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A New Adventure
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Part 3: Timmy kicks butt

“Do you Lechuck take Miss Elaine...”

“I DO!” shouted Lechuck before the priest could finish 

“Eeek Ack” came a squeaky voice

“What the?”

“Eeek Ooh” suddenly Timmy leapt from the back of the church onto Lechucks face who struggled to keep his balance. 

Suddenly Guybrush appeared too, “I’ll save you E-oh” Guybrush said “Well I’ll save you while Timmy fights demon boy there”

Guybrush ran to the front of the church where Elaine stood he could see her face so he knew it wasn’t two monkeys he pulled on her arm but the figure just stayed still “Elaine!” shouted Guybrush and tugged again with which the arm fell off. 

It was a dummy “Didn’t notice Guybrush?” Elaine suddenly appeared by his side “Well-I, Timmy!” Guybrush remembered but Timmy and Lechuck were still at it but they didn’t notice anything around them when suddenly Lechuck finally lost his balance and fell onto a pillar, which started to fall with the rest of the church. Elaine ran, Guybrush ran and Timmy ran but Lechuck got caught under the falling rock. 

Guybrush managed to get his wife and monkey out as the church collapsed and left just a pile of broken stone. “Well, that ended quicker than I’d have thought,” said Elaine 

“Yeah, the author must have gotten bored”


“I dunno why I said that”

“Eek ack ack”

“Let’s go home”

“Good job kiddo” said a gruff voice, which must have been grandpa Marley


“Well, Guybrush it’s a time like this I’m not ashamed my daughter is married to an imbecile”


“Hee Hee” 

Back at the mansion…

“Hey didn’t I tell you?” said Grandpa Marley

“What?” asked Guybrush

“Like you didn’t know”


“I want to see some grandchildren”

“We’re planning on it”

“In time” replied Elaine

“In time” 


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