousin L......"
Guybrush then butted in asking "What does this AL... Whatever do anyway?" Like the Ash 2 life..." The voodoo lady replied.. "It sort of brings the dead back to life, but with greater effect. The deceased gains all human ability and knowledge, but also becomes immune to death, unless covered in a very rare substance called ultiacid. For this rebirth, all that's needed is the ALV1563 dust, and a piece of the dead one's brain."
"That's right." Thruft said, impatiently. "Now get that powder NOW! I already know where to get a piece of LeChuck's brain... SO GET ON WITH IT! "LECHUCK?!" Both Guybrush and The Voodoo Lady screamed at the same time.
"He's pure evil!" Guybrush shouted.
"DARGH!" Thruft screamed. "You both know too much now!" He turned to his crew. "Lock these two up in the ship, and take every voodoo hex/potion etc. that there is here!" The crew of The Spidermonkey grabbed Guybrush and The Voodoo Lady and dragged them to their ship.

A couple of hours later, Elaine was worried about Guybrush being gone for so long, so she decided she'd go and check out the House of Mojo. Desperate, she ran out of the house and ran fast down the cobbled street. She arrived at the House of Mojo, and discovered, to her horror that it was burning down! She ran through the rotting front doorway and found herself surrounded by fire. she coughed and spluttered... and then heard a voice...
"You are in grave danger....." Elaine looked around to see where that evil voice was coming from. "Look up, helpless human....." Elaine looked up.... and screamed. "BWUHAHAHAHA!" Elaine changed from anxious to angry.
"MURRAY!" She shouted. "For a minute I thought you were the grim reaper!" 
"Yer, he'll be here soon. Look, your clothes are burning."
"YIKES!" Elaine grabbed Murray, ran outside and dived in the huge stone fountain.
She climbed out, spitting out a fish at the same time.
"Hmmm...." Wondered Elaine. "what are fish doing in the village fountain? Anyway, Murray, what happened to Guybrush and the voodoo lady?"
"Some captain named Thruft took them to a ship called.. umm... I think it was called the umm.... Spinnermonkey? I'm not sure. Anyway, why should I help a mere mortal, when I could be destroying this lump of rock we call earth! BWUHAHAHAHA!"
"Well, Spinnermonkey is my best lead." Elaine said, feeling a bit triumphant. She ran off in the direction of the harbour.

Meanwhile, on the Spidermonkey, Guybrush and The Voodoo Lady are sitting in a cell in the brig.
"Hey.." Guybrush said. "I'm getting tired of calling you 'Voodoo Lady' all the time. can I call you Sandy from now on?"
"Have you lost your mind, Guybrush?" The Voodoo lady snapped. "This is gonna be hell forever from now on! LeChuck is coming back! We've gotta start think-ing of a plan to stop Thruft."
"Okay, Sandy." Guybrush replied. "What are we gonna do then? Do you have any potions or anything for super strength or the ability to make a really nice omelet to bribe the guards?"
"No. All I can do use use by 'body voodoo'."
"Body voodoo?"
"Voodoo inside my body, which I don't need any potions for. Unfortunately the only body voodoo I am capable of is the 'human to chicken' spell. I can only do it once a month, and the spell wears off eventually."
"It'll do, Sandy." Guybrush started acting very brave. "Turn me into a chicken, and I'll slip through the bars."
"Allright...." The voodoo said. She held her arm in front of Guybrush, and a blue light can from her finger. Guybrush, now as a feral chicken, ran through the bars and out the door. Outside, the pirates were puzzled when a chicken ran out of the door. One of them went to grab Guybrush, but as the guard grabbed his leg, Guybrush turned back to a human straight away.
"WOW!" Guybrush said. "Sandy didn't say I'd change back THIS quickly!" Then he realized the pirates were chasing him, so he started running. He ran towards the mast nearest him, and jumped onto the ladder. He started to climb up as fast as he could. The pirates were creeping up aswell, with their swords in their mouths. Guybrush started wondering why he always has a sword in his previous adventure, but never at the start of his next. He reached the crow's nest, puffing and panting. He stood up, but the lookout was stood there with a big cutlass pointing at Guybrush, and a big grin.
"Eep!" Guybrush cried. Without thinking, he kicked the lookout in the shin, who dropped the cutlass which nearly landed on Guybrush's foot. Guybrush grabbed the Lookout and flung him over the crows nest and into the big blue sea. He picked up the sword, feeling proud, but turned round to discover the other pirates had reached the top already! Guybrush was so shocked, he lost his balance and stumbled over the side of the crows nest.
"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He screamed. He thought this was actually the end, but he realized he had grabbed onto the bottom of the sail.
"HAHAHAHA!" He heard from below. He Saw yet another dirty clothed pirate aiming a pistol at him. Guybrush closed his eyes and whimpered.
"STOP" Came another voice. Guybrush opened his eyes, and saw Thruft stood at on the deck. "Help him down, NOW!" The pirates at the top threw Guybrush a rope.
A couple of minutes later, Guybrush was on deck with Thruft.
"Does this mean you're letting me go or something?" Guybrush asked.
"No." Thruft replied. "I need you to go into THAT ship over there..." 
Guybrush looked over the ship's port, and saw LeChuck's old ghost ship.
"Wow. How long has that been there?" Guybrush asked.
"SHUT UP!" Thruft snapped. "I was saying, that I need you to search LeChuck's old ghost ship for the fragment of his brain which he kept in his quarters."
"What if I don't?" Guybrush asked, feeling brave again.
"I'll kill you, and all of your family and friends."
"Uh-oh. Thats worse than LeChuck returning again. Okay, I'll do it."
A few minutes later, Guybrush was pushed into the ocean, and he began swimming towards the ghost ship. When he reached it, He climbed up the anchor chain and stepped onto the bluish deck. The ship seemed abandoned. He knew finding the brain piece wouldn't be difficult if there was no-one on the ship to stop him. Even if there was, he had a 1/2 pint bottle of root beer for backup. He entered the door to LeChuck's cabin, and saw a ghost. He held the bottle of root beer in front of him, and the ghost turned round. 
"HEY!" It shouted. "Don't shoot, I'm a good ghost!" Guybrush realized that the ghost looked a lot like Stan with a moustache.
"Are you Stan?" Guybrush asked.
"No." The ghost replied. "But I do have a grandson with that very name. Now, how would you like to buy this authentic brain piece of the infamous pirate LeChuck?"
"YES! I need that!" Guybrush shouted. "Although, I don't have any cash on me."
"Never mind, what else do you have?"
"Half a pint of Root beer."
"Uh-oh. Umm... Just take the brain piece and be on your way. JUST KEEP THAT BOTTLE AWAY FROM ME!" Stan's Granddad's ghost gave Guybrush the brain piece. Guybrush jumped back into the ocean and swam towards The Spidermonkey. He climbed aboard and passed Thruft the brain piece.
"Send Loobrush Freakwood back to the brig, and bring me The Voodoo Lady.
Thruft's crew grabbed Guybrush and took him to the Brig. The crew came back several minutes later with The Voodoo Lady.
"This is pure evil, Thruft." The Voodoo said, giving a disgusted look.
"Shut up, and pour the ALV1563 dust over the brain piece, or whatever you have to do to raise the dead. The Voodoo Lady gulped, as Thruft gave her the dust he took earlier, and she sprinkled it over the brain piece whilst chanting the incantation.
"REVUS EVUS DJEMUS ANSBUS CHUCUS!" She shouted, as the dust settled over the brain piece. BOOM! A huge puff of smoke a colour no man had ever seen spread across the scene. The fumes of the smoke choked to death The Spinnermonkey Crew including Thruft. The Voodoo Lady had mysteriously disappeared.

Meanwhile, Elaine had reached the docks, and found The Spinnermonkey.
"HELLO?" She shouted.
"Not so loud!" Murray snapped, still in Elaine's hand. A Spinnermonkey crew member appeared over the Port.
"I need to come aboard." Elaine asked. The crew member conferred with his crew mates a bit.
"Err... sure." He replied. Elaine climbed the ladder and stepped onto the deck. She saw a short geeky pirate wearing fairly big spectacles staring at her.
"H..Hey...." The pirate said." You're that.. Elaine Marley, aren't you?"
"Yes!" She screamed. "Now, give me back the Voodoo Lady and Guybrush now!"
"What?" The Pirate said, almost crying. "We ain't taked anybody, miss. 
Please don't shout at us." He started sulking.
"Hey!" Murray said. "These aren't the people that took you foolish husband and the other woman. This is some sort of college ship, probably."
"That's right." Said the Pirate. "We're heading back to Phatt University right now."
"So it wasn't the Spinnermonkey Guybrush was taken too....." Elaine said.
"You must have got us confused with the Spidermonkey, which left about half an hour ago." The pirate said. "By, the way, miss, I'm Vatext Enpad."
"Pleased to meet you, Vatext. Can you follow the Spidermonkey? I've got to get to it!" Elaine aksed.
"Okay, miss." The pirate replied. "But first we must go to the University to inform the Dean". He walked off to inform the ship's pilot.
"And one more thing....." Elaine said. "Don't call me miss... I'm married." 
The pirate sulked. Whether or not this was because Elaine sort of shouted at him again or whether or not he was sad because Elaine was married was a complete mystery to her.

Meanwhile, back on the Spidermonkey, a figure appeared among the smoke. The figure had a big black beard, and wore a red hat. Yes... it was LeChuck, as his new voodoo organism form. LeChuck looked at his hands, then at his hands.
"What... what is this?" He asked himself aloud. "I'm... no longer dead. I'm no a zombie.... or a ghost.... I feel so alive.. I have been re-created by voodoo." He looked around again, and walked through the door, to see if he could find somebody to see what was going on.
Shortly after, LeChuck walked into the brig.
"YOU THERE!" He shouted. Guybrush looked up. His eyes opened wide, and his mouth dropped. "What's going on?" LeChuck asked.
"P...p...please don't kill me......" Guybrush stuttered.
"Why would I want to kill you? You have nothing to do with me!" LeChuck replied. Guybrush then realized that the brain piece used to resurrect LeChuck would only have the memories of the original Human LeChuck, who when alive, would no nothing about Guybrush and what he did. Guybrush decided to
tell LeChuck what was happening.
"You were resurrected using this voodoo powder called ALV1563 and a piece of your brain." LeChuck nodded.
"Well." LeChuck Said. "Now that I'm back, it's time for me to find and marry my sweet Elaine!"
"NO!" Guybrush shouted as LeChuck walked outside. Guybrush didn't know what to do. He was kind of glad that he was no longer a threat to Lechuck, but LeChuck was still an evil man. He shook the bars like mad. Then they fell down. Guybrush stared blankly for a minute, realizing that he was making a fuss about a cell with shoddy bars. He walked through the new gap and ran after LeChuck.
He arrived outside to fin LeChuck talking to a huge crew of undead pirates, one of them being Thruft.
"YOU!" The undead Thruft shouted. "You escaped again?!"
"Is he a problem, cousin Gerald?" LeChuck asked.
"Of course he is, he keeps on trying to stop me! And he keeps escaping his cell! And he never shuts up!" Thruft replied.
"Well, then. Whoever bothers my family..." LeChuck started. "Bothers me." He reached out for Guybrush, picked him up and threw him overboard. Guybrush started swimming towards a small island he could see ahead. When he reached it, he saw the Voodoo Lady standing there.
"Sandy?" Guybrush asked.
"Please, Guybrush, don't call me that."
"Never mind that, Sandy, LeChuck's back, and we've got to stop him. How did you get here?"
"Well, when I poured the powder onto LeChuck's brain, there was an explosion, which threw me overboard, and onto this island. But yes, LeChuck must be destroyed. Our only choice is the Voodoo Alchemist, who has the only thing which can destroy a voodoo creature."
Guybrush was confused when The Voodoo Lady mentioned "The Voodoo Alchemist", but if she said the alchemist was the only one who could stop LeChuck, It was their only choice......

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