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A New Adventure
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Guybrush and Elaine felt much better knowing that Elaine didn’t have the stress of being the governor over her head, they were know free. Guybrush had little stress over him now Lechuck was dead and the Australian land developer Ozzie Mandrill was finished too what was there to worry about?

The stress days are over for Guybrush, so now he and Elaine are just departing Melee Island to start their new travels around the world.

Guybrush sits dreaming about how is life will be now no more Lechuck, no more voodoo curses, no more…

Part 1: The Adventure Begins

“Guybrush why do you insist on just sitting around and daydreaming” Elaine asked. “I just want to rest for once” replied Guybrush “I mean my worst enemy is now destroyed, so I have no more to fear”. Elaine turned away, he is right she thought.

He was sitting against the side of the ship with his journal in his hands; he had little to write about at the time seeing as not much had happened since they left Melee. Timmy ran around the ship shrieking like a… well a… Monkey. The seas were calm today, so he got up and looked over the side of the ship, Melee Island was still in view and he focused on it thinking of his memories.  

“What is that?” he heard Elaine say behind him “that strange smoky thing”. Guybrush looked closely at Melee a strange cloud of green smoke was rising from Melee Island “probably just that big barbecue the citizens are having” he replied calmly but inside he was worried.

Back on Melee…

“What is that?” a tall woman yelled from a crowd of people. People started to shout as they saw the massive cloud rise from Melee Island. The new governor Marley pushed through the crowd, oh no! He thought that’s coming from in front of the mansion where Lechuck was destroyed! The crowd’s shouts turned silent as they heard the demonic laughter.

Back on the Ship… 

“Guybrush I want to go back to Melee” Elaine said gruffly. “Why Elaine” said Guybrush, “I don’t know but I feel something’s wrong I want to check on Grandpa”. Guybrush didn’t complain Elaine got what she wanted. The next thing he knew they were in the docks of Melee it was quite late and Guybrush expected to see a few drunken pirates staggering along the streets but nothing was there, no people, no animals, not even any cricket noises. It was silent.  

“What’s happened Guybrush?” Elaine asked, “I don’t know” Guybrush replied. “Well I am going to the mansion to check on Grandpa something might have happened, you explore the rest of Melee and go to the mansion if you find anything” Elaine said and ran off.

Guybrush looked around for a couple of minutes before deciding to head to the centre, when he got there again he saw no one, the houses were empty and the town hall. He decided to find the voodoo lady maybe she knew something, but the voodoo shop door was locked, he banged and banged but there was no one there, he wanted to head to the mansion, he didn’t feel right. 

The mansion looked pretty dim within itself, he got inside and called for Elaine but no one answered. Everything was untouched, no one had been in here. Elaine had not made it.

Guybrush left and headed towards the ship again, he found Timmy bouncing around looking just as worried as him. Timmy couldn’t be much help though he didn’t know how to solve mysteries. 

Guybrush found himself later wandering the Island calling for Elaine or anyone for that matter, he looked in the centre, the mansion and Meathooks art gallery, but no one was around. 

He decided to sit at the docks and think, the air was fairly cold and he was getting bored since the Grog machine was broken. Suddenly though the air felt warmer, then hotter. He jumped up and turned no one there. Then the air in front of him warmed up no not warmed boiled and he could here a small-amused laugh. 

“Who’s there?” he asked without turning. 

“You know very well Guybrush” a deep voice replied

“And ye be coming with me, I’m going to do what I always wanted to do to you!” 

Guybrush shuddered, he knew that voice. 

Another demonic laugh and Guybrush couldn’t move, couldn’t even make a sound.

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