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A New Adventure
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Part 2: Guess who?

Guybrush woke up on a concrete floor all around him were flashing lights but his vision was a bit blurred. Then he squinted his eyes and managed to focus it was the Carnival of the Damned, he jumped to his feet laughed to himself then looked up and yelled “ha, pretty original! I’ve escaped here before I can do it again!” suddenly the lights stopped and all around him began to spin.

He was now in a dungeon, the only light was coming from the doorway where Lechuck’s flame beard was giving off all the light “well, then” Lechuck said angrily “I guess I’ll have to keep you here, don’t try to escape its impossible and I’ll just finish with Elaine what I started” Lechuck laughed evilly and left closing the thick metal door. Guybrush sighed and looked around. Stonewalls, stone floor, stone everything. “Great” he said to himself.

Elaine sat on a wooden bench; she was in a dungeon too and had nowhere to go. She was still trying to believe that Lechuck had come back now she thought to herself he may never go away. He still wanted to marry her and now had found another way of convincing her by capturing her grandfather and threatening her that he would kill grandfather Marley. What could she do? Suddenly she heard heavy footsteps and the door opened, “you ready?” Lechuck smirked.

“Great, great, great” Guybrush muttered getting more and more annoyed. He had circled the room six times but still no luck. Maybe Lechuck finally has found a way of keeping me locked up he sat on the cold floor, there is no hope he thought to himself. Suddenly though Elaine popped into his mind and thoughts of her brought him back to his feet, no! He thought, there has to be a way out!

Maybe some of these bricks are weak?

He had done it before and knew he could do it again. He started tapping lightly at the stone bricks but to no avail. He was about to go into a crisis again when one of the stones began to move and suddenly fell forwards revealing a little hole and a little figure crawling through.

Timmy! Little Timmy the monkey!

Guybrush had never been so happy to see a monkey in his life.

Oooh ack ack! Timmy squealed and signalled for Guybrush to follow him. Without a second thought Guybrush jumped in after him and followed him out. When they reached the end they found themselves outside the governer’s mansion. But where do they go from there?

The Church! Guybrush thought. That’s where Lechuck first went to marry Elaine he must still be there. “Great!” Guybrush yelled and then suddenly took a step back, he remembered being punched all over Melee by Lechuck. Sure, he had got him by the end but that hurt!

“We are gathered here today…” began the voodoo priest in the Melee Church. Lechuck was there but still wary he just thought to himself Guybrush may show up but then he thought nah, Guybrush is never going to destroy it this time. 

“Well if I succeed I have gotten rid of Lechuck and got back Elaine but Lechuck has come back before why wouldn’t he this time?” Guybrush was thinking hard about what to do. 

He will not destroy me again! Lechuck thought to himself over and over. 

“But if Elaine does marry him then grandfather Marley goes free and I’m sure Lechuck will let me visit her on weekends if I promise not to touch her or anything”

Timmy rolled his eyes this was going to take a long time maybe he should get Elaine?

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