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The Curse of Monkey Island

File name Description Size
Banjo Duel.mp3Banjo duel intro251.84 KB
Barber Shop (Wh...First visit to the Barber Shop389.39 KB
Barber Shop.mp3Barber Shop1.09 MB
Blowing up rubb...Blowing up the rubber tree188.98 KB
Brimstone Beach...Brimstone Beach1.04 MB
Cabana (After p...Cabaña (After proving membership)1.04 MB
Cabana (Before ...Cabaña (Before proving membership)599.59 KB
Caber Toss lose...Losing the caber toss141.22 KB
Caber Toss Win....Winning the caber toss237.14 KB
Cannon room.mp3Cannon room850.61 KB
Chicken's Chicken Restaurant702.04 KB
Cutthroat Bill'...Cutthroat Bill's theme1.09 MB
Danjer Cove Bea...Danjer Cove Beach741.22 KB
Drops the balls...Slappy Cromwell drops the cannon balls44.49 KB
Edward Van Helg...Edward Van Helgen's theme1.09 MB
Elaine has been...Gold statue of Elaine sailing away226.53 KB
Field of Honor ...Field of Honor (After visiting the Voodoo Lady)710.61 KB
Field of Honor ...Field of Honor (Background noise)470.61 KB
Field of Honor ...Field of Honor (Before Visiting the Voodoo Lady)704.08 KB
Haggis McMutton...Haggis McMutton's theme1.09 MB
Intro.mp3Intro3.21 MB
Juggling.mp3Slappy Cromwell juggling480.41 KB
Lice on comb an...Lice on comb and shaving head277.55 KB
Lice on on comb59.59 KB
Monkeys on The ...Monkeys on The Sea Cucumber686.53 KB
Mr. Fossey's th...Mr. Fossey's theme (When in the bucket)522.86 KB
Next to the Sea...In the rowboat next to the Sea Cucumber540.00 KB
Part I.mp3Part I91.84 KB
Part II.mp3Part II113.88 KB
Plunder Island ...Plunder Island fort713.47 KB
Plunder Island ...Plunder Island map (Before visiting Voodoo Lady)551.84 KB
Plunder Island ...Plunder Island map753.47 KB
Porthole (After...Porthole (After making Wally cry)1.08 MB
Porthole (Befor...Porthole (Before making Wally cry)1.08 MB
Puerto Pollo (B...Puerto Pollo (Before visiting the Voodoo Lady)625.71 KB
Puerto Pollo720.41 KB
Quicksand.mp3Quicksand830.20 KB
Rottingham's th...Rottingham's theme1.09 MB
Row Boat.mp3In the row boat541.63 KB
Selection scree...Selection screen213.06 KB
Sharks.mp3Sharks134.69 KB
Snake Cliff.mp3Cliff with snake347.35 KB
Snake's Stomach...Inside the snake's stomach1.07 MB
Stage (After th...Stage (After the play)626.12 KB
Stage (When the...Stage (When the play has started)759.18 KB
Stage.mp3Stage522.24 KB
Swamp (After vi...Swamp (After visiting the Voodoo Lady)780.82 KB
Swamp (Before v...Swamp (Before visiting the Voodoo Lady)609.39 KB
Swamp (Talking ...Swamp (Talking to Murray)609.39 KB
The Sea Cucumbe...The Sea Cucumber629.80 KB
Towel walk.mp3Walking across hot towels77.55 KB
Treasure room.m...Treasure room485.71 KB
Voodoo Lady the...Voodoo Lady theme1.09 MB
Voodoo Lady's h...Voodoo Lady's house (After visiting her)479.59 KB
Voodoo Lady's h...Voodoo Lady's house (Before pulling the rope)609.39 KB
Wally (After ma...Wally (After making him cry)1.18 MB
Wally (Before m...Wally (Before making him cry)1.08 MB
Wardrobe 1.mp3Wardrobe 1522.24 KB
Wardrobe 2 (Whe...Wardrobe 2 (When the play has started)759.18 KB
Wardrobe 3 (Whe...Wardrobe 3 (When Slappy Cromwell is juggling)480.41 KB

The Curse of Monkey Island

File name Description Size
A pirate I was ...A pirate I was meant to be2.08 MB
Beach with egg....Beach with egg1.63 MB
Beach with wrec...Beach with wreck428.57 KB
Blood Island ma...Blood Island map1.60 MB
Cannibals' Vill...Cannibals' Village - Alternate version849.80 KB
Cannibals' vill...Cannibals' village849.80 KB
Carnival of the...Carnival of the Damned - Background noise500.82 KB
Carnival of the...Carnival of the damned2.38 MB
Cemetery.mp3Cemetery1.00 MB
Clearing (Elain...Clearing (Elaine)636.33 KB
Cliff fall.mp3Falling from the cliff280.41 KB
Combat map.mp3Combat map496.73 KB
Credits - Fake....Fake credits (When Guybrush is in Stan's tomb)302.86 KB
Credits - LeChu...LeChuck's theme that plays after the credits57.55 KB
Credits.mp3Credits2.66 MB
Diamond fight.m...Guybrush & smugglers fighting for the diamond246.12 KB
Die.mp3When Guybrush "dies"348.98 KB
Exit skycar.mp3Exiting the skycar80.82 KB
Ghost talk.mp3Minnie & Charles reunited787.35 KB
Goodsoup - Talk...Talking with Griswold Goodsoup950.61 KB
Goodsoup crypt....Goodsoup crypt894.90 KB
Goodsoup Hotel ...Goodsoup Hotel - First floor950.20 KB
Goodsoup Hotel ...Goodsoup Hotel - Ground floor951.84 KB
Goodsoup Hotel ...Goodsoup Hotel - Outside673.88 KB
Grow.mp3Guybrush growing187.35 KB
Guest room.mp3Guest room300.82 KB
Kenny.mp3Kenny selling cannons720.41 KB
LeChuck arrivin...LeChuck arriving in rollercoaster - Version 1235.92 KB
LeChuck arrivin...LeChuck arriving in rollercoaster - Version 2235.92 KB
LeChuck arrivin...LeChuck arriving in rollercoaster - Version 3235.92 KB
LeChuck arrivin...LeChuck arriving in rollercoaster - Version 4235.92 KB
Lighthouse.mp3Lighthouse1.58 MB
Madam Xima's th...Madam Xima's theme950.20 KB
MI1 forest.mp3MI1 forest337.14 KB
Mort theme.mp3Mort theme895.51 KB
Part III.mp3Part III91.02 KB
Part IV.mp3Part IV102.86 KB
Part V.mp3Part V93.88 KB
Part VI.mp3Part VI86.12 KB
RC - Fortress.m...Fortress diorama514.69 KB
RC - Ice.mp3Ice diorama514.69 KB
RC - Monkey Isl...Monkey Island diorama514.69 KB
RC - Rum Rogers...Rum Rogers diorama514.69 KB
Rottingham Atta...Rottingham stealing the map1.33 MB
Rottingham give...Rottingham giving you the map back169.80 KB
Rottingham lose...Rottingham losing418.78 KB
Rottingham win....Rottingham winning a sword fight380.82 KB
Scare Mort.mp3Scaring Mort247.35 KB
Ship Combat.mp3Ship combat714.69 KB
Skull Island ar...Arriving at Skull Island113.06 KB
Skull Island440.41 KB
Smugglers.mp3Smugglers804.08 KB
Stan dark.mp3Stan's crypt (Before releasing him)976.73 KB
Stan.mp3Stan's crypt454.69 KB
Sword fighting ...Sword fighting - Version 1434.69 KB
Sword fighting ...Sword fighting - Version 2394.69 KB
Sword fighting ...Sword fighting - Version 3475.10 KB
Sword fighting ...Sword fighting Captain Rottingham475.10 KB
Sword fighting ...Losing insult sword fighting159.18 KB
Sword fighting ...Winning insult sword fighting167.35 KB
Talking with Le...Talking with LeChuck608.16 KB
The Sea Cucumbe...The Sea Cucumber deck412.65 KB
Traveling to Bl...Traveling to Blood Island183.67 KB
Volcano - Path ...Path to the volcano849.80 KB
Volcano - Sacri...Sacrificing to the volcano360.82 KB
Volcano eruptin...The volcano erupting345.71 KB
Windmill.mp3Windmill1.60 MB

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